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Default *******Weekly Chat Feb. 1st - Feb. 7th*******

Hey Gals!

I decided to start the new thread cause its a new month time to figure out what went well and what did not go well in January and bring the positive things into February!

What if anything will you do in February different than what you did in January? What "tips" can you share with the group to help us through this short, cold month that leads to SPRINGTIME!!!

so i am down to 193.5 for January that is a total of 8 pounds for the month 4 of which i lost this week! i am happy but I know if I had not been sick I could have done even better. My goal is 10 pounds a month so I have a two pound deficit for the short month ugh. i know i can do it though. My face is getting so much thinner i almost dont recognize myself. weird huh?
I am off to listen to Jillian Michael's radio show and do dishes and cook for the week I will talk to you ladies later.
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Wow, Brie, 8 lbs in a month is fantastic! I lost 2, after gaining 5.

Don't you love when you can see the changes in yourself?

My parents got a new puppy yesterday, and she is just the cutest. I will probably be spending more time at their house playing with her than in my apartment. Can't wait till it's nice out and I can take her running with me!

Happy February, ladies! Let's make it a great one!
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Well NUMBER ONE I am proud of myself for getting up early and getting my excerise before 12PM on a weekend. Also I am watching the SuperBowl at home eating WW approved "game time" snacks. An get this my BF is actually staying home with me HA...whoda thunk it?

So Brie What will I change from Jan to Feb? I will definitely work on eating 90% "filling foods" instead of using points for junk. I am not going to fully do the Fat Smash as I will eat one meat serving a day but everything else I will do. I hope this will be the boost I need to get over my hump. When I first started I wanted to 10 pounds a month but have been averaging like 4.

Something Positive not to change would to keep going with my exercise because (pat myself on the back) I have been doing awesome with that.

Well time to get stuff ready for the game. Luv you girls. I'll check back in later!!!
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Bjeweled, 8 pounds is awesome! I lost 6 in january (after gaining like 10 the last 5 months ) .

Justkeepswimming: what kind of puppy? I've been begging my mum to get one for us, but she says we won't take care of it (I'm 22 btw LOL)

cakebatter: im with you, I want to focus on eating filling and healthy foods, rather than eating junk yet staying within my calorie maximum. IN fact, I'm going to really try to give up soda.

I am trying to keep up my exercise regimen of 5-6 days a week gym (which i accomplished most of January until I got sick at the very end).

anyway, good lucks everyone
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Well I just hopped on the scale to see a gain of 4 for January. I guess my month of holding pitty parties and feeling sorry for myself is over. And now, I have 4 more pounds to lose than I did before. I guess my plan didn't work so well.

February Plan:
1. Follow SB diet as closely as possible and have only 1 weekend off for any sort of non-plan food. (V-Day weekend..... going away!)
2. Restart the 30 DS.
3. Keep up my 5 days a week of morning walking. (The ONLY thing I did right in Jan.)
4. Feel confident in who I am TODAY not who I will be at a lighter weight.
5. Remember that my husband loves me for who I am not what I look like. (He has been noticing all the changes. And the undeniable increase in sexytime is a good indicator too!

Sorry I haven't been around lately. The stress of life and expecially buying a house lead me to an almost month long Off Plan experience. Dang, I wasted a whole month. Oh, well.... on to the next!
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finding my balance...
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well, since I didn't think about my weight like at all last month, it's going to start being a topic on my mind. I also made a low cal menu for the week, and my bf is even going to eat it with me! I also plan on working out to my dvd's at least 3 times a week.I weeded my house out of junk food.Wish me good luck on my new start! I hope it works out for me! and congrats on the losses ladies, you all look wonderful!
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This month went okay for me. I stuck to my goal of running 3x a week, but didn't do much strength training. So for February my goals are:
-Do some sort of strength training routine 2x/week
-Stop with the weekend binging!
-Get down to 140lbs (aka 1lb/week) Grar, I would like to fit into my pants again, but that may not happen this month.
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to answer my own question...
i will try not to get sick lol
i will eat more fruits and veggies and drink my water everyday no exceptions
i will give myself a day to enjoy myself

justkeepswimming - thanks girl! it feels awesome!

