btw, i think splenda is the devil

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  • so i think i finally figured out all my stomach pains and gas and bloating. its from splenda. i thought i had some crazy food allergies or something. but turns out, its splenda. it has to be. i'm roughly 99.9% sure it is. but i'll cut it out for 2 weeks and see what happens.

    anyone else have stomach aches from splenda...
  • I can't eat splenda if I want to drink alcohol, I get super bloated and a really really bad hangover. took me a while to figure out the cooralation, but when I did I was much much happier...I thought I was allergic to alcohol for a while.
  • Quote: I thought I was allergic to alcohol for a while.
    that would be downright tragic. haha seriously. id cry.
  • I did cry...and it would have been a tragedy if you know my lifestyle...I like my vino...
  • Yes - I've had really awful reactions to splenda. Most of my friends thought I was nuts - a couple tried to "sneak" splenda desserts past me by lying, and I'd have to ask again 20 minutes after eating a cookie because my gut was in knots and I was racing to the bathroom for some explosive fun. (Yum!)

    I don't think splenda is bad in general for the average population - but just because it's been proven "safe" doesn't mean that it won't have side effects in some people.

    But glad to hear another story of GI problems due to splenda - you're not alone!
  • Could Splenda prevent you from losing weight? I noticed this week that I actually gained 1.6 lbs and the scale hasn't budged since then*for the last 4 days*. Also, this week, I started going splenda-crazy, eating about 4-8 packets a day. I feel super bloated and couldn't figure it out. Now I find this thread, and it's making me wonder...
  • aangel..Yep, it will..the marketing campaigns will deny it all day
  • i use sacchirin based sweeteners zero cal zero carb in my tea, i may try to cut it out entirely now..
  • splenda IS the devil. it messes me up really bad.

    personally i'd rather just eat sugar- it doesn't make me sick and I know what it does to me- it just makes me fat if i eat too much.

    introducing those chemicals into my body didn't agree with me and i honestly don't know what all those artificial sweeteners can do to me. i don't think science has had enough time to show whether they really are okay for us to ingest even. SO, for me, i'd rather just use the real stuff and watch my portions.

    good luck, that has to be why your tummy is messed up.

    PS My dad could not lose weight while using splenda. he cut it out and reintroduced real sugars and that's when the weight started to drop. I don't think that's a coincidence. Zero calorie sweeteners and low calorie sweeteners will trick your metabolism, it's a proven fact. It's better to just eat the real stuff in moderation.
  • That's so insane. I figured since it had no calories, it woudn't effect anything. I'm re-thinking the whole splenda thing and though I just bought a box of the "splenda with fiber", I don't think I am going to chance it anymore! I'm trying to lose weight, not gain or maintain yet!! I'm glad this thread was started...splenda really is the devil!
  • Since we're kind of on the sugar topic in here, I was wondering. I haven't cut out sugar from my diet (although the only sugar I have is in my coffee) I was just wondering, is there anything bad about sugar I should know about (other than the calories it contains)?
  • so help me god, if using splenda is the reason that i have not been losing much weight lately, i will personally bomb that company that manufactures it. johnson and johnson i'm coming for you.

    omg, seriously though, i'm really saddened by that. i've worked so hard to lose weight. for the past 3 months that is.
  • As with everything we eat, some substances don't agree with some people. That's why everyone has to evaluate what works for them, what stalls their loss, what makes the feel sick, etc. Please remember, though, that Splenda DOES work for some stalls in loss, no stomach issues, etc. Everyone is different!

    I'm glad you found out what was causing your tummy it'll be easier to prevent the problems in the future!
  • i hear that. i'm just glad it didn't end up being an allergy to an actual food. like wheat, eggs, nuts, etc....
  • Hey stellart,
    I too had mysterious stomach pains, had every test imaginable done at the dr.'s office, including an ultrasound of my stomach. Everything came back normal, yet the pains were still there. Frustrated, I thought what could it be? Turns out my stomach woes was from Splenda (aka artificial sweeteners) I was od-ing on them, as the fake sugar was in everything I ate and drank from yogurt, beverages, cereals, snacks, etc. I quit Splenda cold turkey one day & the mysterious pains magically disappeared a few days later! Coincidental?, I think not! Never again will artificial sweeteners pass my lips! I did a hit to google and typed in stomach pains and splenda, and thousands of others have had the same problems as I have had, my mystery is SOLVED! I have been off splenda for some time now and pain free is great!

    By the way, glad you liked the silver jeans, I am a big fan that gives them rave reviews..