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  • leighish- Screw work! GO GET YOUR HAIR DID!!! At least that is what I would do... If you were supposed to work, that would be one thing. But it is extra, so skip it!

    But, I could be a bad influence. Better check around for some opinions.

    Wow, I am being a serious thread stalker today. Sorry girls, I miss my hubby! I have to pass the time some how...
  • Yeah! I think I will! we have an appointment to get our pictures taken on saturday so I don't really want to look like a hot mess.

    I'm a stalker too so don't worry!
  • Ahhh I am sorry I don't have time for personals right now (I just walked in the door at 8:30 and still have homework) but checking in is a MUST for me.

    So for I have stayed with my goals!! Yay me! I did eat a package of kettle chips (150 cals) but I added it into my calories and just skipped my 100 calorie pack and still was under my calories by 100 but didn't feel hungry enough to eat it. BUT I did say no to a bagel with veggie cream cheese AGAIN today (This girl really wants me to eat a bagel for some reason) and got chips instead. So, chips were not the best...coulda been worse...

    Other than that things are good but way busy...I am heating up my WW Smart Ones and gonna eat dinner and read my english homework...

    My thoughts and some WILLPOWER are with you all...

    Hopefully I can get on and do personals later
  • thanks everyone for the good luck wishes i didnt end up going because my damn meeting at 11:30 didnt end at 12:30, it ended at 3 -__- so i didnt get the chance. I'll be going over the next couple of weeks though so i will keep all your positive-ness in mind
  • My supervisor gave me the file today so after about 7 hours more work I think I have a pretty good brief. The problem is this is a new area of the law therefore there isn’t much law to reference but I make logical arguments so that is the best I can do.
    Otherwise I got up extra early and went to vote, I slept really bad because I ate crap for the last two days therefore I’m exhausted and going to bed soon.

    Jelbb – That is the best responsive I could have given my supervisor. LOL. It sounds that your highs are better then your lows!!! Give him time I agree with the other girls the ball is in his court now.

    Elwing – I’m always nervous what people think if they find out I spend time on a diet forum. I love this place but I like that I’m free to b*tch about my life and not worry about anyone reading it.

    Beaka – Welcome back. It sounds like your off to a good start.

    Cali – I have had a couple people tell me they suddenly were assigned papers … I really hope that doesn’t happen to me. Good luck!

    Stephanie – Good job making it though the workout.

    Shantron – Hmmm fondue, remember your birthday is only once a year so it’s ok to splurge.

    Iconic Ghost – How did swimsuit shopping go.

    Bekko – good job with the refusal to eat fast food

    Heather – That is great that getting healthy has helped your body so much.

    Kelli – Grrr sometimes guys don’t think. Next time you should make him do his own laundry teach him a lesson.

    Meredith – I would buy yourself something nice, like a ipod, or a new out that will fit well. Or go get a massage or something like that, I know what you mean about wanting to celebrate.

    Bee – That really sucks about your prof. I can’t believe he did that. It sucks, we have computer problems all the time during finals and they always recover it and never market students down.

    Leigh – Sounds like an interesting trip to the story. Sometimes people don’t realize how self conscious others are about their weight loss and that they don’t want it broadcasted.
  • Ok, I haven't been on here all day, not like me. I'm so overwhelmed I can't even attempt to do personals right now. I'm so sorry.

    When does volunteer job get more hours then full time job? Hmmm.... something is out of balance!!!!! BUT the conference I'm putting on this weekend will be over Saturday!!!! YAY! At least these 12 people are here and they all have a house to stay at and they are fed. That's all that I can ask for right now. Tomorrow is another day...... I feel so bad. I didn't work out yesterday and didn't today either, but I literally walked in the door. It's strange to look at my room and say wow, I haven't been here for 16 hours! No wonder why I'm tired. I did ok eating today..... except!

    I got candy and flowers today! They were delivered to my office. I work in an office with all guys..... they embarrassed me so bad! I helped a customer on the east coast on Friday and he sent me flowers and candy b/c I kept his butt out of water.... I've seen a picture of this guy and he's very cute. It totally made me day! I did have 3 pieces of candy and kept sharing with everyone else. The guys were jealous that I got gift and they never do. And the boy at work, kept acting really strange today. He was jealous that another man made me smile and light up. lol what the crap? So strange. They always say women are emotional but I'm here to tell you that guys are emotional too. The boy actually made me sniff his cologne and since I liked it gave me a sample of it (sample from the store). Ummm.... why do I need this? I don't have a man and not really used to sniffing male cologne for fun. He said for me to keep it so when I smell it I can think of him.... lol Are you kidding me? That's the best you can do? Guys are strange.... "let me see if I can top flowers and candy, here's sniff some cologne to think of me" But I guess it's funny and flattering that he's jealous. Poor boys, when will they learn? As for the guy who sent them, he's got my vote. Anytime he needs help, I'm the woman for the job! Funny how flowers and candy can win over a girl's heart...... Now I feel better, I'm thinking of my flowers and everything is better......
  • awww flowers and candy! Thats so thoughtful! You lucky thing you
  • I have a bf and no longer get flowers and candy or even samples of cologne for that matter. Keep them after you.. because once you let them in they stop "wooing" you lol. I'm ready to be single again like you lucky ladies.. 5 more weeks and I move outa here!

    I couldn't cuddle up with BL because it wasn't on tonight.. darn election ruined my magnificent plan.
  • Ooh, HWGA, sounds like that boy wants you bad! I love the cologne sample thing, that's hilarious.

