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Kritter 04-11-2009 05:30 PM

Fading acne scars!! Anyone know of anything that works?
I have been battling my acne since I turned 21. I have been using proactiv for a number of years and it seems to work pretty good. (notice I said pretty good not the best). I have tried other products but they don't work as well. I feel like using the proactiv has left me with some ugly redish scars on the cheeks. I'm trying to find something that will help fade the appearance. They don't seem to go away with the proactiv. I've tried Mederma but it takes way too long and you have to put that damn cream on 3 times a day! That just doesn't work for me. Any Ideas??? :?:

Also if anyone has tried a better acne treatment than proactiv please let me know!!!!

krp28806 04-11-2009 05:53 PM

Murad has really worked for me. It's a little pricey, but the product seems to last forever. You can buy it at sephora. My acne scars have seemed to disappear over time with use of the murad. I use the soothing gel cleanser. Hope this helps.

angel2be 04-12-2009 12:15 AM

I tried proactiv for persistent breakouts that were of enough of a concern for me. I used proactiv for about 3 weeks, saw no improvement and just ended up with bleach marks on my clothes, bed sheets and towels.

I ditched it and moved onto cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser and am now using dove soap as a cleanser. The breakouts are less and not as cystic but the key is also to not pick at them (one of my biggest problems) which I am really trying to not do.

If you have acne (which I don't) and ointments aren't working perhaps you should go and see your doctor for a referral to a dermatologist. Perhaps you need something other than a topical ointment like Roaccutane.

As for the scars - I have just started microdermabrasion and hope to have some of my minor scarring lessened in this way but am also thinking about IPL treatments (laser) which is a little more expensive. I just want to be able to function daily without worrying about having enough coverage on to cover my scars.

Kritter 04-12-2009 02:08 AM

krp28806 ~ Thanks for the suggestion! I had see an infomercial for Murad. I think once my current supply runs out I'm going to order that. I know that if I keep using proactiv its not going to get any better. Does the product leave any bleach marks on pillows or clothes? I have that problem now with the proactiv.

angel2be ~ Thanks for the advice. I've tried other over the counter products and they aren't strong enough. And as for a dermatoligist I don't have health insurance at the moment. Although I am interested in what you said about the microdermabrasion and laser treatment. I was going to look into that when my breakouts have pretty much stopped. I hate having to hide them. Have you seen a big difference since doing the micro?

angel2be 04-12-2009 03:30 AM

Kritter - I have only had the one treatment and am actually due for the next at the moment. They recommend 5 treatments at least before you see the expected results.

Based on the immediate results of the first treatment - I think it will be well worth it.

Windchime 04-12-2009 11:48 AM

I'm a 40-something but I've been dealing with acne since I was a teenager. The only time I was completely clear was when I was on birth control pills.

I tried ProActive in my 30's but it was too harsh for my skin and turned me all red. I know some have had great results but it wasn't for me. What works best for me now is a really gentle cleanser with a bit of a scrub (Aveeno and Olay both make nice ones) for exfolliation. I wash gently with these. I have a prescription lotion called clindamycin that has an antibiotic in it. Then I finsih off with a moisturizer that has an spf of 30; that seems to help stop the discoloration that you speak of.

Good luck. I know how frustrating it is dealing with acne, believe me. I tried so many things for YEARS before I finally found a regimin that seems to work most of the time.

SwimGirl 04-12-2009 01:54 PM

I definitely know the pain of acne, I don't personally have it, but it seems like everyone in my life does. We have SUCH different products in Canada, so everything I could suggest isn't available in the USA :( However, you can definitely buy a microdermabrasion kit thats got 20% AHA. I'd do a little research into what's available, a brand I trust is Neostrata, which is a Canadian brand.. so I'm not too sure if you could find it. But anything with an AHA is helpful for acne-prone skin! Good luck, and remember the key to dealing with it is consistency! Wash, tone, moisturize and repeat at night.


RememberHowToSmile 04-12-2009 01:58 PM

I don't have acne scars but I have surgical scars. I use scar zone it's a topical cream that you put on twice a day and in the 4 months since my surgery it has really helped.

beesknees 04-12-2009 03:03 PM

Many of the prescription topical retinoids (Retin-A, Differen, Tazorac, etc.) do a really great job of evening out fine lines, scars, discoloration, etc. I've used retinoids for years. They're a million times more effective than anything you can find over the counter. I know you mentioned you don't currently have insurance, but if/when you do, definitely see a dermatologist.

