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Ladies, I can definitely relate!! Actually the reason I started this diet or new lifestyle was because I was looking at old pictures.. I was never in the 120s or 130s.. but I was about 165 give or take... I thought I was fat.. but I played basketball all though high school so I was mostly muscle with a little flab on top.. but when I look back.. now being 236 I'm like omg I looked good wtf was I thinking!!! And I only have a couple pics of me at that weight on my computer and one is an old-timey photo (so don't laugh.. lol) and my scanner is broken so I can't put the one I want to on here.. and I'm attaching one of me at my current weight too..

amanda nicole.jpg


. 031.jpg
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I felt the same way. In grade school I was always taller than the other kids and they would call me fat and make fun of me. Unfortunately, I was young and believed them, which of course led to overeating and emotional problems culminating in my gaining of actual weight. So... yeah I think it is funny that lots of people feel/felt this way.
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i have this problem too. i honestly thought for a long time that if i hit 100 lbs it was the end of the world. and then somehow i woke up and was 125 and i thought i was soooo disgusting! and then somehow i woke up and omg i was 160 and super disgusting... what i wouldn't give to even be at 160. puh! i really think all that "fat" was really just me having a womans body too young. I have gone through our old family photos and from about age 10 on - i had a full womans body. too much for a kid to handle i think.

i will be honest though- i can look at pics of me at 200 lbs and at 250 lbs and not see ANY difference. to me- it's just disgusting and i really hope that once i've lost a significant amount i'll get past that! i'm scared though- i don't want to go back to the time when i was obsessed if the scale read more then 99 lbs.
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LOL I will not fail, I have a picture like that (the old-timey one), taken of my brother and sister and I ~10 years ago... We were far too young to do the sexpot thing, though, so we just look incredibly dorky! Hehe.

This thread is funny to me... Because I have always been fat. I was overweight as a child and I turned into an obese adult. I don't have a single picture that I can look back on and say, "I can't believe I thought I was fat!" because I know that I was fat. The only time that I ever wasn't fat in my entire life would be when I was reeeeally really young, and obviously at that point I didn't have any kind of opinion on my size, heh.

Ultimately, I think it's better to look forward than to look back and regret something that cannot be changed. Yes, you might have thought you were fat back then, but now when you reach that weight again (yes, I said "WHEN"!), this time you'll know that you aren't. If you hadn't had to go through the whole ordeal of losing weight, you wouldn't value being at a healthy weight so much. Some women go through their whole lives thinking that they're fat, but you'll actually be able to have some peace of mind about it once you reach goal. You'll KNOW that you're not fat, because you've been fat, and that ain't it.
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Bee20nine: Funny, I experienced almost the same thing. Some time ago (I was around my max weight then) I had a boyfriend who lived in another city. Obviously he hadn't known me before I started gaining weight. So one day he saw a picture of me before that time (I think it was the one attached to this post) and suddenly he understood why I'd like to lose some. He said something along the lines of: "Wow, you're hot now, but you were even more hot back then!" Yeah, not too sensitive, but I totally understood it.

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I saw a picture of me sophomore year and my collarbone was sticking out! I was around 135-140ish and I was so miserable. I wish I could weigh that now, I'd be so freaking estatic.
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Holy crap, I know EXACTLY what you mean. I'm 5'7" and have always hovered around the 130-140 mark (until about 3.5 years ago) and I ALWAYS thought I was fat. I even dropped down to 112 for a while and still thought I could stand to loose a few. Now I'd pee my pants if I woke up and was suddenly 140 lbs again.

If I wasn't restricted from posting photos for being a new member, I would post a few. Gah! I was insane back then.
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...okay, so...
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wow, you're straight up gorgeous, jelbb.

and yeah, this kind of happened to me. i was looking at pictures from my senior prom a while ago and thinking about how much of a hottie bo body i was. i mean, i wasn't skinny-skinny, but i was skinnier than i am now.
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I used to weigh 125 I was fit and cute and thought I was massively obese. I recently gained 25 pounds in 1 year due to stress of school/ laziness etc. I gave many of my old clothes to my little sister who weighs what I used to weigh, she fits in them perfectly and looks fabulous. I have never thought of her as fat. Actually aside from the 25 pound weight gain we look like twins even though I am 6 years older. The thing is, I have always thought she looks so thin and perfect and have always wanted her body. I always have thought she was so beautiful and wished I was as pretty (not in an envious way, I am glad she is beautiful. I love her dearly) but according to everyone- Even my husband- we are practically identical. Except for her braces lol(she is 16).

I had her body!!!
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In high school I was underweight at 100 lbs and 5'5". I rode horses a lot and hardly ever ate healthy meals so I got far too skinny. But I used to suck in my stomach so much and so frequently that I had an almost constant stomach ache. All because I thought my belly was sticking out compared to other girls I knew!! I'd never want to be that thin again, but I would like to give my teenage self a healthy dose of common sense!

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Do you think that maybe our dislike towards our bodies caused weight gain in the long run? I gained 30 lbs in high school when I was at my most hated point. I was 120, and went up to 150 in a few months! I hated myself at 120, and even more at 150.

I think we need to not look back at how we were or how we felt, it's the past. We are who we are- and we're on a road to healthyville and let's stay POSITIVE
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Ha ha, I probably weighed that much when I was born. You were not fat, AT ALL.
Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves. It's true you know - we are our own worst enimies.

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I know I can do it.
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Originally Posted by JulieJ08 View Post
No, not crazy. Brainwashed is more like it.

I do feel lucky that I never felt like a cow. I was normal and felt like it. My family isn't perfect, but some things I am so grateful for.
Haha, isn't that the truth?!

Me, too, ladies. I was 5'4" most of high school (strangely gained an inch somewhere in college, seriously!) and at 130 thought I was soooo chubby. wtf? why do we do that to ourselves-- oh yeah! just like that quote up there- brainwashed!
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