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I will do this.
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Default What do you think?

Hi girls! I need your opinions...

So last month I made a goal not to eat out the entire month of April and I did it! I cooked all my meals at home and really felt great.

I also have ben trying to eat more whole organic foods because it makes me feel better about the foods I am putting into my body. Not everything I eat is organic but veggies, fruit, meat, eggs and milk for the most part.

Anyway - the boyfriend was super supportive about my month of not eating out and ate everything I gave him. So tonight he really wanted thai and I thought it was a great idea and wanted to have some pad thai for a treat.

We got to the thai place and I sat in front of my food and just didn't feel hungry. It looked nasty, tasted worse but it was the same ol' pad thai I had always loved. I had three bites.

Sitting there I just felt sick. I hadn't prepared this food, I didn't know what was in it and the fat and calories MUST be soaring. Yes, I felt bad for not finishing it but I almost felt anxious about eating it.

There across from me was this thin blonde, laughing - drinking her wine and eating her pad thai. I kinda wished I was her - not worrying - having a great time - looking wonderful. Okay - enough self pity.

Anyway - are my feelings unusual? My Dad thinks they are all anxiety based and told me to get some more xanax - that people should be able to eat out on occassion and not freak out.

I think apart of me has changed and I think apart of me fears that food because of what is use to represent.

What do you think? Any similar feelings? I would love your thoughts.
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I had toco bell tonight for the first time in a long time (it was a rough day, finals week) and I've stopped eating out a lot too. I start to feel sick after I eat out because of all the grease and other stuff I ususally don't eat, so I understand some of your feelings. But I never feel anxious about it, although I wish I did. You did better than I ever could not eating out for all of April! Congrats on that!

Maybe you should just try to eat healthier when you go out and not try to eat the same things?

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Of course it's good to cook at home most of the time and be conscious of what you are putting in your body but everything in moderation- it is OK to have something that is not on plan every once in a while. No cause for anxiety! One meal out will not ruin all your hard work. So when you have a treat, just enjoy! I mean maybe your tastes changed and things you liked before are too rich for you now so i guess maybe you'll have to find a new restaurant or dish if you want to go out for dinner sometime.

Pharmaceuticals are not necessarily the answer either :-) It is easy to get wrapped up in weight loss and forget that meanwhile you are living your life which is there to enjoy! I guess all this post really boils down to is give yourself a break! Anything you are feeling or thinking is OK.
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I don't think it's weird that you had those thoughts. I cook most of my meals, and when I do eat out, I always wonder about how it was prepared, how many calories there are, what every single ingredient/spice was, etc. And it's actually not a bad thing that it didn't taste as good anymore. Probably your tastes have changed, and now you're getting used to more homemade, wholesome foods. It might just mean that the next time you go out for dinner, you'll choose something different than pad thai. Something that'll taste fresher, more organic and healthy. You'll find a way to appreciate the occasional meal out, trust me. I don't think this requires more Xanax.

I just realized that everything I've written pretty much reiterates what rosiem said before me. But for real, don't worry about it. You said the pad thai didn't taste that good to you anymore. Next time, try something you haven't tried before!
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I don't think it's weird at all. You can eat out and enjoy it, but the high fat/junk foods will likely never taste as good as your own home cooking. Good news is there are lots of places that make yummy and wholesome food!
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I don't think its weird at all! I agree with rosiem and craftykath. Its very possible that you're tastes have changed. I can't eat greasy foods anymore or my stomach is upset for days, and sometimes I do get kind of anxious about it, just because I don't like getting stomach aches. Maybe just change what you order at restaurants if you're going to go out.
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I feel the same way a lot of the times. I prefer eating at home to eating out, and as Stellarosa said my stomach also is upset after eating foods i'm not used too.
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