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Default *** Weekly Chat Nov 3 - Nov 9 ***

Ok so I totally fell out of the tread last week. I went to concerts on Thursday and Friday night (I worked and went to school both days on top of that). Saturday I did running around, grocery shopping (lots of health stuff), and then homework for the night plus all of Sunday. Trying to catch up. I just read though last weeks thread, a couple of things I wanted to post, Taylor thanks for the info about the surgery, but I donít think I can take the pills because they have a list of like everything that I cannot take. And my eyes are actually brown those are my cool gray contacts. Thanks to everyone who posted encouraging things about my surgery. To answer questions, it cost just shy of $15,000 and that includes the 23 hour hospital stay to control the pain and the cost of the silicone implants (which are double the cost of saline but look so much better).

I stayed really good with my eating over the weekend. I didnít count but I didnít eat a bunch of junk food and I never over ate. I just ate until I was comfortable and tried to make healthy choices.
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Yay!!! Sounds like a good weekend, m'dear!
When's your surgery again?? Soonish, right? After exams?

This weekend was really good for me, actually. On Saturday I worked 9-2, so I ate a big bowl of oatmeal before work, and took a gluten-free granola bar to work with me... came home, loafed for a bit, had lunch at like 3:30... all in all, essentially I just didn't snack because of how my timings went. I woke up at 154.8 on Sunday morning, the lowest weight I've been in over a year.

I overate a bit on Sunday, because I had to make cookies for a sculpture that I'm doing... don't ask... but anyhow, I don't bake. There's a reason I don't bake. Because I eat the batter, then I eat the finished product. It's a compulsion. I made them with rice flour, so it was wheat and gluten free, but I still felt icky for having ingested all that sugar.

EVEN SO, I went to the gym yesterday morning, and I woke up at 154.4! I went to the gym again this morning... And plan to eat like a saint today. AND I'm still rocking out my TOM, which means when it ends, I'll usually drop another pound...

I feel GREAT today. ...I don't think I'm gonna go back up, so I'm changing my ticker to 155.

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Sounds like you both had really good weekends, RHTS and Jelbb!

My weekend was pretty successful, food-wise. I NEED TO GO TO THE GYM. However, I woke up at 149 this morning, which puts me officially in the 140's! That gave me a little boost; I think I will go for a run this evening after work.
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Ahhh, I'm jealous you're in the 140s now!!!
Slow down, we're like... the EXACT same starting weight and goals! Go eat McDonald's and chips for a week, and then we'll be even and we can lose together.
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Good Morning!!

Jel, Way to go! You are doing so good, it's like all of a sudden your body is like, "Oh! I get it! I'm supposed to drop fat! Right...Okay then, here we go!" Can you ask yours to send mine a copy of that memo?? Keep up the wonderful work!

RTHS, Good luck on your surgery! I'm jealous! I hope it goes smoothly!

JKS, Woowoo on the 140's!!! I bet that feels superb! Now get to the gym!

This weekend was okayish for me. I had a planned cheatish evening on Friday and despite an uncontrollable urge to let the wagon keep going on without me, I jumped back on it on Saturday and Sunday. Today is a new week, and I'm still on track and planning to stay here. I worked nightshifts all weekend and that ususally farts around with my appetite, leaving me ravenous for the worst (carby/salty/sweet/greasy) food ever. I wasn't 100% clean, but I did fall within my calorie budget and I was about 80% clean, which is a huge change/step forward for me. Horray for little victories.

I don't plan on weighing myself anytime soon, as I am holding some residual bloat from my salt laden cheat on Friday. My goal for this week is to clean up my food like it was last week before my cheat, and plan my little treats everynight to keep myself sane. I also need to hit the gym Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs this week to keep up with my fitness goals. I work Days (12 hours of running my arse off) on Thurs, so that will be a challenge. I can do it!
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I will do this.
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Ok girls - starting today I have three weeks of ****. At school from 10am - 9pm...!!!

My goals:
No fast food for quick meals but if I must I can get subway or qudoba naked taco salad
No junk food at rehearsals (people bring all sorts of crap)
See trainer on fridays
To plan ahead all snacks and meals when I can

I went to Lane Bryant over the weekend for a few things. I ended up getting far too many black sweaters (I know, I know...) but they all looked so good!! They are 14/16 which is where I have been...but a little loose!! And I remembered hwga telling us she was a 14 in jackets so I wanted to try a jacket on just to see where I was at...I am a 14/16! WOOT! I was so happy - I don't remember the last time I wore a 14/16 in jackets cause the "girls" always get in the way but I could button it and everything. Yay!

I ended up getting a pair of jeans in a 3 red...they were a little tight..which is odd cause they are the size I have been getting...I lost sizes on top...but was tight on the bottom! Nooo! I hope my fat isn't shifting to my a**! (Does fat shift while you are loosing?)

I hope I can keep up with this weekly chat - I am sorry if I miss personals once in awhile this week!

remember Aww, that's too bad about the arnica pills - but that's okay! I am sure with your healthy eating habits and workouts you should heal just fine! Good job on your eating this weekend! I haven't mastered eating until I am comfortable yet, perhaps this will happen in time...I just get so excited when I see "bad" food that if I started I just can't stop myself!

jelb Yay for weightloss! I can't bake either because I always eat the batter..*rolls eyes* but when I do end up cooking them I either over bake them or under...I am not one for baking or cookies. Hows the boy??

