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ooh I also study while I exercise
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Well, I will listen to music and switch intensities with each song and make sure I hit 10 levels (so 10 songs--30-40 minute workout). On an exercise bike or treadmill, I will go Level 5 for a song, then level 10, then Level 2, then Level 8, etc., until I hit 10 levels. It keeps me from being bored and also it's kind of interval training, which is better for you then just staying at one intensity.

Also a book or magazine on the exercise bike. With a magazine I make myself read EVERY SINGLE WORD and that helps time pass faster too. Otherwise I just flip through it and 5 minutes later I'm finished thinking--gee, I have 30 more minutes and I feel done, now what?
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Losing weight - Toning up
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watch movie.
I love anime/cartoon so i turn on my favorite serie and when 1 episode done then i'm done as well (well sometimes 2 or 3, depends on how many minutes i'm about to exercise).

Also music as well ~ like ... only 5 more songs then i'm done ... and so on...

sometimes what motivated me is picturing model's body and look at all of my fat that is hanging out from my gym clothes - ^^

uhm...i guess what i've been doing is pretty much the same with others
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Working my way back
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hahahaahaha angela

'suck it up princess' is my FAVORITE. i should make a poster and hang it up somewhere....
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Hahahaha! Sacrifice for Beauty...I can't remember where I heard it, but someone said it to me once and now I say it all the time. I'm definitely going to incorporate the "sUck it up Princess" line, so funny!

angelinelosesweight: You have great habits! I used to have a picture from those magazines on my fridge and taped to the bathroom mirror for my motivation! Sucking in(tighting your abs) is sooo good for you. Your abs are your secondary muscle in almost every exercise so its good to concentrate on keeping these muscles tight while exercising. I do a bootcamp every Saturday morning, and our trainer says "Concentrate on pushing your belly button into your spine", I thought that was a great way of explaining what to do.

I also struggle through my cardio and talk myself into making it half way, and usually end up finishing because I did make it. Someone has a quote or motivator thingy on their signature that says: Nothing tastes as good as it feels to be thin...its my new fav, and I say that to myself the whole way to the gym.
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Yeah those are my Jedi Mind tricks also. I always think "all I gotta do is put one foot in front of the other and I'll make it" or "you can do know why??? Cause you are the animal thug of exercise" HAHAHA I know it sounds crazy but it works. Also I don't think of the entire 30 minutes of running I think of 5 min or running and 5 minutes and so on.
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No failure!!!
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I have just started working out again and it has been so so hard. I found that music really helps or if I am mad at my husband or frustrated with work I take out my aggression with exercise. I have a punching bag in the basement and love it. It is nice to vent. I also tell myself to put my big girl panties on and stop whining. Suck it up and do it!!
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i always think about something that jillian said on tbl i think...which was along the lines of "you can choose to stop and you can choose to give up but dont ever tell me that you CANT do it"

that usually just makes me realize im being silly and im not that tired and i can do it because i choose to.
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Cause you are the animal thug of exercise
LOL Cake... that is amazing!
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i always listen to the same play list on my ipod... then think just one more song so most days i go that bit futher
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I've stopped using the phrase "Work out." Instead, I tell myself that I'm going to go play at the gym tonight. It reminds me to stop taking this whole thing so seriously, and helps me to convince myself that I really want to do this. I find that I workout harder, enjoy myself more, and can go for longer, and still feel a lot more energized and happy than I do normally.
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my ipod.
and thinking of myself in a bikini for the summer.
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My workout mind trick is to play extra pump-up, fast-beat music to get me moving and grooving. I also like to imagine that I was dancing instead of lifting weights, doing squats, or doing the Elliptical.

The music also helps you stay to the beat and you can't drop your pace!
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