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Default **Weekly Chat Feb- 22-28th**

Wow I have never got to start one of
I have had a terrible last two has just been absolutely crazy...hopefully tomorrow will start off better...I am hoping to start a 8 week program, from the couch to 3 miles...and get to my ww meeting so wish me luck!! I hope everybodys week goes well, hope to hear from you all!
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I'm on my Tom and i feel sooooo FAT!
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I'm on my TOM too, and ME TOO.
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Its Alana Time
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Hey Ladies

I am alive. Maybe the crazy week is behind me. Though I doubt it. Thursday I joined a 6 week intensive salsa class. It is no joke. But maybe by the end I will have the legs of a ballroom dancer. Okay that is just wishful thinking.

Friday I went for more salsa to practice my steps. The guys there were really cool and actually kept asking me to dance. Definitely different from 2 weeks ago went I could have had cobwebs surrounding me from the number of people that asked me to dance. Well there was one guy, but he has turned out to be a crazy stalker so I am pretending like that one did not happen. I mean I am flattered by this new found guy attention, but 12 phone calls within 36 hours seems a little excessive. Specially if all you keep doing is calling my name and asking where I live (seriously, that was the whole conversation).

Anyway, I digress. Yesterday I went up to DC for the Wizards vs Spurs game. Plus side - got to see Tony Parker and all of his French good looks in person. Downside - Wizards basketball is not basketball. I think even with a compass and GPS they still could not have found the hoop.

So this week I am determined to get out of the 190s. Even though I have not been there for that long, its time to move on. This week will be the week.
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Today I hit my lowest weight for the 2nd time. I reached it the first time last week and felt so THIN. I bloated a bit and I'm back down to the lowest .. and I'm feeling FAT.

I bet if I hit my new low tomorrow I'll feel THIN again. And once my body starts hanging out there again--
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Busy Mommy
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sharpie good luck with your new week!! you can do it

jahjah and jelbb i'm supposed to start this week too. Damn monthly bull sh**

joyra that is so exciting!!!! good luck and you will do GREAT!!!!

I just got off work about 40 min ago. Now I'm just winding down watching Cold Case and catching up on here. I'm lookin forward to a great week of being on track and reaching ONEderland!!! The bf's birthday is tomorrow and I'm cooking him dinner (all low cal stuff....except the king cake he slice for me and he's takin the rest home) and gotta get him a present. Whoops!!!

I'm doing the Flirty Girl Fitness "Chair Dance" DVD and he is dying to see me do the sexy dance for him....not too sure I am feeling quite that confidant yet.
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Can't wait till 170
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nicki I tried like 10 minute of Chair Dance from Exercise On Demand and it was fun but just ont enough for me to decide whether I would really like it or not... Have fun with your bf tomorrow!

joyra Don't feel fat...I know that's something one can't control but at least you didn't gain. Let's all look at the bright side.

star I'm sooo jealous of you! I love love love salsa! When I was in Korea, I was a member of latin dance group and loved it! I actually spent one of my new years eve at a latin dance club and danced 8 hours almost non-stop! I want to dance again but my bf isn't that into it and I haven't been able to find places to dance salsa. Not having anyone to go with, whether male or female, sucks, too.

jahjah and jelbb I just had mine last week and it was rather short so it was good. I'm glad it was short because I have a doc's appt this Thursday and am getting THE test that I HATE. But I got a new doc and it's a female so hopefully it won't be as bad..

sharpie Good luck!!

When I was doing Jillian's new workout dvd, I realized how much I love kick boxing... Any of you know good kickboxing workout dvd?
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Feelin' Sassafrassy
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Im coming off my TOM, and now I cant find my BC, grrr story of my life guess I am going to the pharmacy today for a refill.

My mini rant for yesterday:
I went out after church with some friends to a restaurant. I parked closer to the door than I normally do but I was completely center in the space. I am extremely anal about parking. I get to my car, and there is a note on there that says. "watch how you park next time mf." I am completely confused so I start looking at my car and on the driver side back door is about a 6-8in vertical white paint smudge (maybe a dent) on my car where someone had the nerve to swing open their door, hit my car and then blame me for their inability to either properly park and/or open the door and get out. Left me a freakin' note on my car telling me how to park!!! The freaking audacity of some people I am glad I drive a junker but that is not the point. Oh and of course the security cameras don't work so I have no way to find the piece of sh*t either. Then the staff of the restaurant is in the wait area looking at me as I leave telling all the rest of the people that work there what happened and probably happy to the fact that they cant/wont do anything about it. I called my friend because supposedly he had buddied up with the owner, but they had a falling out so I basically have no freaking recourse.

As a side note, who doesn't get their security cameras fixed, seriously???? Apparently they have been broke for awhile. They have some pretty iffy spots in their parking lot where stuff could happen and no one know about it for instance some one getting raped or mugged. Who is negligent at that point?

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Well ladies I am BACK in the saddle today! I had my 2 weeks of eating whatever the **** I wanted to while my sick infection was here and now it is gone so back to working out and losing weight. Unfortunately I started my TOM this morning..oh joy of joys!! But that's Ok because I am really ready for it to be over already.

Jelbb- I missed you girlie!

