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Default *Challenge* 5 Day OP

Alright, who's up for a challenge! I am, a little competition does me wonders!

Here's the deal, the challenge is to stay on plan for 5 days, starting Monday ending Friday. (weekends are hard, so we'll just avoid it...)

OP people!!!

Update your post and tell us if you made it or not!

Monday: OP! Plus a fantastic 45 minute run
Tuesday: Epic fail
Wednesday: OP

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I am in, I had planed on getting back on track starting tomorrow and this is just the motivation I need!!
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I'm game!! I am trying a binge day to boost my losing because I have stayed where I'm currently at for 11 days & I need to lose my goal of 4 by the 20th. So, I'm in.
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This is not a test.
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I'm in! Anyone seen the old Inspector Cleuseau movies? "As always i accept the challenge"

Monday: On plan 1434/1500 calories
Tuesday: On plan 1239/1500 but i may yet have a small dessert to celebrate end of semester ^_^
Wednesday: On plan 1217/1500 a little low, but i slept until noon so i probably dont actually need much more
Thursday: On plan 1520/1500 calories, a little over but i did do 3 hours exercise so it made me hungry ^_^
Friday: On plan 1454/1500 calories, i even allowed for my trip to the pub ^______^

yeah, i kicked this weeks a$$!!

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I m soo in, I've been OP for a week now and another week challenge will be so motivating.

Thanks for the thread

Monday: Been on plan, exercised and ate healthy. CHECK

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I'm in.. I should start today or tomorrow and have absolutely no appetite during TOM. My challenge will be to actually eat something. Except that counteracts my previous plan because I normally overindulge the week before and then I lose that weight the next week when I don't eat hardly anything. Dangit. Oh well.. its about health right? lol besides I didn't pig out too bad last week.

2) stay within my calories 1200-1500 MWF 1500-1800 TTH
3) 5 whole days of strenuous physical activity Whatever that may be lol jk

Monday: 1266 cals and level 1&2 30DS woot woot.
Tuesday: 1100- I haven't eaten dinner yet tho. 3.5 mile run followed by incline walk
Wednesday:1400 + 64 ounces of beer eek! But I ran 2 miles first lol
Thursday: I'm back to my ticker weight! 1300 cals

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I am so in for a clean week! My goals are:

1. Between 1500 and 2000 cals.
2. One serving of V8 per day.
3. Jillian Michaels and Walking everday
4. At least 64 oz of water per day!
5. Poptarts only ONCE per day.

Monday: 1900, V8, JM/Walking/C25K (Bonus! Not required!), 75 oz, poptarts only for breakfast! Day 1 Check!!
Tuesday: 1970, V8, JM/Walking, 70 oz, poptarts only for snack! Day 2 and still OP!
Wednesday: 1800, V8, JM/Walking/C25K, 70 0z, poptarts only for breakfast!!
Thursday: 1900, No V8 (out at store too!), JM/Walking, 65 oz water, poptarts only once!!

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I'm in for a challenge!!!

My challenge: Monday, Tuesday. I work and there is always the potential to go off plan and eat crapptastic food. (Nurse, cardiac unit-"Why, thank you for saving my life, here's a box of chocolate/cookies/candy) So, to stay on plan, I will eat what I painstakingly pack for my lunches. I mean, I don't just throw a lean cuisine in a bag, I take toast, egg, cooked chicken bacon, cheddar, salad with turkey, get it. I eat all 3 meals at work, so it's alot of food and it takes alot of time to pack! I'll update as the week goes on! Good luck everyone, will power!

Monday:On Plan! I resisted Carrot Cake today, I probably saved myself 350 calories!
Tuesday: On Plan! I resisted a huge, caramelly, sticky cinnamon bun!
Wednesday: On Plan! I resisted coming home after work and binging because of stress!

