Is it possible to bounce up so many pounds in 2 days?

  • Okay so i waas dilligent in eating for months now

    but the last 2 days, yest and today I ate tons... like i threw in pizza, chips, ice cream, chocolate ... I regret every single one of it

    but in 2 days i bounced 144 to 149...

    O_O is that even possible? thats too much to bounce in 2 days!
  • yep i would say absolutely, especially if you are including things like chips and pizza, things with lots of sodium. At least some of that weight is likely to be water retention though
  • I had a lot of carbs and stuff i havent eaten for months. though, do you think i can get rid of those pounds easily and get back to the priginal weight before i binged or will it be hard O_O im panicking LOl. i have my weigh in soon.
  • lol dont panic! You can try to move the water weight by drinking plenty over the next few days. I dunno if you can move the fat quicker than usual just because you put it on more recently. At least, i dont think it will be any harder than any other pounds
  • okay so plenty of water during the next few days and the gym I presume and NO BINGING again. Yes?
    hahah thanks ghost! i hope i can shed them off by next week before my weigh in xD i want to make sure i'm back to 144 at least so as if nothing happening. Ugh i shouldnt have binged i feel so stupid, but cant dwell on it just gotta fix it!
  • To gain five pounds of fat you'd have to have eaten 17,500 calories MORE than you burn in a day. That is a lot of calories. I have no idea how much you ate of the things that you listed over two days, but just as an idea 17,500 calories is about:
    4 large pepperoni pizzas
    83 Hershey's bars
    2.5 Ben and Jerry's Vermonsters (each is 20 scoops of ice cream plus toppings)
    18 cans of original Pringles
    Pizza, chips and ice cream all have a lot of sodium in them, so it is likely that the vast majority of your gain is from water weight which should come off in a few days. I don't know what kind of plan you are on, but you should drink a lot of water and try to limit your sodium and things should be back to where they were soon. And good for you for stopping when you did and getting back with the program.

  • Yeah! That's too much to bounce in 2 days. I know you are now very depressing. Sometimes I do the same things like you and I regret that very much!
  • I've done that. almost exactly like you. 4lbs in a few days by eating pizza, cake, ice cream, bread. Im sure its mostly water weight. You will be back to pre-binge weight soon.
  • as we speak im up from 129.2 to 133.4 ! i included a sundae and burger king! lol
  • I'm in the same boat. Went on vacation for 5 days, came back 4 pounds heavier.... just gotta work it off again. Hopefully i'll slip right off hah...
  • gin,

    OMG I did not eat that much O_O i just ate a lot of ice cream and chocllate but not 83 protein bars and not 4 large pizzas
    but i am like 5 pounds heavier in 2 days though.
    ugh weight loss is a tricky and evil thing.
    im cutting down my food today and going to the gym later on, hope it works!!!
    thanks girls!
    for the rest of you who binged and bounced back up lets kick that weight away again!
  • Quote: ugh weight loss is a tricky and evil thing.
    Never a truer word
  • Absolutely! I can do it in one day. Get back on track and it will be gone in a couple days.
  • yes
    that happens to me all the time. about 1-2 pounds of it is water weight, but it is possible depending on your body that you will gain 1-2 pounds by eating that way because your metabolism isn't that high anymore because you have been dieting so that is why it is so important to stick with it.

    mini goal by March 31st