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Default OT- skin care

What's your regimen, skin type and how old are you?

I'd put this in the looking good section, but the needs of a 25 year old, for example are different than the skin needs of a 35 year old, and I want to hear about products that I should consider.
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I'm 27.

I use this as a facial cleanser. It's paraban and GMO free. I realized I only have sensitive skin when I wash it with harsh chemicals. I use a little mini facial loofa thingy with it to exfoliate.

I use Aveda toner after I wash my face and when it dries I apply Aveeno moisturizer with SPF. My foundation has SPF as well.
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I'm 24

I wash my face twice daily using St. Ives Apricot Scrub (Invigorating or Oil Free). It has little microbeads, so it exfoliates your face without being too rough. It's gentle, plus it smells incredible!!

Then I follow up with Clinique's Clarifying Lotion (it's actually a liquid) that is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Even after you wash your face, this stuff picks up anything left over and you can actually see the evidence on your cotton ball! LoL There different formulas depending on your skin type. (I'm type 2 which is combination oily/dry skin.)

Aaaand finally, I finish up with Clinique's Moisturizing Gel. It's oil-free and makes my skin feel amazing, and it doesn't give a glossy shine.
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I use a neutrogena blackhead clearing face scrub 2x a day followed by their 8-hour spot treatment if needed, and then an spf moisturiser in the morning. I have really oily skin and this keeps it from breaking out.
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I use burt's bees face wash and moisturizer. I have really sensitive skin, so I have to be careful. I use Cetaphil moisturizer too. The Burt's Bees stuff smells absolutely delicious.

Oh, and I'm 25, with, like I said really sensitive combination skin.

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i use cetaphil face wash, clean and clear daily pore toner, and cetaphil moisturizer.

im 27 and have sensitive skin but no issues w/ blemishes, etc

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I'm 24 and am incredibly blessed with my skin. It's never dry or oily and I've never (*knock**knock**knock*) had any type of acne problems or blemishes, even though I have to admit I have a fairly sporadic face care pattern...I forget! Lol. I love Olay fight 7 signs of aging face clothes. It's much faster and easier for me on the run, and then I use face creams from Sabon-it's a great soap shop in NYC and since I have really bad dark circles from allergies and what not I use Dr. Mirad's eye cream for dark circles.
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I use oil of olay aging cream/moisturizer because I want to keep from getting smile lines and wrinkles as soon as possible. I also use clean and clear face wash once a day. The days I bar tend I use the apricot scrub that courtney was talking about because it gets all the grease and stuff from the food out of my pores. And I'm 23.
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I use either Arbonne's skincare system or Clinique's 3 step system. I prefer Arbonne, but it's sold through independent distributors, takes a few days to ship, and a bit pricier. I am 29, and have been switching between these products for at least five years now. I also use Estee Lauder's Takeaway makeup remover.
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I'm 20--I wash with generic cleanser at night and apply Clean & Clear moisturizer in the mornings before make-up. Occassionally I use pore strips on my nose, but more for the novelty than for any proof that they actually work When I was in middle/high school I had horrible acne even though I used dermatologist prescribed products and took hormone medication to tame it. Fortunately I emerged scar-free.
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I'm 20 and I wash my face at night during my shower. I just use Neutrogena Acne wash that has beads to exfoliate. My skin is pretty good, I get the occasional breakout during tom.
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my skin is.. well flawed lol its not super bad acne, but i break out every now and then, and always during my TOM. I use proactive. It really works to keep my skin clear, unfortuantly i havent been able to afford it for like 6 months, so my skin is horrible right now. Also having very very pale white skin, i always use and spf moisturize, usually nuetrogena daily moisturizer with spf 30
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Im 23, and I use mary kay. I used a #2 face cleaner and moisturizer in winter and a #3 cleaner and moisturizer in summer and then acne treatment gel for problem spots
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Can I just pop in here (as a 34-year-old) and give some unsolicited advice to all you gals in your 20s?

Wear sunscreen and wrinkle cream starting now!!! Trust me!!

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25 tomorrow! Woo! And I have tried everything under the sun & I finally listened to my mom...I now use Oil of Olay daily cleanser, toner & moisturizer. My face is looking so much better & my skin is so much softer & more even than it has ever been. It only took my 12 years to listen to my mom! lol
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