Plateaus or "hiccups"

  • How have you gotten though yours in the past?
  • "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming". I'm currenlty having a plateau and that's my motto. Change your exercise up, do it at different times and at different intensities can help. When I've had those in the past changing my calorie intake has also helped. Stay motivated, keep at it, and you'll break through. My plateau's normally last 2 - 4 weeks... just as a basis for comparison.
  • Oh yes...
    I got stuck around 145 for months. I had to up my calorie intake by about 500 in order to start losing weight again.

    Now i'm stuck at 135-139, but I don't care. I look good, i'm mostly in size 4's and it's easy to maintain. I'm just working on toning now.
  • Quote: "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming". I'm currenlty having a plateau and that's my motto.
    Me too.
  • Nope - but I plan to this time!
  • i ate more one day than i would normally....
    like three times as much, within 2 days I was then loosing again....
  • Is 11 days at the same weight long enough to consider a plateau? Since I started losing in Sept, I lose at least a few oz every day & since Oct 30th I haven't lost more than 2 oz. I am considering having a free for all day today like SH315 said & then hopefully see the scale move for me. Any suggestions??
  • 11 days? I dont know if that's a plateau yet.
    I've been the same weight for 3 weeks now. I think I'll cut out alcohol and kick up my exercise, to start with. I'm getting 30DS in a couple days. Maybe that will help.
  • A couple things...

    Take a boot-camp fitness course, or design a workout with high intensity drills and sprints (google the "Tabatas Method")

    Try a mixed martial arts class or a yoga for strength class

    Up your water intake by one liter per day

    Try one meal, make it, Me, I always have 1 egg, 2sl of chick bacon, lf cheddar slice, on two slices of toast for breakfast. every day. It's freakin' delicious, but if I wanted to really mix it up, I'd make red river porridge (or any hearty type cooked cereal, I like red river because it's pure, unfettered goodness) with like, two tbsp of pumpkin pie filling and a sprinkle of walnuts, or chopped apples and cinnamon, or 1tbsp of natural pb...

    Just throwing it out there!
  • Kataclismic, you are making me HUNGRY. stop it!
  • Come on Leigh! What's better than food porn? (Other than, ahem, the real )