Justkeepswimming YAY!!! 140's!!! I cannot 'weight' to get there. You must feel so proud of yourself!! I am sure you will get to that gym!

kata Great job getting back on the wagon. I believe that is 98% of the battle! And for me that is SO HARD! Way to go! As for the salt - I would just drink plenty of water and/or tea I am sure you will be just fine in a day or two! (BTW - are you new here?? I don't think I have seen you post before. Anyway - Hello and Welcome!)
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Jelbb – December 17. I have my last exam on the 15th. I love baking but it is so hard not to eat like you said.

Just Keep Swimming – Good job hitting the 140s!!!

Kata – Sounds like you have a good plan for the week. Sorry about the rough weekend.

Taylor - Sounds like you have great goals for the week. You'll do great. Good job getting into a 14/16 you should look at old navy too they tend to have some decent sizes for less cost.

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I will do this.
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Oh yeah! Old Navy! I think that Lane Bryant is...."giving" when it comes to sizes so I don't know if I am able to fit on Old Navy...although I do have a black coat of theirs from last year...*goes and tries it on* OOOOooo it's an XXL and too big! Yay! Thanks for the reminder about Old Navy, Remember!

Oh, and girls - if you haven't tried that Naked Taco Salad from Qudoba yet, go try it and get it with chicken. You can go to their calculator and get the calories

The one I get is only 290 calories with chicken and extra grilled veggies! Yum!
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RHTS - I can relate with your busy weekend I feel like I just went and went all weekend. Thats a pricey surgery but worth every penny if it will help the you on the outside match that wonderful girl you are on the in.

jelbb - COngrats on your lowest weight ever thats awesome. Isnt it great when your schedule is your friend and actually keeps you in check with eating? Change that ticker girly!

JKS - 140s? Thats awesome! I hear you on needing to make it to the gym.

Kataclismic - Sounds like your right back on the wagon and equipped with a plan. Wanna give me a swift kick in the butt so I can be too? jk

Taylor - Wow that is a schedule from ****! Thats crazy girl. Thats too funny about your black sweaters. I can say the same thing. My clothes are always black, white or grey... good thing I have colorful accessories. Stick to those goals girly, you can do it!

As for me...

Tanked this weekend eating wise and did not make it to the gym. Went out on a fabulous date night with my husband on Friday night. Went to see my family Saturday afternoon. And guess what ladies? I BOUGHT A NEW CAMERA! It should be here either Weds or Thurs. I am so excited.... It took me forever to get the guts to push BUY IT NOW. The brand new, the best Nikon camera on the market and even though it cost a pretty penny it will bring my photography to a new level. I can't wait for THURS!!!!

SO being on plan today will be tough. Long story short my car is in another city stranded about an hour away. I will try my absolute best to steal my MIL's car and make it to the gym...

I've been losing about a lb a week which to be honest is just not good enough. My goal is to lose about 24 lbs. There is no reason this should take 6 months instead of 3. I have to quite lollygagging around and half a$$ing my dedication to eating and working out...

I need to become a weight loss diva..
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Good morning ladies....

Taylor- Congrats on the 14/16! And for the record it was a 16 non stretchy jacket.... the non stretchy is a big deal. I think those are awesome goals! And the thing with LB jeans is so weird. I remember when I first started losing I was a 22 but I had a pair of 4 red that had "grown with me" and then I lost weight and coudn't wear a red 4 at the store. Now, thank God, they are way too big and I'm in a tight red 2. The main bad thing about them is that they stretch so easily, so your tight 3 won't be tight soon.

Remember- You are a busy girl! $15000 is a lot, but it wasn't as much as I thought it was going to be. When are you going to do it?

Just keep- 140's! How exciting! Good job girl!

Jel- you are my new hero! Getting up early and going to the gym. I can't ever do that. I have to leave my house at 6:30 anyways so anything before that just doesn't happen.

And for me.... I ate below calories this weekend. 200 each day, but that's not too big a deal. I for sure feel good but I'm still at 279. I haven't budged! I'm still working out everyday but this is just ridiculous that I can't lose. I'm eating 2000 cals a day... should I be eating more? All the sites say I need to eat 2400 or above, but I feel safe at 2000.

Anyone have suggestions?
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Remember I was poking around on the Goal forums and there was a girl that lost about 200 lbs. It didn't say anywhere that she had to get surgery (and she looks FABULOUS) and you didn't have that much to lose, and I"m coming from my highest weight ever being about 212 and I look at my stomach and think there's no way it'll look good without surgery. I was wondering if through your researching you found out why its so different from person to person?

Jelbb Congrats on the loss girly! I actually thought about making some sugar free oatmeal cookies the other night, but then I was afraid I'd eat them all because they were "sugar free" and thats ok apparently for me to eat the whole batch I opted not.

