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Hi girls! I'm so glad to be able to return to this thread after posting only, like, twice in last week's. Especially because that means that my crazy week is OVER, yay!!!! I keep telling myself that every 5 minutes, LOL, just because it feels so amazing to know that I got through everything. Even though I set aside WL for that week, I am 100% back on track now and it feels great. I was really slipping, and to be honest I was started to lose focus of why I'm doing this in the first place. Not falling off the wagon per se, because I still forced myself to keep up the healthy habits (for the most part), but it got harder to remember why I wanted to make that healthy choice... Feeling more like a chore than like "YEA! I'm doing this awesome thing for my body!" which is how I usually feel after being "good." Lol. I think it's because my weight stalled for a while, and it's sooo hard to keep going when you don't get the instant gratification of seeing a dip on the scale. I feel like I now have 1000x more respect for the ladies on here that have hit plateaus that lasted for months (or even years) but kept going! I mean, WOW, that is truly amazing! Now I see how spoiled I've been by the fact that I've lost weight pretty quickly throughout this whole ordeal (2-4 lbs a week)... I just hope that I can remember this strength if/when I hit a real plateau (rather than a slightly self-induced one, heh).

I can't wait to weigh in on Friday! I usually avoid weighing during TOM because of bloating and all (though I know I'll be sooo tempted to take a peek, lol), but I REALLY want to see myself losing the bits of weight from last week/weekend. Here's hoping I'll get a solid ticker change on Friday... Then that'll motivate me to stay OP over the weekend, right?
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Are we there yet????
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what the heck. I was licking my fingers like CRAZY today at work. Bleh. I want to move down the 190's not back up into 200's!

my vision is blurred. Help me sisterchicks! You're my only hope! I'm so unmotivated! I don't understand!
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leigh- maybe try chewing gum while you're working? I do that when I go to my friends house because she's always cooking something for her bazillion kids. To keep from eating when I get there I pop in a fresh peice of gum.. I'd hate to waste a brand new peice!
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New BodyBugger!
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leighish- Stop licking those fingers. Stop touching things that make you wanna lick those fingers!!! Do you know who's hands that stapler has been in? How about who didn't wash after the restroom and touched the door handle before you? Are you thoroughly grossed out yet?!?!?! What's that? You are? Well then my job is done!!!
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I am totally annoyed with my supervisor. I asked her for a case file she wants me to write a brief for by Wednesday and she said it was in her other office and looked at me like she didn’t understand why I need it. How can I write a brief on it if I can’t look at it?!?

Taylor – Another good place is Fashion Bug they are owned by the same parent company as Lane Bryant so have very similar clothing for like half the price.

Stephanie – Congrats on the new camera I’m sure you’ll love it.

HWGA – I know I’m taking a loan out to pay for it but I really think it is worth it for me. I’m getting it in 44 days, December 17. Can you tell I’m excited. Sorry I don’t have any suggestions about the calorie allotment maybe try and play with it a little bit increase for a couple of weeks and see if it helps if not try and decrease a bit.

Kelli – From what I’ve read it depends on your body type, where you carry your weight, how long you were overweight and how old you are. I would say the vast majority of people I’ve read about that have lost over 100 pounds have to get some type of tummy tuck because you destroy the elasticy (sp?) of your skin. My doctor said I could keep working out as much as I want but I would never lose what’s left on my stomach. She said it’s going to take off at least 10 pounds. Plus I still need to get a thigh lift. I would say that the girl you were reading about might not have had to get plastic surgery but she might not have mentioned it.

ELwing – I’m going to do bra and panty before and after pictures so I’ll probable post them here … I love sprout beans, I put them on sandwiches or in stir frys.

Chele – make sure you are eating enough and eating a balanced diet … that really is the key to weightloss.

Heather – hang in there I know when I worked in an office with candy it was totally my downfall I would say avoid the candy bowl at all cost.

Meredith – Good job surviving the hectic week and re-committing 100 %.

Leigh – Oh I always forget you are a baker. I don’t know how you do it. I would say can you wear gloves at work? Also try and wash or whip your hands as often as possible. I also agree chew gum or suck on sugar free candy while working. Good Luck!!!
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I heart 3FC
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Aw, thanks for all the congrats, ladies! I heart you lots!

Elwing - I don't follow a specific running program really. I did the C25K, and now I just usually do walking and jogging intervals, sometimes HIIT. I actually like to run now, so that's a change!

Meredith - I know what you mean about "slightly self-induced" plateaus. I have been [email protected]$$ing this process for MONTHS. Just now starting to snap out of it. Because I'm worth it (L'Oreal commercial?)

OK, so my plan is to work out Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday this week. Here goes!
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Are we there yet????
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maybe being a cake decorator isn't the smartest of jobs for me to have

No I should probably start wearing some gloves maybe. I get covered in icing up to my elbows sometimes and every now and then I'm like. Hmm! Buttercream icing!

