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Default *** Weekly Chat May 3 to May 9 ***

So I figure it is pass midnight so I could start the new thread. So my life has been hetic to say the least. I'm entering into my last week of law school finals. As of Tuesday with the execption of this pesky paper I'm offically done. I haven't been sleeping, I've been eating within my calorie range however I've been eating crap. My sisters said that the last 2 times they've seen me I've looked like crap and like I've been stoned (which is funny because I don't do drug). But as I've said as of Tuesday it is all done.

I've never had my body hurt from not doing anything. Weird huh I use to sit and not do anything all the time now I'm miserable becasue of it and hurt all over. I went to the gym, pushed myself to hard for where my abdominal muscles are, spent two days in pain, and then got on the Wii fit today and did some yoga and aroberics. Forgot how much I love it.

Oh and best news of all ... I applied for the CA bar, I'm officially moving to San Diego in August!!!
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I will do this.
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This weekend is not going how I planned food wise.... oy.
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My weight is up on the scale (224.6). I guess that's what I get for changing my ticker before my Monday morning weigh in. I haven't eating the best, and I haven't been able to poop (Sorry if TMI). I'm thinking about taking a laxative but am afraid. I don't know how long they last and I don't wanna have to go at work tomorrow. I'm hoping that going to the gym later will get things moving...

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hi ladies
remember- gl with the finals and the CA Bar
taylor and beaka- hope y'all had good weekends
things have finally settled down here TOM is in full force with like a 3 pound gain when it leaves hopefully it'll take me under 190...a girl can dream cant she lol
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Feelin' Sassafrassy
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Heather: Congratulations on CA bar and completing law school.

Taylor: I am in the same boat with ya girl, this weekend wasn't so good food wise but I had alot of fun.

Went bowling friday night, and had a great time had some cake and it was great. Then on saturday bf and I had some good "times" and then went out to eat and I totally over indulged on some pasta, steak, scallops, and veggies. Then went home and made vodka and coffee liqueur milkshakes. Meh i have the rest of the week to make it up.
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Hey ladies,
I just finished unpacking from my cross-country move. I don't really like this city too much, it seems kinda slummy in a lot of areas. Oh well, I have a house to myself and internet and cable! My neighbours seem nice, but we didn't talk much. Hopefully I stop being shy and join them outside in the yard this week.

Today I went grocery shopping and what a mess that was!! It's only a 15min walk to the mall, and I did my shopping, etc. When I get to the cashier, and all my stuff has been scanned, she says "Sorry, we don't take visa, just mastercard." Are you kidding me?? I had to put some things back and ended up using all my cash and money in my account. To top it off, unpacking stuff I realized I definately don't have ENOUGH FOOD for one week. I made an exact seven day meal plan when I got home so I can try to stretch all the stuff out. Yea, the "I just moved and I'm dirt poor" diet. :S

I start my new job tommorow, so that should be exciting! I'm curious to know exactly what I'll be doing. But I'll update later, probably be on here a lot, it's lonely .
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This is not a test.
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hey girls, sounds like a pretty crazy start to the week for most people. Aneleh, congrats on starting the new job, im sure youll make plenty of friends there, you wont be lonely for long

Remember how to smile- good luck with your finals! Make sure you get at least some sleep the night before your exams, it'll do miracles for your brain

Beaka- have you tried drinking heaps of water? Sometimes that helps. Also, your pharmacy or the box should tell you how long it takes to take effect i think.

Well, i had a pretty good weekend eating wise, im down by 700g this week, and i see my personal trainer in around an hour so hopefully that will be fun and i can negotiate a price that is cheap enough for me to afford I'm also starting my new job today, I dont know if im more nervous about the job or driving out there!
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Brighter than the moon!
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Hello ladies!

Remember - Good Luck!!!

Aneleh - where did you move? That sucks. I routinely go on the "I get paid every 2 weeks so I'm dirt poor on the 9th of the month diet" so I know how it goes (and it sucks).

I had a rough weekend foodwise as well. I went bowling Friday too! And then last night, after I ate dinner and thought my friends had abandoned me, everyone came over for a Cinco de Dos party and they made kabobs and Mexican food at 10 pm. Didn't eat much, only had one drink, so I definitely didn't go overboard on my FlexPoints, but I could have been healthier. I did get up and get on the treadmill for a while today. Its rainy here, so my butterfly garden plans were ruined, but I got to read, and that always makes me happy. Tomorrow is going to be CRAZY. My flight leaves for Cleveland at 6:40, so I have to get up around 4 to get to the airport in time - woo hoo - then I have a visit at CWRU, then back to MD on a 7:15 flight. I'm going to be POOPED on Tuesday, hopefully I have enough energy to get up early and work out.

I hope you ladies have a great next few days
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This is not a test.
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I saw my personal trainer and it was great He said i was looking good, had plenty of muscle ( ), nice triceps ( :O wth? Im the first and loudest to groan when it comes to tricep workouts), not too much body fat, just a blanket covering my muscles. After 30mins with him I'm already feeling sore! He was really nice, and looked after my budget ^_^'' So im pretty stoked
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last time
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well the boy and i are probably over... dont wanna discuss it in detail mostly cause i dont really understand why.

i feel like someone ripped my heart out of my chest and danced on it till the wee hours of the morning.

i at least stopped crying around 5pm sunday. i started at 4am sunday

thats that. no eating right no working out just me and my hw. and my heartbreak.

i feel so stupid


good thing is the thought of food makes me wanna puke... thats positive isnt it?
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This is not a test.
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aw bjeweled surprise break ups are the worst. Try to at least eat something, it actually does make you feel a tinsy bit better, you'll have more energy to deal with it. Dont punish your body or yourself for something someone else did
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Hi girls!!! I had such a great weekend and wish I could just rewind and do it all over again. I was able to see a bunch of my "skating" friends and we went to the last skating show of the season together. But I managed to catch a cold or a sinus infection while away and now I feel like crap!!! I really thought my ears were going to explode yesterday on the plane ride home...they hurt SO much!!!

I'm ready to get back into the swing of things though. I haven't been going to the gym at all the past couple of weeks and I need to start up again!
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Hershey bars. Cookies. Frosted brownies. Strawberry cake. Poptarts. Ice cream. Doritos. Pringles.

These are all the foods that are in plain sight if you open the fridge or freezer or look at our kitchen counters. All because my idiot mother has done the grocery shopping for 2 weeks. She is diabetic and yet she thinks we cannot survive without these foods. And of course she comments if I touch any of them. "You've been doing so good losing weight, I hate to see you eating crap like that." How hypocritical. I did well because I wasn't buying that @#%#.

The sad thing is, I know my good foods aren't in the house right now, but if they were... say, if I had my cheerios or raisin bran or grapes or wheat bread or egg beaters or lean cuisines, who the heck would want those when there are so many tempting sabotage foods laying around.

Just wanted to express my frustration, and after a relatively calm conversation about it with mom, it really just ended in me crying and saying "fine if it bothers you, I won't eat."
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brie, I'm so sorry honey. You are incredibly beautiful inside and out, I can't help but say there is other fish in the sea. A man would be damn lucky to have you. Take care of yourself, and remember we're here for you
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Can't type too much right now, but I'm down 2lbs more! Didn't get a call from my BF this week, though Funny how me focusing on the scale going down is something I'm holding onto. When I can't talk to him, and I can always improve myself- eat healthy or work out, and I'm holding onto that feeling when I miss him the most.
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