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I was 153.2 this morning... but to be fair, yesterday was my mother's bridal shower... and because my mother doesn't eat wheat/gluten either, my aunt (the professional cake-maker) made gluten-free cake. And I ate some. (crapsticks.) I also ate a McDonald's hashbrown. Or two. (Triple crapsticks.)

THAT being said, I've been doing the 30DS every day, and I'm back on-track eating-wise today!
I'm gonna go do my 6th day of the 30DS. My muscles are hurting a little bit less every day!!

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No failure!!!
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252.8 down almost 1lb, oh well better than nothing!
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blissclaire - WOOHOO, 5.2 lbs in your first week! That is awesome, girly! Congrats. You are definitely toppling over the edge of the 210s--can't wait to see you get into the 200s! And then ONEDERLAND, baby!! Hehe, good luck this week. Hopefully your next weigh-in will give you every bit as much satisfaction as this one did.

SwimGirl - Guuurl, I don't blame you at all for deciding not to weigh-in every day anymore. Seriously, it'll probably do wonders for your sanity! The only reason why I went back to doing it every day is because I suspect I'm secretly a masochist, LOL (jk!). But don't stay down about the little spike in your weight, seriously--ya just KNOW it's mostly water weight and it'll be gone soon! Oh, and FYI, I used to have all the stats about my starting date/the dates that I reached all of my mini-goals in my sig, but I had to take it out to make room for my St. Paddy's Day ticker, hehe. But if you're curious: I started my weight loss on 7/18/08 at 263 lbs, met first mini-goal (243) on 8/11/08, second (223) on 9/29/08, third (199) on 11/14/08, and fourth (183) on 1/15/09... Currently working towards my fifth mini-goal of 163 lbs!

brooksrm - YAY, gotta love it when a number that you think is just a fluke decides to stick around for a few days... Then you REALLY get to feel good about it, hehe! Congrats on entering a new "decade"--the 180s, awright!

preppingbride - And just WHAT is wrong with sitting at 183 lbs, missy?! Sheesh, only on 3FC will you find women who actually have to persuade themselves to be happy about losing 3 lbs, LOL! Jk, sorry if it sounds like I'm making light of the situation or something... I know how much it sucks to feel disappointed when you're expecting a dramatic loss and it doesn't come through, BUT I am still very proud of you for getting rid of those 3 lbs--and you should be proud of yourself, too!! Well done.

caseygail21 - Oooh, I'm *jealous* because you are right around my 5th mini-goal weight! Hehe, but I will be catching up to you soon, I promise! Anyways, congrats to you on the loss! And I won't tell anyone that your ticker is inaccurate if you won't tell anyone the next time mine is, LOL.

Jelbb - MMM, cake!! (Someone get Homer Simpson's voice out of my head... ) Sounds yummy! And OMG, hashbrowns are so delicious, even though they are definitely the DEVIL in food form (does a less healthy food exist in the planet?!), hehe. Sounds like you had a nice bit of indulgence for your mom's bridal shower yesterday, and now you are moving on from it... Nothing to worry about. And all that 30DS action certainly can't hurt! WTG sticking with it so well!

nursemp - It sure is! Congratulations on the loss, chicky!

As for ME, after weighing 169 lbs yesterday and weighing in at 168.8 lbs today, I am finally going to change my ticker! I guess now I am "officially" in the 160s, woohooo!!! Though my sugar cravings are driving me NUTS because of those freakin' sugar-laden granola bars I had the other day... I had been doing so well cutting down on the sugar, and now all the cravings are back FULL FORCE! Grrr. I need to get a little bracelet or something to shock me every time I reach for a granola bar, LOL! But I can't stay too mad at myself...
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meredith - omg! 20 pounds a month? AMAZING lady! Alright, you need to dish, gimme some advice here! I was considering giving up sugar, because it triggers so much in me.. we'll see. But I am going home in one month today, and I gotta get some of this weight off, I really wanted to hit my mini goal before I left. So I gotta come up with some good plans! I will get the okay from my doctor on Thursday to see if I can exercise, well hopefully I will!

Jelbb - you seriously gotta take measurements for the 30DS, because I only lost like 2 pounds from doing it, but I lost 4 inches from my waist ALONE! It was amazing! Hopefully I'll be shredding with you on Friday!

Okay, this has nothing to do with weight loss.. buuuut, I bought myself some pretty shoes yesterday! And I just had to share because I looove them! I bought them in this colour, and also in black.. I couldn't resist!

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I don't know what to believe sometimes when i weigh in. One day my scale says 255 give or take two pounds and then today when i weighed it said 250. I supposed i'll take the lesser!?!
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Working my way back
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first official weigh in since the 130:

132. i thought i would be mad but i'm not... i had so much fun celebrating and have been op sunday and yesterday. i'll get back there in no time
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I last saw this number a week and a half ago after a night out, but now it's totally legit! So close, so close, so close
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Congrats Meredith im so proud of you! i can wait till im in the 120s that would be enough of a goal weight for me lol Ive been retaining water and im up to 132 which isnt bad considering 3 weeks ago i was praying o get down to 132 lol
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Originally Posted by corazonas View Post
first official weigh in since the 130:

132. i thought i would be mad but i'm not... i had so much fun celebrating and have been op sunday and yesterday. i'll get back there in no time
I think our bodies are twins lol
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Meredith, I had to cut out granola and other snack bars out of my diet too! They really did have a huge impact on my cravings... but hey, how much do you have to convince yourself that a chocolate peanut butter bar with chocolate chips is good for you because it has oats in it. oats covered in a sugar syrupy coating. I had to suck it up and stop buying them because they were turning out to be a worse trigger food than an actual chocolate bar. And you SO deserve to be able to change your ticker lady!

