I cried today.

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  • I wrote this exactly three weeks ago :
    Ok, I understand our weight fluctuates, I get that. But, there is no reason why I should have gained 2 pounds this past week.

    Just a little background here, I lost 30 lbs about 2 years ago, doing exactly what I'm doing now. The only difference is, instead of walking, I do a lot more intense cardio now.

    For some reason my body doesn't seem to want to go below 160 so I gave up there. Well, I'm not doing that this time, I WILL get to my goal weight! I've been back OP for a little over a month now. I track my calories on mydailyplate, I work out about 3-4 times a week, I keep it under 1400 calories--no more than 1600, I drink about 80 oz of water a day, with the exception of a day or two (nothing lower than 64 oz).

    I was at 164, and the first 4 lbs came off within the first 2 weeks. I stayed at 160 for 2 weeks. I finally made it to 158 last week, and now I'm back UP to 160 (it even said 162 yesterday, but I only make it official on Fridays)

    I mean, I don't get it, am I doing something wrong? Should I just keep doing exactly what I'm doing and be patient or is there something different I should be doing. I know it's not good to put a time frame on our weightloss but I'm going on a cruise in June and I really wanted to be in the 140's but at this rate I'm lucky to be below 160!!!

    Sorry for the novel.... suggestions are appreciated.

    I still yo you between 158 and 160, This is the reason I gave up before and gained 10 pounds back. The first 7 pounds came off pretty quickly, but it's like as soon as my body gets below 160 it just doesn't want to go anymore.. and I am nowhere near where I want to be . I have been irregular (sorry for tmi), I started taking a fiber supplement last week and things have gotten better in that area.
    Calories stay under 1600 (1500 is a high calorie day for me). I work out usually 4 times a week. This usually consists of running/walking on the treadmill 2 miles, lifting weights every other workout. When it's pretty out I go for walks and climb hills.
    I started drinking 80 oz of water a day too btw.
    I just don't get it, I don't have the money to go to a nutritionist.... I really wanted to be in the 140's this summer, but at this rate I'm going to be at the same weight I was last summer. It just sucks, I take care of my body better than I ever have, and the outward appearance does not reflect it at all.
    I'm so down in the dumps.....
  • I feel the same way.... I've been stuck around 170 for 4 months! Sometimes I feel like I should just give up and be this way.... but then I see my progress and I keep trying. Hopefully some people can help us! I ate 1600-1800 cals but I burn like 800 at the gym... so I've cut it back to 1400 today. I know how you feel and it SUCKS!
  • Sticky:Fluctuations in Scale Weight & Water weight in Support Forum
    Look under Support Forum. There is a sticky called Fluctuations in Scale Weight and Water Weight with alot of helpful information. Good Luck!
  • I just looked it's under the Weight Loss Support Forum. The sticky for Fluctuations in Scale Weight and Water Weight.
  • Wow - these plateaus are nasty! Does anyone talk about them as "set points" anymore? That's how I think of them. Like your body just digs and figures out how to maintain itself on what you are doing. Maybe it needs a jumpstart? Just for a day or two? Some sort of new kick in the tush? Oh I don't know like a 24 hour juice fast? I hate fasts so much I doubt if I could do one. And of course I'm all for slow, healthy and steady. I think there was a thread here about plateaus but I can't find it now...
  • Seriously, try UPPING your calories. You might be exercising to the point where your body is trying to save itself. Face it, what you're doing isn't working, so just up the calories to 1800 per day and see what happens.

    Check out this website where you can calculate your energy requirements for weight loss, depending on age/height/weight/activity level:

    Just TRY for a week.

    The second thing you can do is try an actual eating plan. I know you are tracking calories, but sometimes a person needs to have a prescribed diet with weights and measures of foods included. You can do this for FREE -- just go to the library, find a plan you can live with, and give it two weeks. Seriously. You have nothing to lose except a few pounds, and what you are doing is frustrating you and isn't working. Time to experiment!!!!
  • I agree with Kira, you might not be eating enough..

    Sorry you feel that way
  • Ugh, I know the feeling.
    I've been at 139lbs SINCE october.

    The scale finally fell to 131 today, but I had to jump up my cardio to two hours a day for the last three weeks religiously. 7 days a week. That is what it's requiring my body to actually *lose* weight now.

    We'll see if it sticks, I was just so shocked to see the number. What you're doing as far as exercise and diet might be what is required for your body to maintain at 160lbs. You've been doing the same exercise for awhile. Add a mile to your workout routine, make it longer or more intense or something. The smaller you get the more it's going to take to shed the pounds, it's really that simple. The thinner you get the harder it is to lose because your "diet" calorie intake is probably the same as your metabolic rate now. You might want to review and adjust that as well.

    Don't get discouraged honey because you're doing great, just that your body might need a little more now to keep losing.
  • Keep trying!
  • Ok, for some reason upping my calories scares the **** out of me. I feel like I am doing something wrong if I go above 1600, but I am going to try it for a week and see how it goes. I'm with Kira.. what I'm doing now obviously isn't working so it's time to try new things.
    Nish.. I'm going to add a mile to my workout, I hate working out as it is, and this is going to make it harder, but I know I need to push myself in order to get the last 20 lbs off.
    Thanks for your advice and encouragement, I will let you know how it goes!
  • I'm not sure if this will help but I've read numerous times that if you continuously do the same work out, such as running or walking or biking everytime you go to the gym(or wherever you workout) your body gets used to that ...so it takes less energy(i.e. burning less calories) to do those activities. So, maybe trying the bike at the gym or eliptical just something to throw your body off the usual workout. I usually do half hour of eliptical and half hour of biking but i alternate between those and the tredmill.. Also, interval training burns more fat during a workout rather than just 30 minutes at the same level/speed. Hope this helps! Good luck, just hang in there... you've already come so far you CAN'T quit now
  • Thanks Nik - I was thinking this yesterday. I have a treadmill and a bowflex at home and that is what I do EVERYDAY, except for the occasional run outside. So, I went to the gym with my bf and a couple of his friends yesterday. One of his friends has lost a ton of weight and he was teaching me all kinds of workouts I can do with free weights, and we played basketball. Today, I am very sore, but it was a blast, and I can't wait to go back. I'm probably going to start going with him 2 or 3 times a week, and see if changing it up will help the weight come off (this morning the scale was down from yesterday, but I don't want to get my hopes up). I also upped my calories to about 1700 yesterday, I felt really weird going over 1400, but this is my new plan!
  • Casey,

    Awesome. Maybe being sore is what you need to feel. If you've been working out consistently for long and haven't felt sore in a while, then your body has probably adapted to your workout. Time to take it in a different direction.

    Also, perhaps changing the kinds of food you eat and changing the source of your calories. Like switching from meat to tofu occasionally, or adding more vegetables. Fruits for sweets. I don't know, something...

    But if you plan, you will succeed. I believe in that and I believe in you. You seem like you are willing to try new things and that is the most important thing. Keep us posted!
  • Body - Thanks so much for your advice and encouragement, it really does help! I'm actually one step ahead of ya, haha... I bought lots of fruits and veggies at the store today, so I will be adding lots of fruits and veggies to my diet, I will definitely keep you guys posted!
  • Upping my calories and workouts did not work.

    I am doing a whole body cleanse. It is a kit I bought at walmart, it is a colon and liver cleanse. It lasts 2 weeks, and I am only eating fruits and veggies. The only meats I will be eating is chicken and fish. I started today, and so far so good. I was afraid I would be in the bathroom all day (haha) but I wasn't. I hope this gives me the extra boost I need.
    My only question is, what do I do after the cleanse??
    Do I go back to what I was doing before?