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hi taylor... i'm sally

since i didn't really introduce myself...

sally, 26 (27 in june), live right outside Washington, DC in suburb called Accokeek (don't worry... no one has heard of it )
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I will do this.
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So I did the elliptical....only 25 minutes with a 5 minute stretch burning 300 calories. But 25 is better than nothing!

I should have done 30 or even 40 minutes like I usually do but TOM is on the horizon and I am getting that weird boated icky feeling. I just wanna crawl inside a snickers bar and sleep....

I am having ground turkey taco salad for dinner tonight. Pretty excited about that! I have never had ground turkey so I am excited to give it a try.

- My personal challenge for April is to not eat out the entire month -
- Anyone who wants to join me is welcome -

Eating out ALWAYS gets me! I want to prove to myself that I can go an entire month without eating out and also save some money! Whose with me?

*Note* Eating out does not include beverages only actual food. I would die without my starbucks americano!!

hwga oh my gosh girl, I have been following your amazing fitness on facebook and I am always amazed at what you are doing! you actually inspired me to star running and right now I can only do it for 3 minutes at 4.5 (which according to my trainer is actually a 10 minute mile when I can run it for 10) I am so proud of you!

bicarter Thanks for kicking me in the butt. I needed that. I am sending you a hug

sxcul Hi! Nice to meet you!
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Its Alana Time
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Wow were did the time go. It is already 3:30.

brie - what are you doing in the name of science? Or is it super top secret and some guy will have to wipe away my memory (i watch way too much tv)

Miss - its okay. Dont get stressed about the numbers. its a matter of knowing the truth and going down from there.

HWGA - that is an AWESOME time for your 5k. Way to go. You must be so proud

I completed my morning workout and will go back later for an afternoon last chance workout. I have my weigh in tomorrow so this is going to be interesting

**side note - when did interesting become a negative word. No one ever likes it when you say something is interesting anymore

okay back... Also I think I am going to retire my scale and only use the one at the gym. It is more user friendly and likes me better than the one that I have.

Okay off to do something productive

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Hey, Ladies!!!!

I know I've sucked at being on here for the past couple of weeks. I had the week of my cousins for spring break and then a week of TOM. Last night I went back to the gym and did AbsI and Hip Hop Cardio. My body is burning today! I need to get it together. I'm considering starting with a personal trainer this month, and I keep going back and forth about it. It's a lot of money, but I know if my goals are reached a lot faster, it'll be worth it.

My weight is actually right under 230, so I didn't make my March goal. I only lost about 2 lbs. this month. But I'm gonna stay positive. I'm getting back on track and back into my regular groove.

Sally: Hi!!!

Taylor: Once you go turkey, you never go back...

Tandifrass: You are SO not a failure!!! Something great is about to happen. I know it

Zephra: You're right! It's so hard to stay OP when hanging with friends. That's one of my biggest problems. But on the bright side, wine is WAY better than mixed drinks.

Cake: Heeeeeeeey!!! You are kicking a** with the running!!!

Blcarter84: I needed that kick in the butt!

HWGA: You're doing so great!

luvja: what up, homie?!?!
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Turbo Jammer
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Thank you for your support everyone. I am feeling much better.

I am going out for dinner tonight with friends. It is a Mexican restaurant. I always get shrimp fajitas there. I will be good, I promise. I am going to workout now before I leave and hope that inspires me to be good about my eating.

Tandi- Don't feel like a failure. Go in there with confidence and you will be great!
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*Ugh* pms... the pain... the discomfort... why oh why do you have to persistently be there every single month??!

Taylor, have another snickers bar for me to curl into? blah. lol Oh and if you're kind of so so on the turkey, give chicken a try. I find it holds the flavour better.

I'm heading home to curl up with the pooch on the couch and growl at the hubby. (i'll be the one growling, not the pup) Have a wonderful night ladies.
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New BodyBugger!
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Hi girls! Feeling pretty good today. Completely POP. Sorry if I seem quiet, just got a lot of thinking going on in this brain of mine. House, work, employment next school year, finances, hubby, babies, weight loss (or lack of ) Its all kinda got me confused right now.

KUDOS to all of you having great weeks.