Also, there are nice docs out there who will try to help you out if you don't have insurance. I have insurance, but it doesn't fully cover some of my prescriptions. So my dermatologist hooked me up with free samples and an awesome discount card so that I only have to pay $25 for my acne meds. The prescription stuff really works. No one ever believes I have/did have acne!

beesknees 04-12-2009 03:14 PM

Also, I forgot to mention that prescription retinoids go a LONG way. You only have to put it on once a day (before bed), and you only use a tiny tiny amount because it "travels" through your pores to the rest of your face. This means that one large tube will last forever... at least 6 months to a year. Compared to how much one might spend on OTC skin care products over the course of a year, it's probably the more cost effective option. Store bought skin care products are NOT cheap! I never really thought about how much I was spending on Aveeno at the grocery store. It adds up quickly!

Kritter 04-12-2009 05:34 PM

Thanks to everyone for all your advice! I'm hoping that I will be getting a job soon that will offer health insurance so I can see a doctor about this. Until then I guess I will see if maybe I can get a microderm kit. I'm going to walmart today so maybe they will have something decent.

aneleh 04-12-2009 06:17 PM

Neutrogena has an acne scar fading peel you could try. I use their scrub for acne prone skin, 8-hour spot treatment and moisturizer and my face cleared up!

Ija 04-12-2009 06:53 PM

Kojic acid soap has worked really well for my acne scars. It's hard to find if there aren't any Asian specialty shops in your area, but you can find it on Ebay under the Diana Stadler brand. I wash with it in the morning, leaving it on my face for 2-3 minutes. In addition to significantly fading my acne scars, it has also completely cleared my complexion!

blissclaire 04-13-2009 12:13 AM

I have had acne sice I was a teen, and have been on every type of precription med, including accutane. I actually recently found something called PanOxyl. It's a cleanser and the same company that makes it, also makes the precription brand cleanser that I use (Benzaclin I think)... Anywho, I saw it a few months ago at Walgreens and it was on sale for $6 for a big tube. ($9 normally) So I nabbed it, and it works wonders!

Walmart carries it also. And in addition to doing that every night, I use witch hazel afterwards (which is usually by the alcohol and is like $3 for a big bottle), and then I also invested in a microdermabrasion kit (I use Loreal's Refinish Kit $20 or so... speaking of which, I am out of the scrub!) I only use that once a week... but when I am consistant with that regimen, my skin looks amazing!

I very rarely use a moisturizer though, because sometimes it can make my skin oily.

If you have a problem with redness though, Clinique has a really good cleanser/moisturizer/concealer kit that I use when my acne gets really peeved, and it helps a lot with that too.

Hope you can find something that works for you!

Kritter 04-14-2009 12:58 AM

Thanks for all the suggestions! I live on Maui so sometimes its hard to get things that you guys get on the mainland. They always run out of things at walmart and it takes months to get them in again. I saw panoxyl somewhere but I'm positive they were out at Walmart. The only Microdermabrasion kit things I saw were just some sort of skin rejuvinating system. Is that the same thing?

blissclaire 04-14-2009 01:42 AM

Really, any microdermabrasion kit will work. Normally, its just a skin scrub and a moisturizer in a kit. But really, instead of getting a kit, you could just use a really good skin scrub twice a week and get roughly the same results.

Kritter 04-15-2009 02:16 AM

Ok I'm going to the store tomorrow so I will see whats available. I'm just so frustrated about how bad the scars look. And the fact that I paid so much money for the Proactiv and its not really working to stop the new acne! Errggg!!!! Anyways... sorry for the rant. Thanks for your help!

NishKitten 04-15-2009 09:37 AM

I've always used coarse sea salt sprinkled onto the juicy half of a cold lemon and then using that to exfoliate my face. I have really sensitive skin, and just the *mention* of soap or chemicals makes my face start breaking out. LoL.

The lemon juice naturally lightens the scars and the salt exfoliates, plus it's cheap.

Kritter 04-15-2009 09:40 PM

Wow never thought of that! I'll have to give it a try.

missamelissa 04-15-2009 10:11 PM

I also used to use Proactiv. I got fed up with the product leaving my clothes with bleach stains. My sister reccomended Skin Effects. It is available from CVS. I like to use the cleansing mask. I absolutely love it. They have a lot of products and may have something that helps reduce acne scarring.