I admit I'm also on the half @$$ed wagon. I need to put a picture of myself at my starting weight on the refrigerator to keep me from snooping for no apparent reason.
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keep on truckin'
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Jelbb: how exciting! you are slimming down my friend! and fast!

Meredith: Awesome job on making it through the week...I always feel so relieved as well once Finals week is over for me. Right now I am only taking one class, but we have a HUGGGGE paper due at the end of the semester, and I know I will be so relieved when that is done! And awesome job on getting back on the wagon so quickly...I know how hard that can be

Leighish: I would have to agree with kelli and say chew some gum...not only will it keep your mouth busy...but even if you spit it out, your mouth will be very minty and the icing won't taste as good. You could also brush your teeth right before work, or keep a little bottle of mouthwash in your pocket
They also sell those little mint strips that melt in your mouth, that are VERY strong and a little disgusting.

RHTS: I hate ditsy supervisors!!!

~~~Well as for me, I just finished a fast from yesterday, which was such a learning experience, and I will probably post a whole thread about it.
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Dear God, wouldn't it be wonderful if that was all it took? A memo?
But you're holding off on weighing yourself, right? Couldn't there be a chance that your body's already gotten the memo and is slowly but surely workin' away at it?

I just read a book called "The Next Big Thing" where the main character goes on a weight loss reality TV show... When I'm losing weight, I enjoy reading novels where the character is overweight and working on the transformation. Just finished "The Adultery Diet." ANYHOW. My point was that I'd never heard of Lane Bryant until I read this book, and I suddenly know what you're talking about, muwaha.
On a side note, I hate Old Navy... I feel like nothing they have ever fits me right. Not that it doesn't fit, it just doesn't LOOK good...

Woot, weight loss divas. I like the ring of that. ...that would make a better title to this forum than "3 Fat Chicks." Anyone else ever browse the forums in a public place, and feel self-conscious that people around you might read "3 Fat Chicks" and judge?
YAY for the new camera, darling! I'm so jealous. I'm in love with digital editing, so my having a 5 megapixel camera is actual blasphemy...
I have faith in you becoming a weight-losing machine, woman. Make a few goals, let's see 'em.

I've heard a lot of tips about breaking through plateaus... I've often heard that a day where you completely ditch the diet and go overboard calories-wise can often surprise your metabolism into moving again. Maybe go up to 2500-2800 one day, then kick 'er back down to your alloted amount, while continuing your exercise routine? Just a suggestion. *shrugs*

Wouldn't you know that my cookies got too hard to eat overnight, so I had to make ANOTHER batch... cue me feasting on more raw dough... *shakes head sadly* Man, it makes me feel ill when I do that...

OH, ice CREAM!!! Ooookay, I understand! ...and yeah, your English is good, I'd never know it wasn't your first language.
My sculpture... no, my sculpture wasn't made of cookies. It was an assignment to create a destabilization of an object... So, I created a toilet-esque figure out of a bucket, and a children's toilet seat, spray-painted and glazed, and turned it into a cookie jar. The point was to confuse perspective, and get viewer involvement. I know, us art students are f*cked, eh?

And a successful week to you too!

Aw, that's awesome, it sounds like you had fun!

Ugh. Jar candy = evil. After I finished with my sculpture (see above personal to Elwing) I left it on a table in the art building near the door that people smoke outside of. I didn't want to bring it home full of cookie temptation. The stoners will get stoned and have the munchies, come in and empty it out for me. Thank the weight-loss gods for potheads...?
As for the healthy feeling... woman, I have faith!!! Keep working at it, you'll break through your plateau!!!

There you are, chica. Was missing you! I'm thrilled you're back, and more dedicated than ever! You've worked way too hard and come way too far to not keep pushing and moving! You'll be in Onederland in no time.
And... ditto about women who push through long-standing plateaus. I ***** if I sit at 158 for 4 days... what a spoiled whiny child am I, lol?

See, that's where my mouth woulda gotten me in trouble with a snarky, "So, shall I just FABRICATE the information for the brief, or may I borrow your x-ray goggles so that I might see through the wall of your office and get the info THAT way...?"

This just proves it... all along. It was that damn wheat... wheat and baked goods and sugary junk. I honestly believe that this wheat/gluten-free thing is what's kicking my metabolism into high-gear...

************************************************** **********************
And as for me...

Today is a day of highs and lows, and while the highs outrank the lows in number... the low is.. well. You'll see.


1. I did my laundry last night. I've accumulated enough clothing to last me about a month, fresh underwear included... so I don't do it often. I don't enjoy it, and thus...avoid it. I get good use out of my jeans, and will wear clean items that I think look like crap to avoid doing my laundry.
So... I did laundry, and in doing so found a cute skirt I'd forgotten I owned. (Every time I do laundry is like rediscovering clothing I forgot I had...) Today I wore the skirt, knee-high black leather boots, a scoop-neck top, and cinched the skirt's same-fabric belt around my waist. I got about 8 compliments on how "nice" I looked and felt kinda hot.

2. My sculpture critique is over. It didn't go bad. It didn't go GOOD, but it didn't go badly. I have a B- overall in the class at the moment. Ehh.