Joyra- good luck in hitting your lowest and feeling it. I'm not feeling so hot this morning..more bloated and FAT but thats' ok cuz once I get back on track it will all start to melt away again

Starmac- I totally would LOVE LOVE LOVE To take some sort of dance class be it salsa or hip hop or strip teasin kind lol. But I could never fit it in my schedule with my kiddo being I live like 45 min away from ANYTHING.

Alright ladies here's for me South Beachin it this week COMPLETELY on track!! *crosses fingers*
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Hey girls. Finally, I had a good weekend eating wise. Every week I have been so good and would lose a pount and then the weekend would come and I would gain 2 pounds (thus ultimately up 1 and well with a cycle like that you can imagine how much weight I was gaining). I need to have another FULL week just like this one. Although I have lots of family birthday dinners this weekend (one on Friday and one on Saturday) so I have to just make good choices and not drink too much.
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Uhm. Hey sexy. Where do you live? *eyebrow waggle*
Haha. Those salsa classes sound awesome, though! I've always wanted to do something fun like that, but I've never had a guy friend who wanted to do salsa, and a lot of my girlies who do that do it with their boyfriends. My boyfriend will happily go sit through a girly concert, and he took me to see Grease in London around New Years, but... I don't think I could get him dancing.
AWESOME for the guy attention tho. Even if you have zero interest, it's fun to get the attention anyways. ...not 12 phone calls in 36 hours though. "Excessive" is an understatement...

Hey, everything's relative, you know? Meredith (star2Be) is goin nuts because she's been at 177 for three weeks and is trying desperately to move that scale. Last time I was here? She was celebrating madly for hitting onederland! Just gotta look back more at where ya started, you know? You've accomplished SO MUCH! And you're gonna keep accomplishing it, and we all know it.

Yay!!! A pre-emptive congrats on making it into onederland! What an accomplishment!!!
And kudos for the healthy low-cal meal you're making him!

Y'know, I've always wanted to try Jillian Michaels' workout DVD... you really enjoy it, huh?

Omigod. What a douche. That sucks really badly about your car!
Everyone knows you open your door carefully and squeeze out if necessary... there's no need to have a hissy fit about parking jobs, christ.

I missed you too!
Good luck staying OP chickie.

Making good choices ALL THE TIME can be hard. I find that a lot of the time when I'm at special events, and something special is offered, like... cake... I have a hard time refusing, because it's such a "special occasion" thing in my mind. I just have to remind myself... Unless you get hit by a bus soon, in which case, not much will matter... this PROBABLY won't be the last chance you ever get to have cake (or whatever), and thus it's not a big deal to say no now. You've got the rest of your life for small indulgences!
That helps me anyhow! Good luck honey!

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Hey ladies, glad to see everyone is back on the wagon (including me!).
I made a deal with my bf to not eat ANY sugar (other than in fruits), artificial sugar, or white bread/pasta until April 19th, which is the day I'm doing a 10k race. Last night I dreamt of stuffing my face with chocolate chips.. Anyway, if I slip up, he takes my ipod away for a week, which would be sooo cruel, but nothing else can motivate me like that!
As for the running, its going really well! Yesterday I did a 6.2km run (3.86 miles), which is the longest I've done in TWO YEARS.
Oh, one more thing, my ticker lies! I'm actually at 145 now (down one pound today from 146), hopefully this is the last yo-yo up too this number!
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Can't wait till 170
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I'm jumping on here real quick...I weighed this morning as it's my weigh-in day and... WTH! After I started again at 178ish, I gained for some reason and was at 181.2 and it took me 2 weeks to get back down to 176.2. This morning, I'm at 180.2! I worked out 6 days last week. Drank plenty of water. Did good. Yes, on the weekend, I wasn't as good but I still worked out. I think I didn't drink enough water but still almost 5 lbs gain in a week again?! I'm mad, pissed, getting discouraged, you name it, I'm feeling it. One side of mind is telling me that it's water, it's water...since I really up'ed my workout minute this week and should give myself some time but I still am mad and feel like giving up. . . although I know giving up doesn't get me anywhere.
I didn't experience this much gaiin in a week last time I lost weight so I am just lost....

Thanks for reading my vent.
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It's time
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Hey ladies!
Well this weekend (well yesterday, Sunday) we ate at Boston Market and had the mashed potatoes and creamed spinach I know I shouldve chosen the mixed veggies.... but today i'm on track again! drinking my water, took my vitamin and I'm focused on my exercise regimen! I'm putting my bad choices behind me and looking forward. sigh I think I can I think I
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Hi Everyone!
I have never posted anything in these chats so I guess no time like the present! I was beyong awful this weekend, I am sure it's the story with everyone but wow. I went so overboard this weekend with eating and drinking. Friday wasn't bad because I made me and bf a bunch of fun dishes from Cooking Light that weren't the healthiest but at least better than what I would usually have. Saturday was a girlfriend's birthday so of course too much drinking and eating.

Anyways I felt so gross yesterday I decided today I would walk up an hour early and workout before work for the first time years. I need to give up the ghost that I will actually drag myself to the gym after ain't happening and I have been slacking for a good month. We will have to see how it goes but I think it may be a turning point for me with exercise, because a) I am going to be tired if I wake up at 6 or if I wake up at 7 so why not just bite the bullet and get it over with early? and b) I will never have an excuse or reason why I can't aside from being sick or having a really late night.

I will want to vary the workout though and currently I only have one dvd, any ideas for good am workout dvds?
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