Kritter 04-16-2009 01:31 AM

Well I did some research online but I don't know if it helped or made things worse! There are so many products and its hard to know what will work. There are some reviews but you never know how its going to work on your own skin. I found this website www.skincarerx.com They have suggestions and most popular products. There is one on there called MaMa that helps reduce the scars along with some other brands. (Murad, ect.) They also have face wash, toner, and moisturizers. Almost overwhelming! :dizzy:

I might try something on there but if anyone has a specific regiment or product they use other than Proactiv ( or as I like to call it reactiv) Please let me know! I appreciate all the tips! :D

JadeBlue14 04-17-2009 02:14 AM

I use the Murad starter kit. It came with a cleanser, toner/exfoliater, spot treatment, and moisturizer. I don't use the moisturizer, because it isn't enough for my skin. My skin gets super dry. I actually only wash it once a day because of that. I use a lotion made by vaseline instead. The murad really helps with the new break outs, though. I haven't noticed about the scars. the look lighter, but that could just be time, as well

Kritter 04-17-2009 06:31 PM

Anyone try these products?
Well I went to a hair and body store yesterday to see what products they have and I got some samples of this stuff called clean start by dermalogica. I tried it last night and this morning and it seems ok. Seems a lot lighter than Proactiv and made my face not as oily. Not sure how it would be in the long run considering I only have about 4-5 days worth of samples.

I did find 2 products I'm leaning towards. Neostrata's acne kits (they have 2 and not sure which one would be better) or M2 skin care line. Neostrata is a lot cheaper and is recomended by dermatologists but the reviews on the M2 are really good. Anyone try these?

ShrinkingNicole 04-17-2009 07:00 PM


Originally Posted by Kritter (Post 2694333)
I have been battling my acne since I turned 21. I have been using proactiv for a number of years and it seems to work pretty good. (notice I said pretty good not the best). I have tried other products but they don't work as well. I feel like using the proactiv has left me with some ugly redish scars on the cheeks. I'm trying to find something that will help fade the appearance. They don't seem to go away with the proactiv. I've tried Mederma but it takes way too long and you have to put that damn cream on 3 times a day! That just doesn't work for me. Any Ideas??? :?:

Also if anyone has tried a better acne treatment than proactiv please let me know!!!!

i have found 2 products that work the best for me. i have olive skin and tend to scar a purplish shade (not to pretty) there is a product from avon that is a stretch mark cream that totally vanishes the purple marks i had, and then there is also vitamin E cream that worked for me too.
as far as skin issues i only use dove sensitive skin soap on my face and knock on wood havent had any problems.
you might want to try switching the makeup (if you wear makeup) you use b/c that could be causing your breakouts also.
best of luck and wishing you clear and beautiful skin!

cfb8986 04-17-2009 07:45 PM

I use Murad. I don't have terrible scarring but it has worked very well.

Riestrella 01-24-2013 07:21 AM

Run your fingers over the scarring, is it bumpy? If it's not, then those scars won't fade immediately with creams - it will fade in time. Laser treatment is probably the most effective against this scarring unfortunately. This is directly from the mouth of a dermatologist since I had the same issues after being treated for severe acne. They do go down in time out of experience.

Psychic 01-24-2013 08:11 AM

I'm almost 21 now, but I've had acne since I was 14. Its slowly getting better over the years. I don't use cleansers anymore, but I use Pond's makeup remover wipes at night and just water in the morning. Everything else dries my sensitive skin.

Try Clean & Clear's Persa-Gel 10. Its the only thing I've found that works for me. If I'm having a bad breakout, I smear it all over my face. Its good for spot-treating also though.

And although this sounds counter-productive, try spot-treating with a Q-Tip with some Vitamin E oil ($3 at walmart near supplements and vitamins). It really fades scars fast.

If my skin gets dry, I use Neutrogena Light Sesame Formula Body Lotion on my face. Its the only thing that doesn't break me out that works well. Its not going to help with acne, but it definitely clears up dry skin caused by acne products with no negative effects.

PS - Birth control also helps most women with acne, if you don't mind taking it.

Riestrella 01-24-2013 08:30 AM


Originally Posted by Psychic (Post 4604744)
PS - Birth control also helps most women with acne, if you don't mind taking it.

It has to be a specific type of birth control since there are loads of different types of birth control pills made differently. It's why some women have loads of side effects with one type and none with another.

I was given Dianete for my skin when I was a teenager, it was actually not classed as a proper form of birth control at that time but it was used for acne. Unfortunately my acne was too severe for the Dianete to work with me.