cake - i found with WW i would sometimes get lax on my good health guidelines but when i followed them i was never hungry and i lost more! let me know how the tweak works for you!

kisskiss - good luck with your goals! keep us updated

heather - i am glad you are back! i knew you had something going on over there. february will be double success just wait!

disg -i'm sorry you cant get your pictures up i wish i could help you. at least you know why you allowed your emotions to take you to that place so you can stop yourself from going there again. good luck girl!

tandifrass - sounds like a good plan its simple math calories in vs. calories out! cant wait to hear your successes!

aneleh - i need to incorporate the RIGHT amount of strength. i either do too much or too little. good job on stickin to it in january.

going to study now and then to sleep goodnight ladies!
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keep on truckin'
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To answer the question: In February, I want to start working out! Like consistently and not just at random intervals. I also want to keep my eating under control, no more week long binges!

bjeweled: That is awesome that you lost 8 pounds! You must be really excited! The biggest loss I have had in months is like a pound!

just keep swimming
: awww a puppy! I want a dog sooo bad but my apartment only allows cats, so I have a cat. But I still love him like a dog! HAHA!

cakebatter: You are the pimp of exercise my friend! You have definitely done great with that. I need to start working out too!

disgruntled: that sucks about the pictures...computers can be so stupid sometimes! I don't really have any before pictures because I never let people take pictures of my body! I was always hiding it or only taking them of my face. I have some pretty fat face pictures though! that is a good idea though, for sure.

~ Well I have THEE biggest headache right now from lack of sleep and drinking too much the past two nights. And I of course am procrastinating AGAIN this semester, which you should NOT be doing in grad school. I have like 100 pages of reading still to do before my class tomorrow night at 6pm And then I have 100 pages of reading to do for my class on Tuesday night! And this freakin headache is not helping! I am almost tempted to take a couple shots to get it to go away! But I just popped some tyenol, so I won't be doing that. I need to stop distracting myself with this guy I'm seeing and focus entirely on reading my whole life! HAHA!

This guy that I am seeing has been pretty nice...but I am starting to realize that he is totally just a rebound. He fell asleep last night, so he didn't answer the phone when I called (although it was like 2 am, so I don't blame him). So I tried calling him like 16 times! And I guess I left him 6 mean voicemails! Anyways, once I couldn't get attention from him, I instantly started thinking about my ex, and started hysterically crying (the 14 shots of alcohol I had in me didn't help). So yeah, I am obviously still burying deep feelings about my ex.

But other than that, last night was fun!!! HWGA and I had a lot of fun! We danced a lot and drank a lot! We went to eat at Lyon's, but I had to leave due to my hysterical crying spurt. But actually this morning I was pretty grateful because I know I would have ate soooo much fattening food last night! And I had already spent 50 dollars on alcohol, so there was no way I needed to spend more money on food!

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Ladies! What a fantastically wonderful fun weekend I had. Needless to say I drank too much BUT it was all great. I went out Friday night for my friends's birthdays (tara and kelly). And I met this super ridiculously hot guy who actually wanted to hang out with me!! So we hung out til like 4:30 in the morning..then I drove up and worked all day and all night saturday and then went to get my hotel room for the night. Then I get a phone call to my room from that guy...(and we didn't exchange numbers or anything) he had searched all over town for me and just happened to remember that I was getting a room at the holiday inn lol. Anyways so I ended up hanging out with him all night again!! he has my number now and he lives downstate so we will see if I ever hear from him again.....dont' care either way cuz my weekend was the GREATEST!!!
So as far as making February better, I did pretty well in January but I really really need to stay completely on track for this short month(in case I ever meet this guy again I need to have a rockin bod lol) I weighed myself this morning at 186, which is good because last wednesday I was up to 195 somehow!! So hopefully I can meet my Vday goal of 185 by wednesday here.
I guess that's enough blabbing for now...I love you ladies
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Goooooooo Pittsburgh NFL Champions 2009!!!!!