    I finally went to the gym yesterday!
  • HWGA Enjoy the candy and flowers, like Kelli said, once you got em hooked those sorts of things stop. Actually, I've never got candy or flowers from my bf. He once gave me a potted plant. He told me that he bough the potted plant b/c it would last longer! Hehe that's what I get for dating an engineer. In his defense it was the potted version of my fav flower. But still potted plants are NOT as romantic as flowers.

    In other bf news, he called me yesterday to ask if I wanted to come over for dinner tonight. (It's a good thing he made the first move b/c I wasn't about to call him.) He's making some sort of pasta. I've broght my lunch and I'm keeping my calories light so that I can have dinner w/o worrying to much.

    I made it to the gym last night and I did my first attempt at the C25K. I'll head to the gym tonight to do some HIIT. The only thing that sucks about the gym that I went to last night is that it's so buys that the machines automatically go into cool down mode at 28 minutes. They have a strict 30min policy on all cardio equipment. If it's not busy you're welcome to start up again. But during busy peroids, you better get the h3ll off the machines when they shutdown.
  • shantroy - Its so hard not to let something that is hurtful ruin your good time. It sounds like you had an amazing weekend other than that though. I think you really just have to try to focus on the good in this case... Still a bummer though. YAY for the c25k Im on day two of week one, we can do it together!

    Iconised Ghost - Good luck, swimsuit shopping is only scary if you make it that way. I'm sure you'll find something smokin hot lol.

    bekko - 3 things a day sounds like a great plan what a smarty jess is. Glad your back...

    Heather - Do everyone a favor and just toss the candy out lol. I too am trying to get healthy before concieving. I've had 2 miscarriages... The doc said its just bad luck but the healthier I start the pregnancy the better the chances of me carrying to term. I totally agree on the pressure of keeping someone else healhty lol. I always say how can I make my future kiddos eat veggie if mommy doesnt...

    Kelli32 - All it takes is willpower and it sounds like your not lacking in that area. Sounds like you had quite the day... I would have been furious at him too.

    Star2b - Your comment just made me realize I FORGOT WEIGH IN lol. Guess things just got crazy. You deserve something too wonderful... then you can go really really too wonderful when you hit your ultimate goal. You've worked hard and you'll be there so soon!

    leighish - Thats AWESOME that people are noticing... Take all the compliments you can get girly! Go get your hair done is my vote...

    taylor - Awesome that you are sticking to those goals, keep it up girl.

    HWGA - Flowers and candy is definitely a high! What an awesome way to say thanks. I agree that boy at work is weirding me out even lol. WTH?

    As for me...

    My camera came in! Oh and did I mention I have the sweetest husband any woman could ever have? He took off work to be there when it arrived (and didnt tell me). When I got home it was wrapped in a shiny red bow and inside was a note. The note basically read that he knew with this I could take my photos to the next level. That "no one would ever believe in me as much as he does" and that with this I could build a wonderful life for our family. He is supportive, romantic and thoughtful and I am so happy that god brought him into my life.

    No workout was done just a whole lot of playing with my new baby. I will get it done tonight though. Came in with a 427 calorie deficit for the day even with being a little off plan. Ok so I always link my pictures so as not to flood the thread but I just have to insert these... Introducing baby #3...

  • Ahhh, so many of you share my research paper writing woes. LOL! I managed to just finish last night while I was waiting for the returns. It's rough and it's not long enough so I'm going to have to add big words and lots of BS to make it the required length. The professor for this class if that one that obsesses over length no matter how good the paper is. It's always, "It's not long enough." Like, did you read it? Was the content there? Shouldn't it be quality, not quantity? And like this essay was 2.75 pages and it was supposed to be at least three pages, why did she take off 7 freaking points? It was a good paper. It's like watering down vodka, it won't be as potent, but oh well.

    I've gotten many compliments this week....er, sexy, lovely, cute and wifey material. LOL! I'm wifey material. I can live out my days happily now.

    Taylor: ok, many, many moons ago, you gave me a head up on light soup from Progresso (sp?) when I was having a warm and fuzzy food craving...OMG! you are the freaking best! I bought some last week and finally had some last night. A whole can (beef pot roast) was only 160 cals! I even got to have a few saltines with it. Yum!
  • cali- that sounds crazy, over here being concise is encouraged because it makes for quicker, easier marking! Honestly, you wonder what is going on in some peoples heads
  • cali- I've got teachers on both sides of the spectrum. For my financial classes if you go over 500 words on the analysis papers you actually LOSE points. For my senior sem he could seriously care less if you wrote "I hate this class and the teacher is stupid blah blah blah..." as long as it reached the length requirement.

    stephanie- congrats on getting your camera.. a few days early even? and your husband sounds great! its posts like that that make me sure the relationship I am in is just not quite right.. I know there's someone out there perfect for me.. I just gotta shake this one first.

    I just found out that after my next class I have a 4 day weekend. I don't have classes on Tues and Thurs anymore and my fri class is canceled! After yesterday this is exactly what I needed! I'm also having a rough time being at the house, since I've decided I dont' want to be with bf anymore after I move it makes me feel awkward around him. I can't tell him because it will make the last 5 weeks of my college career miserable- which I don't need that stress with the upcoming projects I have due. O the messes we get ourselves into.
  • I'm so proud of myself. I brought my lunch to the office today. I ate it, then went out with some co-workers and all I had was a diet coke! They ate their subway and I just drank my diet coke and I wasn't tempted at all!