Just wanted to clarify it's not just any old birth control pill that will help with acne! :)

Psychic 01-24-2013 11:47 AM

Riestrella - Ah. I didn't know that I'm on Portia (generic Nordette) and it has really helped clear my skin up.

modifyeddoll87 01-24-2013 04:23 PM

im with nishkitty

were indian and my mother insists that we wash our faces with a lemon and corse salt at least evrey other week to thouroughly clense the pores and brighten complexion

on a side note if you have issues with fresh acne an alternate clenser ( altough a bit messy do this before you shower and if you can in the nude because this stuff stains clothing and ends up evrywear

make yourself a paste of tumric and milk smooth onto a clean face let harden .... get in shower and wash off THOUROUGHLY otherwise you shall be tinted yellow for the next few hours .... the tumeric acts as an anti inflammatory wich soothes brightens and helps prevent future breakouts and the milk is good for your skin ,

i used to make fun of these crazy remedies but i guess they work ... im almost 26 and i havent touched any sort of face wash moisturizer or complexion makeup in my life

good old khol for my eyes and gloss for my lips !

NightAngel26 01-24-2013 04:51 PM

Just popped in to say thanks for making this thread and thanks for responding all of you....I've had trouble with acne since puberty (am almost 30) and have many scars. Think it might be a hormone problem....eh... I also pick at it... hate bumps like those. Thanks again!

beahawkins 01-26-2013 11:24 PM

I have been using Mario Badescu Drying Lotion for about a month now. If I even feel a spot coming I put it there as a spot treatment. It's amazing! I do it at night or during the day if I'm staying at home because it's pink. I haven't used it long term, but I have played with their scar fading treatment and I like it a lot too. I used to work at Ulta so I got to play with all the fun stuff.

luzaida 09-15-2017 07:25 AM

I had acne at my 23 and it ends with more scars.my friends used dermalmd serum.i tried the same.simply super.

silkemarie 02-27-2018 05:29 PM

I had dermatillomania (compulsive picking) on my arms for most of my life (I'm 27 now) and finally (mostly) kicked that habit, so I've done a ton of scar research as well. I've been lucky not to have TOO much going on on my face, but I can't tell you how many people have reacted poorly to seeing my arms infected and scarred...wearing long sleeves in the south most of my life. BUT one thing that has seriously helped me is dermarolling, I haven't seen it mentioned yet on this thread, but I just got one off amazon that had good reviews, they're not expensive.

You can read a lot about it online, but I don't press hard at all, definitely not drawing blood, it just turns a little red. It just lightly pokes at the skin and I usually do it at night after cleaning everything thoroughly, rolling a small area, then covering it in oil, lotion, whatever. I alternate between using coconut oil and Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich body lotion (magic in a bottle). You can't use roll on broken or infected skin so just healed scars, but I find that doing a little spot, putting oil or lotion on it and letting skin do its thing for a few days makes a huge difference. It was less effective if I tried to do a large area all at once. Remember your skin has to regenerate collagen to heal so eating lots of veggies and healthy fats will help it out, but I've had good results regardless. It evens the skin tone, smoothes the scars out (I had a big problem with dents on my arms) and gave me great results really quickly.

Mederma and all the lotions you have to apply so much barely work for me, plus I don't love the feeling of being covered in lotion all day, and since my arms were COVERED in lotion, I was actually sleeping with plastic wrap wrapped around them to stop it from soaking into my clothes and sheets and making a mess (don't try this on your face lol).

I did have cystic acne on my face, chest and back for the longest time, and did an elimination diet, eventually figuring out that milk was causing it for me. No other dairy, just milk. Interestingly enough, I switched to organic milk and still no acne, so it's worth checking if something in your diet is a contributing factor.

I also have great luck using coconut oil at the end of each day (great makeup remover too!) and then I usually, but not always remove it with Clean and Clear or Clearasil, gentle foaming cleanser like that. Occasionally it feels like it dried too much so I skip it the next day and just use warm water to remove the coconut oil. I use this little silicone gently scrubber I got at Ross to foam the cleanser and omigosh my face feels SO SOFT and clean now! And I use witch hazel either on a cotton ball or spritz it on my face every morning and night, it removes dirt and seriously makes pores look smaller and less noticeable if you use it consistently. I swear by the stuff.

Again, everyone will have different results but thought I'd share since I didn't see any of this on the thread already. And don't be afraid of trying oil on oily skin (give it 2-3 weeks of consistent use), I had really bad oily skin before but now it's wonderfully clear, soft, and not oily or dry anywhere. Hope some of this helps! I'm very passionate about skincare and scarring issues, good luck to you!

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