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So, no loss today. But, I am not complaining! Also, no children tried to strike me today. However, I was stalked by a cricket in the teacher's lounge. But, that is another story....
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Tonight I was so sick of my own slacking that I

-spoiled a box of cookies and a bag of crisps by pouring water in them (great tip )
-did the JM 30 day shred again even though I already did it once today
-started on some kind of chart to evaluate how I am doing diet-wise overall
-decided that there will be no more than 2 days of bad food every week (and I already have had 2 this week... so...)
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New BodyBugger!
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Good for you about the cookies ELWING!!!

That reminds me, I found my breakfast poptarts floating in water on the counter today. I forgot that happened to me too.
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I'm a khaleesi!!
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I just voted early. I'm going to be out of town so I went to get an absentee ballot and they said I could do early voting. Who knew? I'm very pleased with myself. All responisible and participatory and stuff.
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Food is starting to get scarce in my house and luckily the majority of the food left is my healthy food. My bf eats everything in sight thats not good for you! I'm never really tempted to eat what he eats, mostly just ask for a bite until 2 nights ago when I ate 3 of those little fried chicken wings. I had that and a salad so I wasn't feeling too bad until I started gettin that feeling of.. well I already did that so why not eat some ice cream..? Luckily I didn't but I just simply CANNOT eat off plan or I get all these great ideas that include ice cream and soda and chips and and and.. ugh I hate it. Is there any way I can hypnotize myself so when eat something thats maybe not so good for me I wont go falling off the deep end?

I'd do personals but I've gotta get to the gym in time to be home for biggest loser! I do the jumping jacks during commercials like Jillian said during one of the "trainer tips" sections.. its so cliche haha.

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*insert inspiration here*
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I suppose I should confess to having $60 worth of candy in my fridge, huh? I promise, I'll eat it sparingly. Seriously...I NEED it for nanowrimo and it should probably last me till Easter.

...I also bought popcorn to go with it...LOL! I need a lot of one handed food so I can eat and type...

Ok, end confession...
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keep on truckin'
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Taylor: AWESOME job on resisting the temptations!!!

: LOL at the cricket!

Elwing: I am AMAZED at your work....seriously you did awesome

: I do the exact same thing. I read somewhere that is one big difference between men and women when it comes to weight loss. Men will eat one piece of pizza to screw up and move on, where women will eat one piece and say "well oh well, I already screwed up, I might as well eat three more pieces". I know I definitely do that!

_Well here is another day of not working out for me. I am just TOO TIRED when I get home from work to go out and exercise. All I want to do when I get home is lay down and watch tv. What do you guys do when you are too tired to work out? How do you get the energy or motivation to do so?

On a better note, I am seriously fighting the temptation to eat my reese's puffs cereal, and am going to eat an apple instead. (not to mention that I have already eaten some jelly beans and a chai truffle today)

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Speaking of voting, I haven't gotten my ballot yet and am getting seriously anxious about it.

Oh ya, but the most amazing thing just happened. So I've been walking around in my size 12's that when I started losing weight were just getting to be too tight. Now they're very baggy, but I can't get into my size 8's and don't really want to buy any 10's so I've just been putting up with it. So ANYWAY, I was just rushing to the bathroom cause I needed to pee really bad. I pulled my pants down in a rush but then realized I hadn't unzipped or unbuttoned. I'm so excited! I can take off these pants without unbuttoning, the same pants that were squeezing my muffin top just 8 weeks ago!
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So I'm on the road again. I'm sitting in my hotel room just dying for a chocolate bar. I'm in my comfy flanel pjs so I'm not going anywhere to get one. I'm going out for dinner with some friends from university tomorrow I'm super excited b/c I haven't seen them in over a year.

I'm definately counting down the minutes til the weekend, definately looking forward to some quality time w/the bf.

I'll do personals in the moring. Night ladies!
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I will do this.
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Woot! Second day back and I am feeling good. I actually felt full after dinner and actually feeling full is a feeling I have missed.

When I crap food I don't ever feel full - do you guys ever get this feeling? But taking care of myself and eating what I know I should I get fuller quicker....most of the time.

Elwing OMG I do the same thing with the foods I buy I know I shouldn't! Last time I put chips and cheese under water--- and even added dish soap! This also works on ice cream.

shantory Good for you for not getting that chocolate. I am sorry you are in a hotel room...I always miss my own bed when I am away.