Swimgurl, coming from a shoe-aholic, those are TOO cute! I have something similar with a higher heel. And I have definately been known to get the same pair of shoes in multiple colours. When you like 'em, you like 'em!
I convinced the hubby that no matter how many shoes I have, I always need more so that they always look new because of not being worn as consistently!

Moni, just smile and celebrate the loss! (sometimes the scale is actually right)

Aneleh, don't you love those last 10 lbs?? they're the hardest in the world to come off but so exciting when the numbers are legitimately going down.

Corazonas & jahjah, the both of you have amazing attitudes going on! The true sign of success that will last.

Well, after my little positive reinforcement session I gave myself yesterday about being 183, I was hopping up and down after seeing the scale today! 180.8... a loss of 5-6 lbs since last Monday. I can just FEEL the fact that I will once and for all hit my goal!

Oh! and I was out to dinner with my very fashionable cousin yesterday and I made a promise that as soon as I drop 15 lbs and save up $$$ we will be going to a super expensive jean place and find some PERFECT jeans. (and then go online and buy them for at least half off) I've given a ballpark of late April as deadline. *crosses fingers*
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Are we there yet????
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172 today

I don't understand why!!! I'm so annoyed!!!
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Mommy of 3 Boys!
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Weighed this morning at 174-175 kept fluctuating back and forth!! all I can say is I DONT UNDERSTAND! but i like it
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Meredith-- you are sooo in the 160's. Go girl!!!
Swimgurl- love the shoes!!! I'm a shoe addict also!!
Prepping- I'm sooo with you on the jeans!!
Congrats to everyone's losses.
For me I'm back down to 188 on the dot today!! Goodbye TOM and back on to getting this weight off for good!!
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SwimGirl - Heh, I lost really quickly at first because I had a lot to lose! But believe me, it's tapered down a LOT as I've been inching towards goal... If you crunch the numbers on my overall losses, it actually comes out to a relatively normal 11 lbs/month. No more 20 lb months for me! Hehe. Anyways, good luck reaching that mini-goal, and good luck at the doctor's on Thursday!! Hope you get the okay to start exercising--I'll keep MY fingers crossed for YOU this time, hehe! Oooh, and can I just say, those shoes are HOT! Jealous.

Moni28 - Is that really even a question?! Take the smaller number, of course!! LOL! But seriously, we all have those moments of disbelief at the number on the scale... I'm sure I don't need to list out all the crazy stuff that causes those irritating fluctuations from day to day! So don't worry about it. Hopefully your weight will settle into more solid ground in the next couple days!

corazonas - Now THAT'S a winning attitude! It must be so cool to feel like you don't have to stress about little gains anymore, because you already have proof positive that you CAN get back to your goal weight. Sooo proud of you, girly.

aneleh - YAAAY! Congrats on the 140 lbs!! I love it when one of those "fluke" moments gives you juuust a little taste of a lower number, cuz it makes it all the more gratifying when you get there for real! Haha. Well done.

jahjah1223 - Thank you! And ooh, you are SO right--I was a teensy bit crabby the other day when I went up from 169.6 to 169.8, and then I was like, What the eff dude? Remember when you were plateaued at 177 for like a month?! I definitely would have LOVED to be 169.8 then!! Haha. It's always good to keep things in perspective that way... Thanks for the reminder.

preppingbride - LOL!! You pretty much just described my attitude towards my granola bars to a "T"! I'm ALWAYS trying to justify it to myself when I scarf down 2-3 in one day, like "But... But... They have so much fiber! And protein! They're GOOD for me!" Hehe! But yes, all the sugar really does me in. I might have to think about not buying them anymore, though I just bought a TON of LunaBars (um, they were on mega-sale--I couldn't pass it up) so it'll probably take a while before I burn through all of them with my current objective of only have one (or none!) per day. Ooh, and on another note, congrats on the 180.8 lbs!!! That is SO awesome!

leighish - Aww, honey, I'm sorry to hear that you were disappointed with your latest weigh-in. If you really don't know what caused it, then it's definitely gotta be some mysterious water retention--that'd be my guess, at least. Maybe some extra salt snuck into your food yesterday without you knowing it? But try not to stay down, chicky... I'm sure your weight will be normal again soon, and order will be restored to the world!!

Blcarter84 - Woweeee, it seems like every time you post a weigh-in, you are just getting teenier and teenier! Whether you're 174 or 175, those are both awesome numbers, so I say CELEBRATE! Hehe. You are really rocking this lately, woman! WTG!!

krock614 - Sweeeet, you go ahead and kiss that annoying TOM water weight "goodbye"!! Hehe. And you already have your eyes set on moving forward--I love it! Way to keep your eyes on the prize.

As for meee, I will confess that I did not weigh myself today... What with the extra granola bars I had yesterday, I just *knew* that I would have a gain, and I really didn't want the extra discouragement. Normally I hold myself accountable to staying aware of every little blip in my weight and ALL the effects of my "sins" (hehe), but the deciding factor was that I also had to wake up really early today, so if I had weighed in, it would have been like 4 hours earlier than usual, so it would have been inaccurate anyways (yes, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! ). Rest assured that I'm only allowing myself this blissful ignorance for one day, though--I'll be back tomorrow with another weigh-in, I promise! Hehe.
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Meredith!!!! I am so happy for you! I could be right there with you if I hadn't refused to get it together after my birthday...UGH!! It's gonna happen though!

Sunday I was 186.6 & I'll weigh in the morning to see where I'm at now. I've been pounding the water so I'm hoping to be back at 184...PLEASE JESUS! =)
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