anybody else have a great day until 8:51pm?

  • so, i've been great all day, well within my calories, and worked out.

    i was a little peckish, so made myself a lovely decaf to sip on. however, stumbled upon these delicious, delicate homemade cookies that a friend had dropped off earlier.

    i've eaten 3? maybe 4?

    there is a on my shoulder telling me to go for one more! lol NEVER!!
  • Noooooooo don't do it! Give it to me! I have all the ingredients I need to make homemade chocolate chip cookies. I'm so tempted...
  • Don't do it, you'll just regret it later!

    I'm weird & completely opposite - my worst time is during the day. I generally exercise at night after the little one is in bed so I have more motivation then.
  • i'm normally really good during the day - in fact, too good. i'm so busy at work i barely squeeze in lunch....but inevitably pig out on dinner. gotta work on that!

    i want to go to the kitchen to put the cookies away (preferably at the back of the freezer) but don't trust myself.
  • im the same, as i get more tired i lose the energy needed to stop myself from snaking and end up blowing the whole day >.<