Kate Winslet still sees herself as the "Fat kid"?

  • I was just reading this article about Kate Winslet. I don't know how you all feel about her, but I just love her. Definitely one of my favorite actresses. I thought it would be something good to post, because even this beautiful famous actress still sees herself as a fat kid. However, even though she is still dealing with that she manages to find the courage to pull off all the different roles she does, especially the nude scenes!

  • Great, just great. One of the most beautiful women in the world still has issues. Is there hope for me?

    lol, j/k It is nice to see that famous people can still be "real".
  • The fact that she still sees herself in that way, but is able to move beyond it and accomplish so much is really impressive to me. It sort of reminds me of the part in My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the brother Nick says to Tula, "Don't let your past dictate your future, but let it be a part of who you become" or something to that effect. good stuff
  • I just love Kate Winslet. She's so beautiful and real. Thanks for posting this!
  • I like her too. I've always thought she looked like she struggled with her weight. She's never really been super skinny. Still gorgeous though!
  • Quote: I like her too. I've always thought she looked like she struggled with her weight. She's never really been super skinny. Still gorgeous though!
    I always figure it's the super skinny ones who are doing the struggling.
  • ive always really liked her and admired her, ever since i heard that she refused to lose weight for "titanic". She is gorgeous, i never knew she used to be almost 200 pounds
  • She's fluctuated quite a bit. I can just see where she's coming from.
    I see the super skinny ones as struggling, but in a different way. Some are "naturally" thin and say they struggle very little.
  • I loved the fact that she looked like a real woman in Titanic. She has curves like me (now matter how skinny I get, I will always have them) and she is beautiful. Just like Marilyn Monroe who was a size 12. It makes me feel like I could be beautiful too with my curves.

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  • It is nice to see a celebrity being realistic about her weight. I really didnt have any idea she used to be close to 200 pounds
  • If she is fat then I am a freaking whale! She is one of my favorite actresses! I love her, and just saw a similar article about her in Vanity Fair, god is she gorgeous and so talented! She just seems like someone you'd wanna be best friends forever with! But someone else in this thread mirrored my thoughts....if one of the top beauties in the WORLD views herself as fat, what hope do we and the other young women of our country ever haver to feel normal?
  • Quote:

    Funnily enough, one Academy Award winner who did her crying onstage as she collected her statue has revealed a desire to be more like Kate. "[She's] always naked, sitting on a toilet, running buck-naked. She's free," Halle Berry gushes to Elle. "I want to be the kind of actress who can really be comfortable with my body like that."
    HALLE BERRY wants to feel more comfortable with her body?! HALLE BERRY?!!!
  • body image issues eff us all. beautiful, ugly, thin, fat, skinny... the true disease of the century.