I fixed my "I feel hungry at work" problem!

  • A few weeks ago I posted about feeling super hungry all morning at work. I would eat cereal for breakfast, oatmeal at 10 and have lunch with a granola bar and the calories were adding up! Now I've switched up breakfast with a few 300 calorie options and starting taking a little zip lock bag to work with a small amount of almonds, dried fruit (strawberries!) and a square of dark chocolate. Somehow a few almonds and a couple of dried strawberries fill me up pretty well! Then I snack on the rest after lunch. I think I was eating way too many carbs I still bring oatmeal or a granola bar to work if I'm extra hungry but so far I haven't really needed it. Just thought I'd throw that out there as an idea!
  • the good fats in the almonds probably make you feel more satiated then just the whole grains. Fat can be good for you with good portion control.
  • I do the same with walnuts
  • That's awesome!
  • Yeah I always had almonds around but my son just ate the rest sooo now....I am HUNGRY !!!!!