Pulled muscle....

  • I need some help. Yesterday I pulled a muscle in my left shoulder kinda near my neck. I hardly slept last night b/c I kept waking up in pain.

    I have put a heating pad on it and that seemed to help some.

    Do you know what else I can do for it? Should I workout tomorrow with my personal trainer still?

    Thanks for your help!
  • I bet if you still go see your personal trainer she will be able to tell you some stretches or something that could actually help you out.
  • I was with her yesterday when I did it and she told me to work through it. lol now today, I'm in way worse pain.
  • You might try ice instead of heat at this point. Heat will increase the inflammation and might make your pain worse. It might help to just rest it for a few days and focus on lower body. Hope you start feeling better soon!