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well remember your goal and you'll get there. dont worry about how long it takes just that you get there.
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Talking Anxously Awaiting!

hello im 13 yrs old,nnd i juss wanna b here 2 say daat i wanna lose 40 lbs. in 5 months nnd i will be glad if i lost more!nnd i weigh 148
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It took 4 and a half months, I kept myself motivated mostly by reading this forum
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As said above, everyone is different. It's taken me 6 years to lose 90lbs.

Now I wasn't losing the whole time, Most of that time was spent learning about why I was overweight, my triggers, how to control the weight I was at and learning to enjoy exercise. Taking it slow and not having the pressure of a Goal date to lose "X" amount of weight has meant I can put more effort into learning about me and my behaviours. I believe Weightloss is a real journey for which you really need to be open to learn things about yourself otherwise when you come off the diet the weight just piles back on.

Good luck in your journey.
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For my part, I've noticed that the more I have to lose, the faster it comes off, and it gradually slows as I get closer and closer to my goal. I like to do 5 pounds at a time, because I feel like I'm accomplishing something.

I know it is hard not to but a time limit on it, but trust us all, that you shouldn't. Because when you hit a platau, it's twice as discouraging, making it twice as easy to fall off the wagon. And it also becomes easier to justify starving yourself and going UNDER the calories your body needs, which will make your weight loss grind to a halt (I've been there).

Take it one week at a time, and then the weeks fly by.
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Depends I'm sure I would have lost my 40 pounds by now if I was trying and constantly on track, but it's taken me a year to lose 25 pounds thats for sure.
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I would get measurements taken. Last May was my highest weight of 192. About July-ish time I was around 175. I fell off wagon and in December I had an official weigh in at 177. That was after weeks of hitting the gym hard. I would say I was up in the 180's again. Anyways, I am 164 now, and minus a couple slip ups, I have been consistent with working out and fairly decent diet.

So I personally have only lost what around 20lbs in 5 months HOWEVER, I have lost a ton of inches!! I am doing muscle strength, so I am building muscle and toning up. I might have an unrealistic goal of 135, I might be good at 150, only time will tell. Good luck on getting back to where you were when you first met your husband!

Sorry for the novel!

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Height: 5"2

Thumbs up

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It took me about 5 months to lose 60 pounds. I did low carb/low cal. How did I stay motivated? Well gosh, there was a guy that I really liked that I met online, but he had no idea that I was around 250 pounds... I wanted to finally feel comfortable enough to meet him and that pushed me every day. I did, we met, we dated for 2 years. The End. lol
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Today, I'm down 35lbs in exactly 6months. With some cheats to keep me sane of course lol
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