Discouraged - hit a plateau

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  • All I can say is no matter how discouraged you may feel, don't give up and cave in to previous bad habits!

    These ladies have wonderful suggestions because hey, we've all been through it. Change things up a bit with your calories, try some new exercises, and you will see the scale budge. (maybe you can hit it a little if you feel it may help)
  • Thanks ladies! I'm so glad I came here for support instead of trying to do it myself. It's hard when no one around really understands how much of a struggle it is, but then to come here & have people in the same boat makes me feel comforted.
  • It's really discouraging when the scale shows no difference. When it does, it always motivates me to keep on losing. If it does not, I start to slack. It should be the other way around, haha . I'd toy with you calories a bit and see what happens. I wouldn't eat less than 1500. That should be low enough. Maybe you need a little boost for your metabolism? Good luck!