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Little Black Dress Bound
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Default What are your biggest motivators?

What do you think of when you're about to eat that cookie you've had your eye on? Or what image do you have when you're forcing yourself to walk that extra mile? I have a few...

1) I am turning 20 on June 25 and I really want to leave my current body in my teens and start my 20's with a healthy body and attitude.

2) My boyfriend's brother is getting married this summer and if I am going all the way down to Santa Barbara for it I want to be looking good. (A new dress would help).

3) My cousin and I are planning a trip to Hawaii sometime in September. She has always been very thin and I, for the first time ever, want to feel confident standing next to her in a bikini.

4) I am transferring so I will be going to a different school next year and I want people I meet there to know the healthy me.

5) Also, my boyfriend's ex goes to the school I'm transferring to and if I happen to see her on campus I can't be looking like a fat cow.
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1.) I want to wear a bikini!!! Every spring when I get the Victoria's Secret swim wear catalogue, I pick out what I would wear if I was skinny. This summer, I want to actually buy and wear one!!!

2.) I lost 80 lbs. in high school. My goal weight then was 145, but I plateaued at 160 for MONTHS and eventually gave up. When I got to college, I went up to 180!! Over the last two years I've been yo-yoing like crazy and now that I'm ten pounds away, I finally want to be at the goal weight I envisioned at 15 years old when I took my first steps to a healthier life.

3.) I want to be a runner. I've always envied everyone in my family who can run six minute miles and marathons with no problem. Now, I'm determined to be one of them.
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- I'm going to florida next month and i will wear a bikini.. and i want to rock it!!

- when i feel like eating crap i remind myself that it makes me FEEL like crap

- BF and I are going to get engaged soon (whenever he asks! geez, lol) so I want to have a head start on looking great for my wedding!

- i love bikram yoga and cant get through it if i dont eat healthy and drink lots of water
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**My name is Rachel!**
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I'm getting baby-hungry but I want to be thin and fit before I get pregnant. I want to get down to 125 and maintain it for a while before I get pregnant.
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I HAVE WILL POWER! thats my biggest motivator im happy to have it soo happy that im proving everyone wrong about not having it too. Now instead of feeling like people look down on me for not turning down a cookie.. i feel like they wish they had my willpower and that keeps me going more than you know!!
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mmm nutella
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I have worn a bikini since I started hovering around 160 for the past two years but I NEVER felt comfortable in one. The only reason why I wore a two-piece is because I went to the cottage with a couple of my boyfriends friends and I knew all the other girls would wear two-piece and I knew I would stand out if I didn't. And I was around 148 when I bought it so at the time I was kinda slim. So I want to feel comfortable in my two piece this summer.

Also, I'm going to Europe in March and I know I'll be taking a lot of pictures while I'm there so I want to look good in them. I don't want to have to worry about looking fat in pictures.

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Default motivators

My wedding is in May and I hope to be down to a size 13 by then
Also we want to have a baby asap, so I don't want to be huge and then get even bigger when I get pregnant
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I just hate the size I am, and want to feel like myself again.

Also I know my DH loves me whatever size I am, but when we met I was about 128lbs (for 5ft6), tanned and happy and all of his friends kept saying I was so hot, the last comment I got from his friends was "Oh you're bigger in real life". Nice...

Also I want to join hardcore aerobics classes again, feel like a hot girl that guys turn around to see and not feel my thighs rubbing.
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My health is a huge one. I have polycystic ovary syndrome, which basically means my body becomes insulin resistant very easily and I'm prone to devoloping type 2 diabetes later in life. I also miss periods and have some slight facial hair (which I take care of). I basically need to eat a healthy low insulin response diet (I choose south beach) in order to keep my hormones in check. When I eat right and control my insulin levels I don't miss periods.

In the short term I want to loose 10 lbs in order to fit into these new work pants I bought. I work as a cocktail waitress at a bar and have to wear black pants. I ordered 2 pairs of black pants in long online but they are a little tight because I ordered them in my jeans size. Pants are not forgiving at all. Other than being too tight to wear they look PERFECT, make my but look amazing, don't fit weird in the crotch, and are almost too long (when you're 5'10 this is hard to find). The pair I am currently wearing aren't as nice, I can't wait to wear these new pants to work. I got them on clearence for only $16 apice and they are gorgeous.
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Right now its the bridesmaids dress I have to wear in my sisters wedding in August. Its strapless and short...

I really want to wear skirts and sundresses all summer and not just be stuck in capris.

As far as bikinis go, theyre out since my kiddos did a number on my stomach but my back still looks good so I wanna rock a backless tankini (you know the ones with the long front but just a string in the back)
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Here We Go Again
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My fiance and I plan on getting married in November (cross your fingers!!) and I am putting together my perfect wedding and want to look great. Plus we are looking at Europe for our Honeymoon and believe me, I want lots of gorgeous pictures to show off!

We also plan on having children soon after we get settled. I want to be as healthy as possible for them.

And most importantly I'm just sick and tired of leading an unhealthy lifestyle with an unhealthy relationship with food. I want to be overall healthy and happy.

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I want to just FEEL sexy again, I don't have a lot of self-esteem anyways but since I've gained so much weight it's a whole lot worse!!! I picture being 130-140lbs again & seeing my husband be attracted to me like he used to. He never says he's not, but I just feel like he's insecurities!

Also, I always think how great it would be for the next time I see my mom that she see a HUGE weight loss in me, she lives in NV & I live in KS so we only see each other a few times a year.
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I am loosing the weight for:

The ability to wear sleeve less tops.

The power of loosing weight while others around you aren't (bad right?)

For someone to call me "skinny" Someone called me a "little thing" the other day, I was floating after that lol

Not be worried about being picked up (getting there!)

To stay healthy

To be an "athlete" omg that'd be so cool!
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Mostly, I want to like what I see in the mirror, and I'm getting there!

Another one is to look good in a bikini. I wear the cutest bikinis but man my body doesn't look all that great! lol so I want to feel confident in one.
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Pure American Metal
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Obviously I want to be healthy and active for my family; I want to see my son grow up.

On to my selfish reasons :

1. I want to look good in a bathing suit. My son is only 17 months old but LOVES water. I want to get him in swim classes ASAP and don't want to look like a beached whale.

2. My husband is the oldest of five brothers so I feel like all the daughter-in-laws are compared. Ones a ballerina, another is trim and fit in the military and another had a baby and was in a bathing suit (and looked good) 6 months after. I want to go back next Christmas much lighter than I was this year.

On a side note, I was really irked at one of them at Christmas for commenting on how my husband and I liked cereals with so much sugar (like Raisin bran OMG!! how awful!) while she was eating pancakes with PB smothered in syrup. I so held my tongue but really want her to eat her words.

3. I found out my ex moved back to town and if I run into him I don't want him to see me as a big ol' blob. I want him to be incredibly jealous.

4. I don't want to shop in Lane Bryant! I want to shop at any store and be able to find awesome clothes that don't cost half my paycheck.
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