Weigh-In: Gain or Loss?

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  • New thread!
  • I am so glad you put this up! I lost 1.8 when I expected to gain... I want to go around shouting it from roof tops..

  • I am at the exact that I was last weigh in... and I thought for sure I had gained, so I am pretty happy!
  • I gained slightly, up 1.1 - 156.2.
  • weigh in is tomorrow...... ill let you know bright and early if i hit goal!
  • Omigosh, good luck honey!!!!
  • Morning, all!
    Oh, it is SO good to see that scale moving again in the right direction... 155.6 this morning!
  • down a pound this morning now off to run a few miles in the 20 degree weather yayyy chicago
  • I know what you mean Jelbb! 173.4 this morning!

    I can't wait to get my feet solidly into "normal" ground (BMI wise)
  • 143.5 this morning. I will take it as it's at least a loss.
  • 183 this morning...down from 184 yesterday...keep going
  • wooo! Go Becky! shake your bootay! It's not your birthday! BUT DO IT ANYWAY!

  • I'm down 2.2 lbs. Yay!
  • down .6

    im sure everybody saw the post.. haha

  • Gain from TOM 131.6