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Default NSV: I have never worn jeans this small in my LIFE! :-O

Now here's an NSV for ya, ladies... So, I went jeans shopping with my mom yesterday--I've mostly been getting through my weight loss size-dropping by taking in my old pairs, but it's getting to the point where I'm practically having to sew through the back pockets of my old jeans to get them to fit right! Hehe. I wasn't sure which size to get because I'm not really able to go clothing shopping when I'm at school, so a couple months will pass where I haven't tried on any new clothes... I just do my best to guess what size I am based on how much I've taken in my old jeans. The last time I'd gone jeans shopping was when I was home for Winter break (I'm now home on Spring break, ha) when I bought the only new(-to-me) pair of jeans I've actually gotten since I started losing weight, and they were size 12s. Throughout all last quarter, I had noticed that those jeans were starting to get pretty darn loose, so I was estimating myself to be (hopefully!) a size 10...

Sooo I was at Old Navy's, and while I was trying on some clothes I also brought 2 pairs of jeans into the dressing room with me--one in a size 10, and one in a size 8 because I was curious to see how far I have to go to fit into the 8s. The 10s slipped on pretty easily, not quite as tightly as I like my pants to fit, so I thought Hmm, that's weird; I guess I'll give the 8s a try... And *drumroll please* THEY FIT! At first I just dismissed it as vanity sizing, because I've never bought pants at Old Navy before, but I figured they MUST have vanity sizing if I was able to fit into an 8, LOL! But then my mom and I went to another store and I tried on jeans from a few other brands, and lo and behold, I fit into an 8 in all of them! (I even fit into the "size 6" from one brand where the sizes are always one lower than they should be, haha ). How completely insane is that?! I was hoping that I might be able to squeeze into a 10, and it turns out I'm an 8?--my world has officially been rocked! Just goes to show that I am possibly the least talented person at guessing my size, ever... But I guess it's not such a bad problem to have, because it makes for pretty pleasant surprises! Hehe.

I didn't end up buying any jeans from the stores--the waistline on the ones from Old Navy fell juuuust below my gut, which was NOT attractive (hehe), and the ones at the other stores fit okay at the waist but were too loose/relaxed through the legs... BUT, it just so happens that about a week ago I had ordered a pair of size-8 jeans from eBay--I normally never buy "motivation" clothing, but I had been craving some retail therapy, and they were only $10 (with free shipping, woohoo!!) so I figured it would be fun to have a cute pair of jeans to look forward to wearing someday. Well, in a crazy coincidence, when my mom and I got back from the store yesterday, those jeans were sitting in the mailbox! And although I did not have very high expectations from a random pair of jeans off of eBay that I didn't even get to try on before buying, in yet another crazy coincidence, they actually fit totally perfectly! I wore them yesterday, I'm wearing them now, and I suspect that I'm going to want to wear them every day, LOL! I never want to take off these jeans!!

Anyways, it's SO crazy that I can actually fit into a size 8... It really boggles my mind. I know I've said this at least 7290 times on 3FC, but I have been fat my whole life, and the first pair of jeans I ever bought were a size 18 when I was ten years old! Wearing a single-digit size has basically never even been in the realm of possibility for me... It literally just doesn't feel real! And yet it's weird, because I think of an 8 as being a "normal/thin person" size, and I always thought that I'd feel pretty darn skinny if/when I ever got to this point, but, um, I still feel fat!! I remember being SO effin' psyched when I was able to fit into 16s by the end of the summer, but now my mind is just like Oh, I'm a size 8 now, huh? That's pretty cool, I guess, but I still have a long way to go... Other people who wear this size look good to me, but I still look bad to myself--the joys of body dysmorphia, I suppose! But of course it's still a milestone, and I'm still really happy about it. Maybe it's just taking some time for it to really sink in and for my brain to be able to process all the craziness? But either way, it was one of the best NSVs I ever could have hoped for!

(Gosh, why do I always write a freaking novel?! I swear I don't set out with the objective of writing these mind-numbingly long threads--this is the same way I talk in real life, LOL! )
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I can't wait to be an 8. Good for you!
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WOO HOO!! I LOVE Old Navy's Jeans... I almost flipped out this morning when I put on my jeans and they were having trouble staying up even WITH A BELT!

Hopefully, I'll be trading in my jeans soon! ( I have size 8's that I want to get back into!!)

Great job!

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Congrats Meredith! I'm a size 7/8 in jeans right now, when I was 165 I was a size 12/14. Crazy!! You should take a picture and then you'll definately see you're not fat!
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that is SO awesome!!! what a great feeling, right?! congrats on such an uplifting accomplishment!
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Congrats! I was at Old Navy this weekend too- for summer dresses

That is so completely exciting!!!! Way to go!!!!!

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This is AWESOME!!!!!! Congrats a million times! I can't imagine the day, if it comes, when I'm hoping I might have finally made it to a size 10, then go in the store and find out i'm acutally a size 8?!?! I would be literally freaking out! I would probably start yelling in the dressing room like OH MY GOSH!! OH MY GOSH I CANT BELIEVE IT!!! people would be frightened, especially since I would probably come running out of the dressing room to show whoever i was with that I was in a size 8! A size that I have NEVER worn, the lowest I remember is like 6th grade when i was a 10/12!! So here's a mini novel response to your novel! Its good to tell the whole story, that way people aren't confused about your excitement and can be almost as happy for you as you are!! I know I am! Keep up the AMAZING work, I know you will be just as excited when I, and everyone else, post a wonderful accomplishment such as this!!
Well, enjoy the rest of your spring break, you sexy size 8!!!
-p.s. if you're back in ohio, it's supposed to be about 70 today if you're in southern OH like me!!! however if you're up by Youngstown like i will be tomorrow its supposed to be likeee 52 or something. But hey, better than spring break weather last year!! haha later.
ohh p.p.s You are beautiful and SO not fat your brain will catch up with your body soon enough and you will be like, DAMN i'm hot
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I'm an 8 too! Congrats Meredith!!
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I am so proud of you!!! You got me motivated to keep going... Thank you for sharing!!!
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Wow Congratulations! IF I ever see the day I will write a novel too!
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Congrats!!!! So proud of you! I cant wait until i get into a size 8!
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WTG!!! How about a pick? You know we'd love to see your size 8's !! Rock 'em girl~
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ya know! me and u we have this thing going, where I want so badly to be where you are at...and well...NOW i am really stirring.

A SIZE 8!! WTF...even when I was 145 in high school I couldn't wear an 8. dreaded hips and booty of mine.

If this ever happens to me you better BELIEVE that I will be writing a mini novella for you to read

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Question - how were you taking in your jeans? I've tried to figure something out.... but can't, help!
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Are we there yet????
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i always said I'd have a freaking coronary if I ever made size 10, well I'm a size ten and my heart is just freaking fine! I don't know how I'll act at single digit sizes though. Congrats girl! you're whooping my butt!
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