So as you can see I had an awesome weekend. Made my own Super Bowl Appetizers, exercised in the morning for extra points and only used 2 Flex Points....GO Ashlan, GO Ashlan...IT's my's my birthday!!!!!

So today starts my "filling Foods" only Goal. I got all my stuff ready and I am so gung-ho about it. I dodn't got to the store last night but I was determined not to have an excuse to not start Ladies I went to the grocery store BEFORE I got to work (I was late but heh I got my food). So Part ONE is complete not I just gotta make sure I get to the gym....

Carter Wow you did have a fantastic weekend. I wish I was partying like you girls. Congratulations on 186 and did you ever get your hair cut?

Vday Sorry you had to cry but luckily you were there with HWGA at least you had a friendly face.

Brie I was thinking the same thing. Like totally stick with guidelines and keep pushing. I hope this is the change that will really make a difference for me. Congratulations on your loss, I can't wait to join you and Carter in the 180's I might actually have tears of joy!!!

Analeh WOW run 3 X's a week. Awesome

Disg WTG on realizing, accepting and moving on. ANd by moving on you have now allowed room to focus on the new and improved DISG. Ya know. You are gonna be GREAT this month

Kiss Kiss Wow 5-6 times a week huh? I aim for 4-5 I can't handle much more than that. You da bomb!!!
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Cake - What is your filling foods only diet?
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CookieMonster First off I love your name!!!!

I am on WW's and their "filling foods" is like the foods off of the old "core plan". SO I have been doing Flex and I have sort of been at a stall and so I decided to do "filling foods" only to get sort of a boost.

My next two weeks of food will consist of only whole grains (brown rice, whole wheat pasta, Beans, lean meats, fruits and veggies, plain yogurt FF milk and so on. You can PM if you want more info. Basically there is no bread and or simple carbs.
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kisskiss- you basically typed everything I was going to type!

bjeweled--- 8 lbs. is GREAT! What a wonderful way to start off the year!

just keep swimming- puppies are so great!!! That's exciting! What kind?!

I had a really rough January that ended with a nice, refreshing vacation. Now that Superbowl and the month from **** are over... I'm off to a new start! I started at 181 on January 5th and got down to 174. I'm back up to 176-178 but the water weight should drop fast from being constantly bloated for 3 weeks! Eeek... the beer and chili yesterday didn't help!

This month I will learn from what did and did not work last month.

What did work:
Small, healthy meals throughout the day; lots and lots and lots of fruits and veggies; being as active as possible throughout the day; WORKING OUT!; water, water, and more water; tracking/journaling every single little morsel that went into my mouth!

What did not work:
Ummm skipping the gym for 3 weeks; way too much alcohol (which leads to "not caring" and over-indulging); forgetting to track; dining out A LOT!

WW meetings every Saturday in February (100% accountability)
80 oz. water every day
Gym 3-4x every week
Stick to WW points and guidelines/filling foods
No drinking during the week, w/ no more than 2 drinks/day on weekend

I'm not really a heavy drinker but this month was an exception. New Year's, a week-long vacation, and my grandmother passing away led to a lot of social events involving alcohol.
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Good morning Girls!!!!

Its a snow day for me today, no work since the kids are leaving the school in about a half hour. Within the first 45 minutes of our snow this morning they called school for the rest of the day gotta love unpreparedness.

Life Goals for February:
Work out for at least 3 times a week consistently instead of 2-3 times.
Stop eating because I am bored and have nothing else to do. (getting a full time job would help this greatly)
Find a full time job
Hopefully get some more orders for hats (I have made $80 in the last 2 weeks in hats)
Work on my self esteem

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