I just don't get this..

  • HI all,
    just wanted to see what you all think about this....
    I eat Healthy choice frozen meals a few times a week. usually i like the Lemon Peppered Fish with the broccoli and it has some kind of Cherry cobler dessert I never eat them i actually just cut them off with scissors and then just microwave the fish and broccoli...

    I was wondering how many calories and fat I am cutting out, I usually never do this but i called the 800 number on the back of the box to ask a few questions on the meals and the dessert part. I figured that they have to know how many calories and fat, sugar and so on are in each part of the meal.. I mean how else do they calculate the nutritional information..

    I talked to a Customer service rep and then i asked for a customer service manager when i got this answer:
    "We cannot tell you how much fat or calories are in a certin part of the meal because we dont test them seperate"....

    Ok so maybe i am totally stupid here but would'nt you have to test each one to know what fat and calorie intake is in each meal?? To me that would mean they honestly dont know how much is in the meals or they would have been able to help me on this... THe C.S.M. that i taked to told me the same thing.. I did get there names and I.D. numbers incase i need them down the road..

    I just dont get why they could'nt answer my question...

    Makes you wonder!!!!!
  • that is strange!

    I've always wondered how they know how many calories is in something... I"m sure there's a method to their mayhem, but you think they'd know?!
  • Huh, that IS weird. Maybe try calling again tomorrow and asking for a manager or somebody higher up. Don't they HAVE to tell you??
  • I forgot to add that i did call in today was the third and final time.. I have an uncle who works for the attorney general here so i am going to have him see if there are any complaints against them.. Then go from there.. He said he is going to start working on it tomorrow.. It just makes you wonder..

    Makes you think they are totally hidding something does'nt it??
  • Quote: Makes you think they are totally hidding something does'nt it??
    Yeah. I thought there was some law saying they'd have to tell you if you asked - for health reasons and whatnot. Maybe not, though.....
  • Hmm..unsure..fish and broc can't be that much though--what are they total calories for the meal? If it is is like 300 I would guess you are shaving 100 calories off the meal. What type of fish is it and how much does the portion of fish weigh?
  • Maybe they have some external, independent company test the food, so Healthy Choice themselves dont know the individual components because that company only gives them how much is in each meal?
  • The company is unfortunately not obligated to collect information for components of a product, just for the product as a whole. It's kind of like calling up and asking how many calories is in party mix if you don't eat the cheese sticks. They won't know.

    Since they can't tell you, you can figure out some details by weighing the food. For example, the fish would be about 60 calories, not including any oil used in cooking.

    That said, 300 calories is a very small amount... are you really that precise about all your food?
  • it is not about being so percise.. It is about a company selling food and endorsing there "lower calorie, lower fat" foods and they cant even tell you how much the cup of apple crisp is.. If it was like party mix where there are a dozen different things in it then iwould totally understand that. THis just has the fish and broccoli and apple crisp. it is 380 calories and 8 grams of fat total meal. I mean if i am down 100 calories and a few grams of fat i want to know that.. It might not seem like a big deal but as far as i am concerned at my weight every calorie and fat gram could either work for you or against you..

    I just found it odd that is all..