Hair Maintanence for women of color

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  • I talked to Brie and we talked about starting a women of color thread. I asked the moderators about it first and they were cool with it. Hope you'll check it out! If it grows, we could eventually have a forum specifically for "Women of Color." I know this hair care thread we had was pretty popular for a minute, so hopefully this one will catch on too.
  • I GOT MICROS!! They are blessing to a girl at the gym. I have to post pics...even they are three weeks old
  • well i did the twist out miss jessies method and that looked awesome i will post pics soon my laptop which makes it sooo easy is still broken

    i now have a sew in again and i still love it. this time i dont have any of my hair out its all braided underneath. its so easy to deal with and i can workout and not look crazy. pics of that soon and of my natural curls i wore them for a few weeks as well.
  • Yes ladies... I feel your pain.

    I'm a black woman with natural hair who wants to swim 2-3 times per week. Yes, yes, I know... raised eyebrows deserved. Sometimes you DO want to have your cake and eat it. LOL.

    I just think that swimming is GREAT exercise and I enjoy it, so I really need to step on the program of what works for me, hair or no hair.

    So after a lifetime of natural hair (yes, I am a gold star natural), and no form of braids or weaves since the age of 12, I am finally going to throw in the towel and get micros this Saturday.

    I am VERY ambivalent about this decision. I LOVE my natural hair and really thinks it represents who I am as a person and what I believe in. I've gone through a lot with it- being natural in the 90's when it wasn't so fashionable, and having all of my classmates ask me when am I going to do something about my nappy head. I've gone through the transition of kiddie natural hairstyles to grown and sexy natural hairstyles, from black to colored, from professional to ghettofabulous to school appropriate (and everything in between). I've inspired many many other black women during college and beyond to embrace their identity on the physical level... and now I'm getting braids!

    Thing is though, right now, I am willing to do whatever it takes to continue losing weight. I'm at a plateau, and a part of the problem is that I'm not exercising enough. I am a really good swimmer, I enjoy it, and swimming is arguably THE best full body exercise you can get, so I really want to give it a shot.

    Has anyone else struggled with the same decision? What are your thoughts? Feel free to be as honest and open as you like with your response. Thanks!

  • Quote:
    Has anyone else struggled with the same decision? What are your thoughts? Feel free to be as honest and open as you like with your response. Thanks!

    Years of weaves and microbraids (it was my fault, I didn't take care of them like I should) have WRECKED my hairline and overall hair health, so I have left them alone and am trying to grow my hair out. Add exercise to the mix and you have a recipe for disaster with relaxed hair. I am currently wearing a relaxer and using phony ponytails to try and aid my hair with it's growth (along with co-washing, using megatek, sulfur 8, and no heat). I'd love to go natural, but frankly, I really don't have the cojones or patience, not to mention the "Corporate America" issue I discussed earler. Sweetshauna, keep us posted! I'm happy for you for making the transition!
  • How often do ya'll wash your braids. I would like to keep them as neat as possible.

    brie - i am about to check out this twist out you are talking about. I bet it's cute

    Welcome Shauna
  • So I got the micros. All I can say is that it is well done. I went to one of them African braiding places... boy, they sure can braid!

    I haven't worn braids since I was 12 (that was 13 years ago), so to be honest I am kind of ambivalent about it. First of all, they are LOOONG! I showed the braider a style that was pretty much shoulder length... I wanted something even shorter, but the length of my hair wouldn't allow that. Anyway, ask me why when it was all done I ended up with this long flowing hair that even goes past bra level! SMH. This hairstyle does NOTHING (absolutely nothing) for my face- pretty much its just flat around my face and doesn't get curly until all the way to the ends.

    I'm going to try doing some spiral curl tomorrow and see how that fares. If that doesn't work out, I forsee ponytails and buns for the next two months.

  • shauna - why dont u get someone to cut the braids in a style so they frame your face?
  • Does anyone have any tips on taking out micro braids. I have the ones that are way on the ends. I need to get my edges re-touched.
  • enjoy and tell me wht u think!

    shame that this is still an issue...on another note i cant wait to see chris rock's movie good hair!

    oh yeah and i two strand twisted my hair back to my head like cornrows and then pulled it out very carefully and it came out beautiful!

    im in the white clearly lol

  • I'm also mixed.. my hair type is thick and wavy , but when humidity hits it frizzes like crazy !! .. I found adding a deep conditioner and hot oil treatment say once a month , keeps it inline and protects your hair from all of the sweat and constant washing. Also, like me , it's gonna take a bit of researching on your part to find products , say a good shampoo , conditioner and moisturizer that works well with your hair type.. There are alot out there, but if you ask say a beautician at your next hair visit they could recommend some good products.. It seems like a huge hassle in the beginning but once you found the right products and develop a flexible rhoutine it get's easier, and you'll find you won't need to use such excessive heat on your hair.. It totally helped me out .
  • Bejeweled - I love it!!!!! it looks good on you too