Drose Way to go with the smaller size!! I love (miss) that feeling! You must be on top of the world!

vdaybaby Ugh - I haven't found the motivation to workout on a regular basis since school started. Maybe I will start working out early in the morning before everything....or maybe you can try that and tell me how it goes!

cali 60 dollars worth of candy in your fridge? Oh's a dang good thing I don't live with you...I would have eaten it all. I wishing you all the best with that!!! And popcorn? Oh geeze...

kelli My bf also eats all the things that I am not suppose to...but seeing him eat it makes me want it more and I usually 2 bites (I try not to!). But in less than 5 minutes it's gone and not on my hips! Oh and if you ever find that hypnotizing thing that makes you not fall off the deep end...let me know!
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This is not a test.
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Originally Posted by HeatherMcG View Post
So, no loss today. But, I am not complaining! Also, no children tried to strike me today. However, I was stalked by a cricket in the teacher's lounge. But, that is another story....
i hate those kinds of bugs! I swear bees chase me. And moths always go for my eyes!! Im gonna kill those little things this summer
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Can't wait till 170
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Originally Posted by HeatherMcG View Post
I just want to scream, "Just take care of your kids, people. Because there are many couples out there who can't have their own and would give anything in the world to have a child to love."
I so agree with you. I shop a lot of my DD's clothes from Children's Orchard and we always get compliments on her clothes at the daycare and they also ask where we got her clothes from. One doesn't have to be rich to get some decent clothes.

Your "scream" is exactly what I thought when I first got pregnant. My ex mom-in-law (some of you may remember her from my past posts...) was not happy when she found out that I was pregnant because she didn't want to be a grandma until she turned 50. Can you believe that?! Anyways, my ex and I were trying to tell her that she was a gift from God and that it was meant to be. I was also thinking what you said because she was conceived on the day my ex came home for R&R from Iraq..and I wasn't even supposed to ovulate during that period he was home.

Originally Posted by Taylor86 View Post
Anyway my first day back on track was hard - but I got through it. My stomach hurt but I think that's because it was 'shrinking' and unreasonably hungry but I told drank a lot of tea today to shut it up.

I just have to keep in mind this is one day at a time - no less. And today was successful and I am happy.

I didn't count calories or freak myself out too much today. I just did what I knew was right - like not going to the gas station for salsa verde doritos, queso and a vanilla cream coffee - but rather making 100 calorie popcorn and a 25 calorie hot chocolate. Those are the changes I am looking for right now.

Tara OMG I totally missed you!!! I am glad you had a good trip and are back home and back on track! I getting my booty in gear and maybe we can help each other get back on track!
I missed you too, girlie!! It sounds like a great idea to help each other get back on track! I'm REALLY starting tomorrow..(or today, since it's after mid-night) I'm little bit scared to work out because I know it will be hard but at the same time, I'm little bit excited for the pain, too. :P I'm already planning things in my head on what my schedule will look like tomorrow... Tara--> schedule/planning freak

Well... I was planning on starting a 6 day program to boost start my back-on-track today. However, I had to go to court today.. meaning waking up at 7:45 AM. I realized that it will be very difficult for me to wake up at 7:45 and stay up till 4:30 and be able to follow a strict program... So I am starting the program tomorrow and my boyfriend will be doing it with me this time! He hasn't been really involved in my diet but this time, we will do it together, so I'm quite excited about it. We got all the food ready for it and everything. I told him that he better enjoy what he likes, like coke, because he's NOT allowed to have it. He was like "You should have told me before! I don't know if I can go on without it... " I know he can because he has lived without any coke when he first moved here for over 6 months. Hopefully both of us will be able to see some loss.

Oh and I finally finally finally, after going to the court like 5 times, got the judge to sign the divorce judgment and I'm officially divorced...after 3 years of separation. I'm just glad it's actually over, although it's another start since the ex doesn't want to pay the amount Friends of the Court proposed. The judge granted that amount which is double of what he's willing to pay. So he's going to try to fight the guide line the state has. I don't really care what the court will say when he goes back to the court. Whatever they say, I will take it, I'm just glad it's over bc I don't have to beg him for paperwork anymore, which is great. If I can help it, I don't really want to deal with him at all... Ah.. whatever.

Well, I better go do some more work before it gets too late.
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Great. Just great. So, just like I said I would... I slept in, and didn't make it to the gym this morning. I can still potentially get to the gym twice this week, but it's gonna take effort...

