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Default Reasons why I CAN......

I am hijacking this idea from something I read on another thread but I thought it was a GREAT idea. I had a terrible week last week (seems like a lot of us did) and I was focusing on the what I was doing wrong, but now I want to focus on what I can do right. So I want to list the reasons why I can make it to goal this year.

1. I am enjoying healthy foods more and more
2. I like to work our and enjoy seeing the results
3. I have a supportive family and community here on 3FC
4. It's ok to have a treat now and then (all or nothing mentality has not worked in the past)

I would love to hear the reasons why you can lose the weight this time, I am sure it will be inspirational!
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1. I am learning more about nutrition and how certain foods benefit me.
2. I am being very honest and open with my friends and family, and everyone here at 3FC about my goals.
3. I am focusing on balance in all area of my life... no all or nothing mentality for me either!
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Great idea!
1. I've realized that I hate the gym, and have found other forms of exercise that are helping me get fit
2. I'm tracking everything I eat (and eating healthy!)
3. I'm doing it slowly but surely. I don't want a quick fix because they never work.
4. I've realized that every day is an opportunity to get one day closer to my goal.

You're both so right about all or nothing! It never works for it makes me miserable when I know I can't have something.
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I won’t make it to goal this year, but the reasons why I CAN stay on plan & lose a significant amount of weight this year are…..

1. I don’t have unrealistic expectations. I know this is going to take a while & am fine with that.
2. I LOVE the WW new Momentum plan.
3. I now know what it takes to eat healthy & am more aware of nutrition & the positive impacts it has on my life
4. I am addressing the reasons for my emotional eating w/ a therapist
5. I have discovered that I really love salads!

Great thread. Thanks!

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1. I have a huge support group. I didn't realize I had it, but when I told family and friends I was losing weight they practically threw me a party!

2. I've changed my eating habits. I don't have a bad diet. I was a vegetarian for 2 years and now the only meat I eat is baked chicken and tuna. My problem is I only eat a big meal once a day. Now that I know the problem, I can fix it.

3. I don't deny myself treats like I have in the past and because of that I've learned how to control the cravings. I 've found if I let myself have a little piece of chocolate every now and then, I don't crave it constantly!

4. I gave up drinking soda.

5. I've found that walking early in the morning when everything outside is just beginning to wake up, it's a great way to clear your mind. Also, it's really foggy here and we live in the country, so watching the sunrise over a fog covered field is absolutely beautiful!

Primaballerina, I love your icon! Audrey Hepburn is by far my favorite actress!
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1. I am more motivated than i have ever been
2. I have all the tools needed to succeed
3. I have support from the most important person in my life, and i have a wonderful community to come to when i need help
4. I really enjoy seeing my body change for the better.
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1. I am saying no to my silly excuses
2. I am sticking with it for more than two weeks!
3. I have realized that there is no 30 lb miracle and I didn't put this weight on overnight so it won't leave that way either.
4. I am celebrating small successes and realizing that losing "only one pound" still means I lost a pound!

Great idea
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yes girl
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1. it's been 2 months and this is still something i want to do.
2. i have vowed to always finish what i start no matter what it is. i became a quitter a long time ago, and it sucked.
3. working out makes me feel good physically and emotionally.
4. i'm in no rush either; too much pressure and i'd rather do it right.
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1. Because I know now that perfection isn't the goal, but consistency
2. Because I know how to dust myself off now and start right back up
3. Because I feel healthier and happier with the foods I am putting in my body now
4. Because it just feels "right"
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1. because the other option isn't so great!
2. I am counting calories, I hated the idea of doing it, but I'm being realistic, I can't lose weight without doing it. When I tell myself I don't want to, I say "Suck it up princess".
3. I'm being realistic
4. because of my wii, it's keeping me accountable (odd but it works!)
5. Garden salads/seasonal greens can be quite yummy! Just give it a chance!

I love this thread... in the past I've spent a lot of time being negative, and that never worked so well.. I can and WILL be successful!! No excuses.

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Reasons why I CAN (this time)

I KNOW I CAN because,

1. I am building muscle mass which is beneficial to body fat loss in the long term.
2. I have learned to LOVE exercise and going to the gym and this time it will be a habit that sticks.
3. I am seeing changes in my body and so have others; I want these changes to be permanent AND I want to make further changes in my pants sizes. I will get there!!
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I know I can make it this year because...

1. I now actually like the feeling of sweat and don't feel right and am not satisfied if I don't work out.
2. I learned not to give up even if I have little set back because it's not all or nothing anymore.
3. I learned that this is life style change, not just a "quick fix" to lose weight.
4. I know how to eat healthier and am a better cook
5. I am setting small and big goals, and number of different things to motivate me.
6. I like feeling my bicep muscle I gained since I've started working out. lol
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I can because:

1. I am being patient and enjoying the journey to my destination (no more quick trips)

2. I don't wanna go to the gym but I HATE how I feel if I don't

3. I have set other goals outside of the scale

4. I like eating foods of Nutritional value

5. I have 3FC and we love each other
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i know i can get to goal this year because:

-all the people at 3fc want me to succeed as much as i want me to succeed and that means a LOT
-i have transformed the way i eat and 8 times out of 10 always put things in my body that will benefit me
-i have FINALLY realized that exercise is not a form of torture

and... i KNOW i can make it to goal this year because im ALMOST there!!
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I know I can because..... I've come so far already. I believe in myself now! I'm a strong, confident person and I can do anything I put my mind to.
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