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stellarose27 - Yes! Exactly! I can't even tell you how many times I've heard people rag on Cleveland when they hear that I'm from that area--just hearing the words "mistake on the lake" is enough to make me want to slap someone. I'm always very big on people being able to back up the stuff they say, so it just irks me for a person to be so judgmental (and so outspokenly judgmental!) of a place that they literally have NEVER even visited! And yeah, people make fun of my obnoxious Midwestern vowels all the time, but I've mostly gotten used to it. I know that it's only because they're just jealous that their accents don't have character like ours do. Hehe! Ooh, and last but not least, enjoy your coffee tomorrow!! I'm SO excited that it's almost Friday...

Rowenna - Yeah, I DO go to UChicago! How did you guess? That's so cool. That's so cool that so much of your family went here! Though I'm sure you must be pretty sick of hearing all about it by now, heh. But yeah, going to school on quarters just SUCKS. There are many things I love about UChicago, but there are also many that I absolutely loathe, and that's gotta be one of them... It makes everything so much harder because you're cramming the workload of what would normally be like a 15-week course into 10 weeks! Sooo stressful. But anyways, have tons and tons of fun celebrating the end of your school year! I'm sure you'll be just find staying on-plan, though it IS a special occasion, so don't beat yourself up too badly if you mess up a bit--especially since you've done such a great job on this challenge. Though I think you'd better stick with just one slice of the Oreo pie, LOL! I can *definitely* relate to that feeling of knowing that you could easily polish off a whole one... Anything with peanut butter and chocolate is like that for me--I just become a bottomless pit!!

bodyisatemple - Yay, so glad to see you checking in again! And WOW, yeah, it definitely sounds like yesterday was crazy-busy for you, so I can't blame you for staying away from 3FC for a bit--I know that every time I log on here, I somehow always seem to spend like 2 hours writing and reading posts, which is bad when you really should be doing schoolwork... Hehe. Congratulations on making it all the way through your challenge without having a single bagel, donut, or vending machine item! You rock!! And also, how awesome is it that you made it to the gym to work off those Oreos even despite how much stuff you're juggling right now?! Seriously, that's some stellar dedication. I'm impressed. Now you must be feeling GREAT knowing that you're done with school for a while--I can't wait until I can share in that joy, heh.
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Meredith- I just had a feeling! I have indeed been inundated with info about the school. Are you a first year? Or higher? What are you studying? My bro graduated last year, in compsci, though he was pretty antisocial so I'm sure you wouldn't know him. He still lives in the city, actually, he works for the college now. I get over there every so often to visit - I love Chicago, but UC was just not the school for me. Too intense! (Or just intense in a very different way than my school, I guess.) Is it scavhunt time yet? Or is that over? I can never remember exactly when it is.

Anyway, I did alright today. I indulged in a delicious meal tonight at my end of the year seminar party, and even let myself have dessert, and it was all worth it. I went a little over calories, but not much, and I still feel great. It's all about making choices to go off plan, not just giving in to silly cravings. Way to go bodyisatemple and stellarosa! It has been fun doing this challenge with you this week. Anytime you need accountability buddies, let me know! I'm always up for a challenge!
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bodyisatemple - GO YOU! That's awesome. Congrats on being done with law school for a bit. I don't know about anyone else (as I said, I'm odd) but I like oreos when they're a little stale - If I have a bag, I'll keep them in my cookie jar so they get a little soft. So good.

Meredith - YES YOU UNDERSTAND! For the record, what I saw of Cleveland was very nice. I love how people judge NJ on Atlantic City. Like, um, the whole state isn't run down with prostitutes on every corner, thanks. This reminds me, I have to set the DVR for the real housewives of NJ. I keep forgetting and now that the boys are downstairs playing video games I can do it without judgment.

I think we all deserve a huge GOOD JOB
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