3. One of the guys in my sculpture class has been displaying interest. I have a man, and I'm not one to stray, but.. it's always nice to see that there's interest. Flattering, like. We wander around looking at sculptures, standing in groupings while the prof rambles, adding in our two cents here and there. He kept strategically placing himself near me. And you know when you kinda shift your weight, and realize suddenly your arm is touching someone else's, and you're invading their personal space... and you go, "Oh sorry," and step away a bit...? Well, he leaned, his arm touches mine, and he leaves it like that for a good minute, leaving me to wonder how to move away from my perch against the wall without being obviously evasive... and every time I looked up, he was staring at me, then he'd glance away.
Anyhow, it's a high, because ****, what woman isn't flattered by attention. Whee.

4. I stepped on the scale for sh!ts and giggles tonight, still in the throes of my TOM... 155.4. At 10 pm, after having finished all my meals for the day... this is just... too effing good to be true.

The Low.
My man and I had a tiff on MSN last night. (If you don't already know, we're operating long-distance at the moment.) It didn't end that badly... I figured it was kinda over. I sent him a txt a few hours later saying, "I really care about you, babe. Even when we piss each other off. " I didn't hear back from him, but that's normal, he's lazy with the txting.

But today was the first day since he flew back to Ireland on September 1st... that I didn't hear from him once, at all. It was like being punched in the stomach to check my phone for the last time at 9:30 pm (2:30 am in Ireland) and realize without a shadow of a doubt that he had chosen not to communicate at all with me today...

I know a lot of people would say it's a two-way street, but.. I txted him last night, I almost... I dunno, is it lame of me to say it's his turn...? I'm really really proud, so I have a hard time txting and not getting anything back if he doesn't feel like bothering to txt me. It just makes me feel like ****. I shouldn't want to cry at the end of a day like today, I should feel elated with my successes, and the little good things. Why do I let the smallest things rip my heart out when there are good things to be grateful for?

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This is not a test.
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Jelbb- you put the ball in his court, its up to him to get back to you. If it were me, i would want time to express the fact that i was pissed off with silence, and then be given the chance to come back in my own time. Dunno if thats how he operates, just a thought. I know its hard to wait

I browse these forums and the daily plate at uni and im always super sneaky and try to minimise everything so people dont see XD
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I have had a few times already that I had left 3FC open at my PC without noticing it, and people always ask: "Hey, what is that? A forum? Oh cool! .... A weight loss forum...?" (While you see them think "Well, that is definitely less cool than I thought") I can't really be bothered, it is my PC and I have never been secretive about my dieting (though I try to watch out not to become "that girl" that is nagging about dieting all the time).

I don't really have anything else to say, other than that I finally have a sig (20 days past, woot!).

Jelbb: There is a great chance that he just forgot about it... don't torture yourself with it. Guys can just be like that... unattentive as ****!
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I generally only get on here at home because when I'm at school I'm a lot more task oriented. Which is why I should be writing my papers at the library because I tend to do more writing on here than for my assignment

Jelbb Through experiences with my bf, I've found he only talks to me everyday (when we're away for whatever reason) because I like to. If he's the slightest upset with me or busy he doesn't think twice about going a day to two without chatting. I think its insane but guys just don't think about it as much I don't think. At least committed trusting ones

Remember That makes sense, I hope I've got some elasticity (sp? lol) left because I'm scarred of surgery. Maybe after we all get to hear about yours it will make it a little easier. Esp the part where you get to take 10 lbs off your ticker in one day

I"m really busy today.. like I shouldn't be on here right now but I"m slightly addicted. I'm just going to make good decisions and if I don't pass out after my 2nd presentation I'll go to the gym. Have a good day girlies.
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Hello, ladies!

I kinda fell off of the thread, but I'm back! I got on the scale this morning and was at 237.2! YAY! I'm so excited about getting to the 220s. In all of my previous dieting experience, my lowest weight ever has been 225. I shall beat it! I still need to get on the ball. I've been eating well, but haven't been exercising as much. Time to dust off the Wii Fit.

I'll read the threads to catch up. Hope all of you are well!
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*insert inspiration here*
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I feel blah. I just got his with a random azz reseach paper and had no warning. It has to be done in less than two weeks and I haven't even started an outline. I'm so pissed.

I on the half azz wagon too...I do just enough so not to gain and not enough to lose. And then I complain. BLAH!
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Jelbb, I wouldnt worry about the BF situation too much, as hard as it may be!
I had a long distance relationship for 4 years (not quite as far as canada and ireland, more like Glasgow and Aberdeen, which is about a 3 hour drive...) but he didnt mind a bit if we didnt speak for a couple of days. I'd be at home ripping my hair out wondering why he wasnt calling or texting me but he didnt see the problem with it. Sometimes i dont understand the male species, they are just...strange.
Hope everything works out hun
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