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Default Audio books

Hi Gals,

So I just discovered audiobooks... I never guessed I would enjoy them so much. I've been itching for something new, so I got the new Stephenie Meyer book "The Host" and put it on my ipod. I decided I'd only listen to it while walking. I worked a ton of shifts and now I have my week off... so plan on getting a TON of walking in, just so I can listen to this book! It's about 32 hours long I believe. I love music so much, but I get so antsy watching the clock when I'm working out, it's so easy to get lost in a book... and before I realize it, I've walked an hour!

I think I might get a few hours in today... since I'm going wedding dress shopping tomorrow. *panic attack*

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I love the idea of audiobooks, but I always just seem to switch off when listening to them and my mind wanders, then before I know it I tune in to the talking again and I have no idea what has happened!
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I've never tried audio books. I know many people who use them while driving, but I know that would just put me to sleep. That sounds like a good idea though.

How is that book, btw? I've read all the Twilight books, and didn't know how she'd translate into adult writing.
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I always thought audiobooks were stupid (who wants to listen to someone else read to you when reading to yourself is so enjoyable?) but a friend convinced me to try it and I am absolutely HOOKED. I am going back through the entire J.D. Robb series and hearing new things that I may have skipped over in the exposition. My cell phone time has gone down considerably since I started listening to them as well since I will now ignore calls to finish a chapter. Just downloaded one to my ipod, so that's going with me on the bike tonight!
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The Host is pretty darn good! It's no Twilight of course, it does start a little slow, but now I'm hooked and it's getting to be really really good. A story idea that I never would have imagined. I wonder when it'll be a movie lol...
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Thank you so much for posting this. I love reading, but had never thought of audiobooks for workouts.

I have a hard time getting into my workouts, at least when I'm doing cardio. I, too, feel like I'm watching the clock the whole time. I downloaded an audiobook yesterday morning and when for a walk around the golf course near my home. In the past, I've always just walked there, done one lap, and walked home, about 3.5 miles. Yesterday, I was really into the book I was listening to, so I decided to do a second lap, and got about 5.5 miles in.

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I listen to Stephen King audiobooks when i'm on the elliptical. i think listening to scary things makes me move faster!
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I love audio books! I use them while driving, since I drive a lot for work. I've used them a couple of time at the gym. I should start doing that again
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