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Default I lied to you :(

Well not really... Yesterday i told you all i'd reached my halloween goal of 128, which was what my scale told me yesterday. But today the demon read 128.8. I dont know whats going on! Ive got TOM just now but i though i would lose some weight from water, but obviously not
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Aaaww,I know how you feel,for me when good 'ol Auntie Flo comes for a visit,Like if I start this week I'll usually weigh less next week,evrybody's different,but I'll get excited if I weigh and I haven't gained during my period,because that usually means that I will weigh less the next week!!If that makes anysense at all!!LOL!!But don't beat yourself up,128 sounds like an awesome weight to me!!
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It's probably TOM just throwing stuff off. I'm always more.

Don't worry.. you're doing great!
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Pshaw. The scale is evil, and sometimes water weight can't be helped. Pound a ton of water today, stick to your plan and you'll reach it again in a day or two.
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Well, just stick to the lowest measurement you have made and you have got your goal! Right? As long as you have eaten well and exercised it is not really possible that you have gained anything other than water weight.
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That's what ya get for weighing everyday!
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Aw Honey! Don't get down! .8lbs can be a poop, or a bit of water retention, or sore muscles, or a blip on the scale! Keep chugging along, and it won't be permanent! The scale will fluxuate 5lbs up or 5lbs down in any given week, ride with it and try not to stress!
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did you eat something super salty and then not drink enough water to flush it out? I'm betting thats the case.
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Dont worry, your still pretty much there, TOM usually adds on about 4 pounds to me...very frustrating, I wish I never had the thing!!

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I weight daily too, but if you're going to weight daily, you've got to be prepared for fluctations (from so many variables, it's often impossible to pinpoint a specific cause).

If fluctuation drives you nuts, you've got to weigh less often (or learn not to let it drive you nuts). Weighing daily actually helped me get over the obsessing. I learned alot about how my weight fluctuates and some of the reasons why, and a few techniques to help, but in general I just learned to remember that I am not a number. The scale is a tool, and an inprecise one at that. While I weigh daily (I made a little chart, to record it), it's my Monday weight that I "count" (although if a fluctuation upwards happens to fall on a Monday, I don't let it bother me too much, because I remind myself "yeah, but... it's been down all week, so today might be water retention).

Don't let the scale have too much power over you.
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