I'm also having a panic attack as to whether or not to drop this class that I'm in right now. I got a 50% on the midterm, I hate the prof, and I sleep through half the lectures. She just assigned a HUGELY ridiculous research paper that will take up half my life, and I can't fathom doing well on. Should I drop it for the sake of my other grades? If I get completely terrible grade, it might affect my getting into teacher's college in the future if I decide to ever do that. But, If I drop it now, I have to take THREE courses next summer while I'm in Ireland, maybe 4 if I can't handle having SIX courses next semester...
Augh, I need an opinion really badly, what do you guys think? I have to decide before tomorrow...

Last night I went to a bar/restaurant with a friend to have a study session for our Italian class (yes, in my 4th year of uni, in a completely unrelated field, I am taking Italian...). I looked up the menu in advance, and scoured the appetizers for something I could eat that didn't have wheat in it. Dry ribs! It said dry ribs tossed in sea salt and cracked pepper. Okay, sure, fine. Pork's fattening, but my major issue here is wheat... no wheat, no major foul.

...well, little do I know, that apparently, dry ribs are ribs that are essentially breaded and deep-fried. I was so ANGRY. I don't even LIKE ribs that much, but I had to pay $10 for this appetizer that I ate half of purely out of hunger, that made me go totally off-plan.

On the plus side, I was 156.6 this morning.

I'm so so so sorry that I haven't been doing personals lately. I'll do them today at lunch, I'm running late for class right now, just wanted to update. Talk to you all soon!

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I managed to stay under my calorie limit for yesterday however over half of my calories were from wine. I was having a stressful day and one of my friends said hey we havenít got drinks in awhile want to go? The problem is we went for like 4 hours and just kept chatting and drinking more. In hindsight I should have probable ordered food so I would drink less. So that made yesterday a total waste.

Jelbb Ė sorry your having such a rough day. I hate when that finally thing pushes you over and you start to cry. Hang in there.

Taylor Ė good choices at the gas station that is so hard. I find drinking water is the best way to make my stomach feel full. Good job saying no to the cookies.

Shan Ė That doesnít sound good I hope the computer starts working right.

Meredith Ė Iím so happy I donít have midterms this semester but I totally understand how stressful school is. Just keep going.

Vday Ė Yes Iím going out for Halloween but no I am not wearing a costume. I am going to a concert on Thursday and Friday night but people arenít fun and donít dress up for them.

Chele Ė I totally understand the pants problem. 12s are really tight on me and 14 are super loose. I have some of both and depending on how I feel and what Iím wearing depends on which jeans.

Elwing Ė Iíve never really dated so it creates a lot of trouble for me to read peopleís singles. Hang in there and youíll meet the right person.

Ghost Ė I originally planned on waiting until I hit my goal but then I havenít lost weight in almost a year. The doctor said that is a lot because of the skin that has to be removed, itís going to be like 10 pounds just from the stomach, then there is the thigh and buts.
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Hi chickies! I had an interesting dream last night.... in my dream I was riding my bike in a thong. First of all, I don't have a thong and I don't have a bike. Second of all this is a weird dream. Maybe I subconsciously felt guilty that I didn't work out yesterday.... but the funny things is when I woke up, I had a wedgie! I'm sorry that might be TMI, but that's pretty funny. I have this dream about wearing a thong on a bike going around town, no shorts or pants just a shirt and a thong and I wake up with a wedgie. I will never understand how the brain works. lol

So my meeting went well last night. I decided that after work today, I'm going to go home, work out, fix me something fabulous and have me time. I deserve it. No emails, no calls, no nothing but me myself and I. Hopefully I'll go to bed super early. I wanted to say thank you to everyone yesterday for being there for me. I still don't feel 100%. I woke up today forcing myself not to have bad thoughts about myself. But I still feel fat and unattractive, but hopefully that too will pass.

Jelb- Have you decided what you will do with your class? I always say that if you know for sure that it will hurt you in the long run by staying in the class, drop it, but that's just me. I always thought dry rub was just a seasoning and the dry rub I use doesn't have anything but spices in it and are not deep fried, but I guess ribs are done different in different places. Congrats on the good weigh in.

Target- Wow, getting a divorce after being separated for three years? That seems like a long time, it's good that it's behind you now.

Taylor- Congrats on day 2! I've noticed that too, if I eat crap, I eat it more often, if I eat healthy I'm fuller longer, except in the mornings I always get hungrier fast no matter what i eat.

Shan- good job in not giving in to the dreaded candy bar craving!

Cali- Um what are you doing with $60.00 worth of candy in your fridge? You have more will power than me, I couldn't do that.... Are you giving part of the candy away?
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