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Good morning all!! Happy Valentines day...I hope its a better day for you all then it is for me...
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Happy Valentines Day !

No time for personals. I am stuck in a insurance class so i can be licensed to sell insurance in louisana.. i will be here till 9 tonight and 8-5 in tomorrow UGHH.. but i cant wait tillnthe money starts rollin in!

So all you ladies have a great day! ( and yall please pray for my strenghth!)
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Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!! Hopefully it's a good day overall for everyone

I am so freaking excited today because I weighed in this morning and the scale was very good to me!!! It read 199.2....the first time in probably 15 years that it's been under 200!!! I'm so excited and proud of myself. It's been a good day so far!
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Default Wow!

Chele, that is awesome!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Mine hasn't been too bad. DH gave me a live webcast of him and his dipsh*t friends (band mates in this case) playing me and some other wives a Happy Valentines Day song. It was stupid, but sweet. And they all did it shirtless, so it was all good. LoL.

I also got flowers from two different secret admirers...? Except neither one of them is a secret. I would recognize one idiots chicken scratch from 800 feet away, plus he sent me tulips (tulips = broke as **** = military) and the other dude is a soon-to-be doctor I tutored in my graduates chem class, and he sent me roses, a bottle of Dom and an assortment of caviar which was really nice of him considering he's a complete tool.

Plans fell through with Tandy since he's decided he's in the depths of despair and can't possibly get out of bed. I told him to run his mangina under the tub faucet and quit being a drama queen but he wasn't having it.

So i'm making dinner for myself, going to see Coraline in 3D, and partaking in the bubbly after I get home.
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Happy Valentines day girls.

I am getting ready to go to dinner with the boyfriend. We have had a great day. We went for our "hike" this morning, it turned out being more of a stroll on a paved path but it was still 2 miles. Then we went to Chik-Fil-A for lunch and I did alright there minus the waffle fries, but to me their fruit cup sucks. We also got to go to Hustler of Hollywood and I got a new toy. I am excited I love it.

I hope yall have a great evening even if you dont have a special someone to spend it with.
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Working my way back
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awwww girls... my hubby's not so bad after all...

we kinda had a fight yesterday and were just kinda staying out of each other's faces. so he called me after he left for work today to tell me happy vday (said he had forgotten and heard in on the radio) well i'm trying to make up so i made chocolate dipped strawberries and have a very nice "outfit" waiting for later. so i bought him a card and told him that even though i didn't buy him a gift (we agreed to skip it and save the cash this year- we're going on a cruise later) that i had something for his eyes only later. i was hoping for the best but planning for the worst attitude wise though. so he gets home a bit ago and has a big flower arrangement and a box of candy. the first thing out of his mought is "happy vday- i don't know how good it tastes but i got you a little candy that's sugar free because i know you're on a diet" i almost loled but kept my composure and thanked him accordingly. it was UBER sweet because this is seriously the first time he's acknowledged the fact that i'm losing/ have lost weight. so yayyy! it's been a good day so far.

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I found a very sexy nightgown and am going to get myself ready tonight! and put a bow in my hair haha
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Sounds like people have some fun plans for tonight. I cooked myself dinner and am currently watching "Made of Honor". I also randomly went to the mall this afternoon and bought a pair of dress pants for $5 at JCPenney and ran into one of my former students in the it was great to run into her and see how she's doing in college.
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