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It'll all be worth it...
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Default i'm so frustrated..i want to cry....

my head has been going a thousand miles an hour for the last 4 days.

so here's the deal. I smoked for 2 years. about 10 a day. All of a sudden about 5 days ago i decided I would try and quit again. and for the first time it worked. I haven't smoked in 4 days.(I literally hadn't gone a day without smoking in 2 years) and I'm happy about it. I feel good and each day is a little easier. But the thing is I feel like I haven't stopped eating since. Ok it may be a small part of me trying to subsitute the fix, but in all honesty I'M STARVING. all the time. I can eat a meal and then be starving 10 mins later, as if i hadn't eaten all day.

this is ridiculous. I feel like tearing my hair out, I'm so frustrated. I keep telling myself maybe I should just keep smoking so that I can control myself. but then I think no I can't afford to and I'm doing so well. Basically I can talk myself in and out of quiting about 30 times in 30 mins.

I just want to cry. It feels like I can't do both at the same time. Quit smoking and lose weight. I've gained almost 2lbs in 4 days.

what do I do???? I would appreciate ANY advice. I really don't have anyone to talk to here.
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Awww honey.
God, that must be hard. When I've been there I've noticed that a LOT more people smoke in Ireland than here.

I've never smoked, I don't know much about it one way or another. But Google is always a handy tool!


Don't stress honey, we're here for you.
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I haven't ever smoked either so I can't imagine how hard it must be to quit. So congrats on making it the first 5 days! I think you should stick to quitting. I am sure all this hunger will pass eveltually (while your lungs heal)

try all the little tricks, chew gum, drink tons of water etc. and if you have to eat. I would think quitting would be worth a few pounds.

good luck!!
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sunflower seeds! keep a pack handy it'll get your mind off smoking.
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i can totally empathize with you. i've quite smoking about 5 times so far. i just like to smoke. that's why i keep doing it. it's not even a physical addiction. i just like to inhale smoke into my lungs and then blow it back out.

every time i quit though, i quit cold turkey. in fact, i quit again 2 weeks ago. just stick with it. honestly, if you smoked a cig right now, you'd prolly wonder why you ever did it so long anyway. it tastes like ****. you just never knew bc you couldn't taste anything. which brings me to.....

you wanna eat bc you can taste things again. its been 2 years since you could really taste and smell things. embrace it honestly. it's what other ppl are experiencing. you were just missing out.

but im with you. sometimes i would rather smoke a cig than eat a snack, and its only bc im bored.

the only time i really find it difficult to resist smoking is being social. when i'm having drinks, or "everyone else is going outside for a smoke". but be strong, you can do it.
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