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I'm in!!! Anything that helps keep me accountable is a good thing! Good luck to everyone

Monday: OP!!! Ate within my calorie limits and walked on the treadmill for an hour
Tuesday: OP!!! Knew I was going out for dinner, so I scaled back a bit throughout the day. Elliptical for 35 minutes.
Wednesday: OP!!! Came in about 4 calories under my limit and rode the stationary bike for 20 minutes.
Thursday: OP!!! Was about 200 calories under my limit, but I felt like I was eating all day! Elliptical for 35 minutes.

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I'm in too!
Kataclismic- congrats on packing all that food! That takes willpower!
My goals this week are to work out 4-5 times and avoid giving into the inevitable hunger pangs that strike during the day when I don't have patients and at night. I want to stay around 20-24 points. I want to lose 2 lbs this week as well!
M: I did great! I did tae bo with ankle weights and hand weights and ate really well! yay!
T: Today was awful!!! I could have salvaged it, but I ate like crap all day. ugh!
W: Today was better. I did work out, but I gave into halloween candy. Man I suck!
R: Much better! OP all the way! I feel fantastic!
F: I did great! stayed OP!

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Monday:stayed on the plan
Tuesday:stayed on the plan

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1200-1800 calories a day
Work out

M: 1335 - 50/28/22 - 30 minutes pilates
T: 1762 - 50/20/30 - 30 minutes Ab Attack
W: 1317 - 43/32/25 - nothing

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I'm in!! Friday and Saturday weren't really great days for me, I kept picking at everything I saw.

My goals are:
1. stick to my 1600 calories a day
2. work out everyday (M-F) for at least 45 minutes to an hour

Monday: Goals 1,2, and 3 met!!

Tuesday: Today was rough, but I'm pretty sure I managed to do OK. I didn't have my food journal with me at all because my boyfriend had surgery today and I was with his mom alllllllllllll day. I had breakfast and subway (twice, both times a 6 inch sub with just chicken and veggies on wheat with water). Hopefully I didn't do too bad because I feel really guilty right now.

Wednesday: Today was SO much better. I didn't get to exercise yesterday so I worked out a little longer and a little harder today. Plus my eating was on point. However, I'm pretty sure I haven't lost any weight this week due to some person problems. BUT, tomorrow's another day, so there's no need to beat myself up over it. =)

Thursday: Today was awesome! I drank lots of water, which is still really hard for me. I just never get thirsty, so when I do drink water it's like I'm forcing myself to do it. Anywho, I stayed within my calorie limit and worked out extra hard today to make up for the weekend.PLUS, i ordered 30 Day Shred. I hope it comes soon. I can't wait!!

Friday: Great day!! I kept within my calorie range and drank plenty of water. My exercise was great too. I felt pumped afterwards, so I just kept going.

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Im in!

2. 1600 Cal
3. Exercise

M: Ate within calorie range (I even saved calories for some great pumpkin pudding pie tonight). Drank lots of water, but still need to drink some more tonight yet. Finished week3 c25k.
T:Cheated a little with some popcorn at the movie theater, but I still stayed in my calorie range. I got in a decent amount of water, but I am going to try to get in more tomorrow. Finished day1 week4 c25k.
W:Still trailing a little with the water, but diet and exercise are up to par. I did a circuit at the gym and walked 3.8 miles. I am going to float away drinking so much water tomorrow. lol.
R: OP. I weighed in and lost this week! YAY! I think it is because of this challenge. So happy!
F: I didnt do as well today. I did get in water, but not the normal 3 liters that I drink each day. I went out to dinner with my dad and kept it healthy and under calories. I didnt workout, but its the first time for a whole week.

Overall: Great week. I managed to lose 4.4 this week. That is epic for me. I normally lose under a pound. I am going to keep at this and hopefully see a weekly lose of at least a lb for a while. This challenge helped me a lot. Lets not blow it this weekend. Keep up the good work everyone!

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This is something I need, especially after all the pizza I just ate. My goal is to stay on plan, workout everyday and drink water.

Monday: Perfect OP Day!
Tuesday: Another OP Day!
Wednesday: Not the best OP day, but it could have been worse.
Thursday: Great OP Day!
Friday: Not perfect, but still a good day.

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