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back in the game
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I can't remember ever being in a single digit size either, I've been so fat since childhood. That must be so exciting, way to go!!
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Work in progress
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That's totally amazing! I am so happy for you. I have 2 pairs of Jeans that are 8's that I fit into... but any other pairs of 8's that I try on never fit... so the 2 pairs I have must just be special, lol. I am at a size 10 in most jeans now, but I can't WAIT to get into an 8 on a regular basis. Congrats, you must be so incredibly excited!!!!
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Thanks ladies!! I'm so glad that you all understand the excitement, hehe! I'm looking forward to going to a thrift store today, where I will hopefully be able to pick up a few more pairs of jeans that actually fit (but for cheap!). It's kind of exciting, because although I've been thrift shopping for a long time, I was never able to buy pants there until a couple months ago. Now I bet I'll have even more options, which is both a very good thing and maybe a bad thing, considering the effects that losing weight has already had on my bank account!

aneleh and jahjah1223 - Are you guys really 8s, too?! Wow, I'm shocked! You both look so tiny in your avatar pics (assuming that they're pictures of you, LOL)! I'm finding it very mind-boggling to think that I could wear the same size as someone who looks so small to me... That is veeery encouraging.

garstar - I just use my sewing machine to sew new seams on the outside, usually an inch or two on either side... It's definitely not ideal, because it has the effect of the front pockets get smaller and smaller (/almost non-existent), and the back pockets have slowly gravitated outwards! On some pairs, the side seam almost goes through the back pockets, which has the wonderfully flattering effect of making my butt look about a mile wide! Hehe. But jeans can get pretty expensive, and I am SUCH a packrat that I would feel so guilty and wasteful if I just got rid of all my old pairs, heh! I probably will just have to throw some of them out, soon... That'll be a big step for me!
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I'm surprised we haven't seen a pic of you in your new jeans!
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Oh my god Meredith I am so proud of you! Your entire thread reminds me of myself when I bought my first pair of Size 8's at Old Navy. I remember feeling your excitement..isn't it truly amazing?! So proud to say that I can now fit into a Size 4-6 and those 8's are a little big.......I can't let myself give them away..they mean so me girl....your time is coming!
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LOL preppingbride!! What exactly are you insinuating, missy?--that I post pictures of myself way too often? Actually, I'm sure you will be seeing me in my new jeans very soon... Cuz it (hopefully!!) won't be long before I reach my 5th mini-goal, and then it'll be time for another round of progress pics! I'll be sure to include a "new jeans" pic, just for you. In fact, I also stumbled upon a pair of my old jeans in our laundry room at home - I thought I had taken in all of my old pairs, but apparently one escaped that treatment - and I'm totally thinking of taking one of those cheesy "fat pants" pictures, just cuz it blows my mind how big they feel to me now!
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Starting Over...
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Congratulations!!! I'm just hoping to be able to get into 10's, I highly doubt I will ever be in single digits. Just too much body trauma from pregnancies! I'm so happy for you though! I remember when you got into ONEderland, now you are 166 and a size 8?! That is so amazing!! You are doing an awesome job! Congrats again!!

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Just keep breathing!
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When I was an 8 at Old Navy I was a 6 at Gap! So be sure to try a few stores! (But, when I was an 8 at old navy I was back to a 10 at American Eagle... so I quit shopping there... lol..)

What I wouldn't give to be back in all THOSE jeans!!
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Sorry to resurrect such an old thread, but this seemed like the most natural place to come back and say "hi" and let you all know that I have not died and I have not fallen off the wagon!! Hehe. I posted like a maniac all through my Spring Break (which was around the same time that I started this thread), but after that I began a new quarter of school, and since then I have been SO. INSANELY. BUSY. with schoolwork that I pretty much had to put a lot of "fun" things (like posting on 3FC!) on hold... In fact, I am still veeery busy, and probably shouldn't even be posting right now, heh, but I just couldn't resist because today was a very special day--I reached the official "100-lbs lost" mark (WOOHOO! ), and I wanted to log on for at least for a little bit just to post some progress pics and, yeah, make it known that I'm totally okay! I know how much it worries me when I see a regular poster fade away for a while, so I hope I'm not flattering myself too badly in thinking that some of you might have been wondering what the heck happened to me, heh... So basically, my weight loss has been pretty uneventful for the past few weeks--after getting to around 166 lbs during Spring Break, I plateaued around 167-169 for a really long-a** time, but finally broke through this week (due to TOM giving the ol' metabolism a nice kick in the butt, as it usually does!) and today I weighed in at 162.2 lbs. I am hoping to be able to post around these parts a little more frequently in the next few weeks, but it's going to be hard! Anyways, my best regards to all my 20-something chickys... I have missed you all SO much!

ETA: Oh, and incidentally, the progress pics I took today were in the very same pair of jeans that I was writing about when I made this thread! Heh! The link to the pics is in my sig if anyone happens to be curious.

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I just checked out your progress pics. You look absolutely gorgeous! If my body ever looks like yours (and if I ever get into a size 8!), I'm going to do a great big happy dance.

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Congrats that's amazing!!
way to go hottie
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one more time...
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Wow... single digit sizes.... that is so fantastic! Can't wait to get there!
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you are AWESOME! I'm a student, too, and I can only hope to be as successful as you have been with your weight loss! you go girl!
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