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Working my way back
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omg i had to tell you guys... i just did the unthinkable.

I tried on a swimsuit.

I bought one online last year that was too small and found it in a drawer just now. Teeny little brown and white bikini- I swear I thought I was gonna end up in tears I dont know why I got it out.


not perfection of course but definitely good enough that i could go out. during the day. in public. and feel goo about myself. My smile is so big right now i think my face might break. come onnnnn summer! haha
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I'm a khaleesi!!
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Corazonas: You brave soul, bathing suits are scary things.

HWGA: Ya, I'm back like high waisted jeans baby! Seriously, have you seen the new high waisted jeans? ew.

Cali: Me too.
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Can't wait till 170
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Fish taco. Yummy and so filling. Mmmmm...
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I will do this.
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I am eating tuna fish with onion in it with a few kashi crackers and half a banana....

I am gonna need a breath mint before rehearsal...
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Its Alana Time
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so I am hysterically laughing right now (I tend to do that when I am waaaayyyyy too sleep deprived). You all are cracking me up. Also I am laughing at the fact that there is no way on this earth I am going to be able to catch up on personals. Sorry ladies.

For the Super Bowl my friend made this WW chocolate mousse phyllo cups and I took home the recipe to try them a couple days ago. The way I made them we had so much mousse left over that this morning after my meeting I went and bought more cups (45 more). They are so tiny and we all know what happens when we eat tiny things....we pretend that there arent as many calories in each and eat more than intended. I feel so sick right now. Then being the smarty pants that I am I decided to go to the gym. Running on the treadmill = worst idea ever. That workout was cut short, by a lot.

Well tonight I am going salsa dancing. There is some huge party going on downtown and I am going to check it out. Maybe that can be my make-up workout.

Okay maybe I am fit in some personals

Cake - don't worry about it. Water will flush those pounds right out of ya.
Bjeweled - no depression for you either.
Corazonas - love the new picture

Everyone - hang in there/hey there!!!
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hey everybody, hope every one is good...

- hope you feel well and soon!

jeweled- we had a banquet at school today , and i ate the food and it was good. Bad us

cora- thats right feel good and you should girl!

taylor- you may need love)

cake – hey girl! (all that needs to be said has been said by everybody else)

As for me I got a pretty good workout session in, On the elliptical for 30 mins and a .62 walk/jog and I will do ab exercises tonight. I need to start doing them more if I wanna see results! I lookke din my journal and notice I hadn’t wrote in it since the 4….WHERE have I been??? But I will write in it tonite…Ok ladies I have to study for Managerial Accounting test in the morning…..

COLOR="magenta"]1st Mini Goal- by February 24[/COLOR]

“Gonna Hit 165 like ALI..Float like butterfly, sting like bee!”

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Senior Member
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Hi, Ladies!

I haven't been in in a while, but when I got on the scale this morning I weighed in at 232 and felt pretty good. I am fully recovered from all of the holiday craziness. I'd gotten beack on track with my eating, but today I went back to the gym. Anyways... I'll try to get on more often. This site really does keep me on track.

Hope all is well with each of you! I'll have to go back and catch up on the posts. I see a lot of new faces too! Hey new people!
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Can't wait till 170
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I feel nauseous for some reason...
And I'm craving salty food... This TOM...better not get best of me.. I've done so good this week so far. lol

It's raining here... pretty bad...and foggy. BUT I will take rain any time over snow.

My workout went good, I think. I started with 10 minutes of ab/strength workout..then after the fight with my DD to go to sleep, I was able to do 40 more minutes of cardio stuff.

Well... work is kinda busy today so I will be back on after midnight.
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I feel like such a bum not doing personals. Here are the highlights ...
Good things
* I realized for the first time that my stomach is actual gone and tiny. I know its weird to say because I'm 8 weeks post opt but I guess it takes the mind awhile to adjust.
* Everyone keeps coming up to me and saying how tiny I look.
* I have a good job lead out in North Carolina, and got my current internship to offer to fly me out there as part of a project they are doing in March if I get an interview.
Annoying things
* I'm getting sick because of the weather change in MI.
* I got annoyed with a friend today, I got out of class super early. I ran into her and asked if she had an extra umbrella but she left it in the clinic, she then said I'm only going to be 5 more minutes. I waited because it was pouring and after 35 minutes I left and walked in the rain home. I turned down two other rides because I didn't want to have her looking for me because her phone was off. It's just annoying because I wanted to go home. I guess I shouldn't be mad just needed a moment to vent. I feel better.
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Working my way back
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ok i must be too much of a noob-- you guys keep referring to personals.... huh?
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Cora- personals are when we do a post and go through each thing people said or at least the high lights and comment on what they say. When you see a list of a name and a comment that's personals. I hope that helps.

Remember- That's so awesome. i can't wait to see more pictures! Did you go to your thing with the dress you showed us a couple weeks ago?

Sorry, no more personals I'm so tired! I had a great workout with my trainer. I can tell my back is getting stronger and leaner.

Does anyone know anything about bands? I just bought some bands b/c my trainer I need them for my 3rd strength training that is on my own. I'm going to bed. I'm so tired!
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keep on truckin'
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Well, I completely binged all week so far, and it's not going to let up anytime soon because this weekend is my birthday. I ate an entire box of cereal today. I'm about to throw up.
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Same here vdaybaby....same here. It's been a HORRIBLE week for me. Oi. I've sorta been avoiding 3FC because of it... I still love you ladies!

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last time
Thread Starter
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p90x starts tomorrow!

i took my before pics in a bikini! yr talking about a reality check! i might post them on my blog but i dont know they are a bit much! but its me every pound and i def want there to be much less of me in 90 days.

i hope i can figure out how much i need to eat to have enough energy for these workouts and still create a deficit. here is where the hard work comes in i need yalls support i am frightened of trying this program that could actually transform me. i am scared of change.

have a goodnight ladies!
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Are we there yet????
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yep. Totally binged last night. It was more sodium than anything else. Darn fried pickles!!!
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