To all of you who are struggling... here's a hug . Keep on trucking!
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last time
Thread Starter
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ashlan - if i dont have a plan i wont do anything. fail to plan, plan to fail. its so true for me. especially since i am a super procrastinator.

sxul - 65 cals is nothing! good job with the cal counting i am trying to get a hang of it.

taylor - missed you too! its not as bad as it sounds but it gives a good paycheck tara got the calorie king book which is what i bought as well. its much easier to navigate and an awesome resource. and i would do the challenge with you but i am oot a lot this month and my bday is coming up.

hwga - you are such an inspiration! i hope you plan to take or have taken a much needed rest day hun.

alana - its a prescription drug study. all of the drugs studied are already on the market nothing experimental. they draw a little blood check yr vitals etc. nothing too bad for 1600$. way to go on 2-a days! i need to get on yr level girl.

heather - it will all work out for the best. dont fret.

missa - i am glad you are feeling better. have a fajita for me!

beaka - do whats best for your pocket and your body. i had to forgo the trainer and push myself harder.
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This is not a test.
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OMG i eat to procrastinate and i cant believe i just figured that out. Thank god i have some gum
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Gotta Lose to Win
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hello ladies!!
Well I just got back from walking around the mall for 3hrs.
Didnt really do so good with the timed eatting. finally had a "meal" when I got home. Even tho I didnt eat alot, i still feel like I porked out.
I'm still debating on whether or not to do sweatin to the oldies tonight.

So I thought I'd share who I was, since I think taylor it was, had a lil intro.

My name is Jacqueline-Rose. I go by Rosie, or Jackie . I'm 21, living in Lost Wages, Nevada. born and raised in Southern Calfornia.
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I will do this.
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Turkey tacos were totally AMAZING. I had never tired ground turkey before, but you are totally rightbeaka I will never go back! Turkey has so much flavor in it! Even the boyfriend had liked it! So I had that and an artichoke! (An artichoke with tacos? Why, yes! I love them and they are only a dollar at king soopers!!)

So, I have some big news. As of tomorrow, I am three months cigarette free. That has been a big reason as to why I feel off the wagon - and sort of let myself - because smoking was very comforting for me and so is food.

So my question to you is what comforts you instead of food?

I haven't really found one yet. Being back on track these two days without having smoking or food to hide behind has left me feeling really vulnerable and kinda scared. I am going to start going to church with my dad again and I am sure that is going to fill a void - but what else helps you fill that hole?

crazy I love sweating to the oldies! I remember doing that when I was younger! I wonder if I can still find my tape....

icon OMG I do the same thing! I love gum! I did try those sugar free candies when I stopped smoking and dear GOD did they make me fart.

bjewled OO birthday! How exciting! What are the plans?

heather Hi. I am sending you a giant hug...I have a lot on my mind too right now.

prepping Um, yes. You can cuddling in my snickers with me and we shall melt away TOM in chocolate covered yumminess. And your evening sounds a lot like my evening!!! GGGGrrrrr haha
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Second day OP! I love this feeling. I missed it.

beaka - hey gurl!!
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Oh. My. Goodness. I am so friggin fried from life. My work is hectic and crazy and stressful. I put in too many hours and when I'm not at work I stress about work. And over the last couple of weeks I have not been able to sleep - I have been stressing about work when sleeping too! I have an active social life, but my life still feels unbalanced - too much work stress and not enough personal fun and relaxation. I need to change that ASAP. I just don't know what will do it for me...


I wish I had time to write out personals, but I haven't even had a chance to read over the previous posts. I will try to catch back up later. Right now I am headed to barnes and noble...
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Ok guys. I don't know why, but today is one of those days I wasn't satisfied unless there was food in my mouth!!!
I started out ok with breakfast, still ok with lunch (I had a crunchy taco and a side of beans from taco bell. Completely satisfied, and it was yummy). But then I did 45 minutes on the elliptical and I felt so hungry a few hours later.

I was in charge of dinner at work, and according to the menu, I had to make popcorn shrimp, hush puppies, fried green tomatoes, and potato salad. Ugh, I was disgusted by the fried-ness and cholesterol-ness of the meal, but it's beyond my control. I did pretty good along the way, but by the time all was said and done, I had about 10 of the popcorn shrimps (half a serving). Still not too bad. I had a 100 cal pack of cookies in the car on the way to work, some strawberries, and a lean cuisine for dinner. So far... SO GOOD.


A coworker made cookies. Little teeny peanut butter cookies, whose only ingredients are PB, sugar, maybe egg?, and vanilla. I ate four of those gooey delights and on my cal counts, I rounded up to 1 Mrs. Fields pb cookie, having no idea what I actually consumed cal wise. Later, I had a snack of pringles (portion control cup), but then in the car on the way home I had another cup of those. I wanted crunchy so bad! And I came home and there was leftover pizza, which I like better leftover, and in my mouth it went even when I was already feeling guilty of my cals for the day. That put me at 1905 when all was said and done.

And ok ladies, my other coworker started a "diet" today, but she's on a pill and diet program through her medical spa or whatever. I'm so jealous that she can take a pill and magically (guys, I know better, this is all tongue-in-cheek) not be hungry anymore. I'm trying to tell myself that even if I were on a "magic pill" I would still have problems, because most of my bad eating is not because of hunger anyway. It's boredom and social cues that I really need to tackle. And once again, today is over and there's nothing I can do about it. Sorry for the novel.
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I will do this.
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brook Did you subtract the calories you burned while on the elliptical from your total?
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