Just keep swimming Congrats on 140s! I'm feeling like I'll never get there right now! WHich means i'm completely jealous right now haha

kataI find it hard to get back on the wagon over the weekend. If I fall off anytime after friday it tends to carry through the weekend, but Monday morning I'm right back to my oats

Taylor I'm totally envying your shopping spree right now. I would kill to get more clothes, but I'm short on money and with graduation and starting a new job coming up I'm saving up for "big kid clothes". Which hopefully by Dec I'll need a smaller size Which kind of sucks because I bought a whole wardrobe throughout the summer for my internship.. that doesn't fit now.

Stephanie Congrats on your camera, you must be so excited! And I'm feeling the same way about my weightloss. I look at everyone else dropping huge across the boards and I'm like.. a turtle.

and I..

I'm moving to the closest big city here after I graduate, and I'm going to be all alone. Which will be lonely at times but I thought about it being the perfect opportunity to get those prepackaged meal things, like Nutrisystem or something. If you don't have to worry about buying groceries outside of that food (for other ppl inthe house) its really not too expensive. Has anyone had any experience with this or know anything about it? I just know how my city friends are and if I don't have a disciplined eating agenda they'll be dragging to me bistros and restaurants every night. bah!
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Hi ladies! A new week, fresh personals

RHTS: Good luck on your surgery. Keep us tuned! I am very curious to know what it was like afterwards. I have also heard the saline implants are way better, I think it is a good choice.

Jelbb: You rock girl! Sounds like you had a great weekend Oh, and I'll ask anyway: a sculpture made from cookies? Explain yourself... :P. One thing more: last week you thought I had eaten frozen water (i.e. ice) or icing. Well, it was none of both. I had some homemade ice CREAM leftover from a dinner, made from sour cream, lots of sugar and some fruit. Sorry for the confusion. In Dutch "ice cream" is also called "ice"... my English is pretty decent overall (I think?) but I sometimes just make mistakes like this one.

Just keep swimming: Grats on your loss Do you follow a specific running program?

Kataclismic: Good luck staying on plan in such a busy week. You can do it!

Taylor: Good luck with your busy weeks. And with your goals. They sound really sensible. And it's so awesome to lose sizes! Have fun with your new clothing .

Stephanie: Have I told you already that I really love that slogan, "Work out like you're showing off"? It tends to pop into my head when I'm running and thinking that I must look utterly ******ed... it really helps . And about the rate of loss... at least you are losing! Weight that is lost slower tends to stay off better, if that is of any help.

HWGA: I can't really advise you on your calories... it feels odd to have to overstuff while you are dieting. It is of course possible that you have slipped into starvation mode. There is only one way to find out: eat more?

Kelli: Sounds exciting, when are you going to move? (More or less) I believe I once saw a subforum about prepackaged foods here on 3FC. But you have probably checked that out already . I love cooking way too much to eat ready-made stuff.

And me... I have settled on JM for exercise today. I wanted to go swimming during lunch, but my last lesson took 30 minutes longer so I didn't have time anymore . I decided to make sprouted mung bean salad for tonight, and I started this weekend with the beans because obviously you have to make them sprout. They didn't want to do anything, until tonight! I didn't know what I saw. The bowl with cloth and beans looked like it had ran away from some cheap horror B movie. Tentacles everywhere. They went right through the cloth (glad I used a cheap one and not one of my good ones, it's also stained brown for some reason?). I'll update you on the taste but I don't have too much confidence in it. Also I have way too much sprouted beans. What does one do with leftover sprouted beans? Feed it to the birds? Sometimes I really bring myself into trouble by wanting to try out new foods, haha.

The scale was 152 again this morning. But the average weight it gives goes lower and lower ever so slowly, so I guess that's a good sign.
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I had a tough weekend....
i went out to eat saturday night and feel that i ate far too much....
same can be said for yesterday, lunch was huge so i didnt eat much else to compensate....
im just hoping the scales are still nice to me tomorrow morning....

Heres to a successful week for all of us on the forum....
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Hi everyone!!! I can't believe another week is already on us! This past weekend was a ton of fun because I got to hang out with friends I don't get to see as often as I would like to, watching skating all day everyday...which I love to do!!! We had so much fun!!!

We always joke when we go to skating competitions that we are on the "skating diet" because we hardly eat anything. It's definitely not healthy, but I tend to live off of granola bars, dry cereal, and water for days at a time. We try to get a nice big meal at some point in the day...usually dinner. But, there was some great skating to watch and my friends and i even made it on the jumbotron at one point during a break. LOL
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Remember- Yay! Here's to a great surgery and a new look for you!

Jellb- Umm, can you send some of that healthy feeling my way? So down with not losing right now!

Taylor- I dream of the day that an XXL is too big.... *sigh* Well, it is coming soon!

As for me, well life is life. Hubby is gone again. Thank goodness this is the last week. I miss him so much! Weight is going okay. Still at 260. I have set a pretty lofty goal of 15 lbs in November. We shall see how it goes. If I don't make it, I don't. But, I am certainly going to try! Can I just say that all of the teachers brought in their excess candy and put it in a ginormous glass container. They all claimed that they didn't need it at home. I was thinking, I certainly don't need it here either. Are the weight loss gods taunting me?
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