Crying for absolutely no reason.

  • This is completely non diet related, fyi.

    When I was younger, like HS age, I used to NEVER cry. I guess it happened my freshman year of college I went through like a 3 month period where I cried about everything. I never really cried my sophomore or junior year but this year I'm ridiculous. It's been going on for a little less than a year now and I am seriously starting to wonder whats going on.

    When I say I didn't cry about stuff before it wasn't just little things either. I didn't cry at my Dad's funeral, when my little cousin died, at graduation or when I broke up with my HS sweetheart. However, I was watching the biggest loser marathon last night (when I wasnt' puking my guts out) and I almost started crying. Anytime I have a problem and i want to talk about it wth my boyfriend I just start crying. He has never said anything but last time he was like- why can you never just talk to me without crying? I said what I always say when he asks why I'm crying.. I have NO IDEA!? Because I really don't know what it is.

    I'm just hoping there is someone who maybe can help me get to the bottom of why I've got the water works turned on all of a sudden. I know it's not because I'm pregnant, I'm not afraid of confrontation so I know thats not why I'm crying. I just don't have a clue and it's just so frustrating because I used to be so strong when it came to things and now even though I feel like I'm in control, I look like a big weeny.
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    I hate to put the seed of doubt into your mind, but did you recently start a new B.C, go off of a B.C. that you had been on for a long time, or switch? Heck, do you use one?

    I never cried until I started putting hormones into my body. It took awhile for the side effects to show up too. In the realm of a few years. That's why I got a Paragard.

    I have noticed that as my body regulates to the lack of artificial hormones and gets back to normal after years on the pill, i'm also more weepy and ridiculous than normal.

    That stupid ASPCA commercial with Sarah McLaughlin has made me cry three times this week, and while that's somewhat viable since it's sad, an episode of Spongebob made me cry too. I think it was the one where he lost Gary.
  • I have been taking the pill since I was 16. I switched to seasonale about 2 years ago and still taking that. I wondered about that actually I forgot to mention it though.
  • This is not going to sound right but, This gave me a good laugh!

    I was just teared up myself over what someone else posted to me on this website. Like seriously, WHAT A BABY, right?

    And I'm so not THAT person. When I was younger, actually up until about 2 years ago, nothing would make me cry. Then something just changed. I cry when they play them damn commercials trying to get people to donate money to animal shelters for goodness matter who else is watching with me or how many times I've seen that same one... And I have NO idea why and NO control over it. Anytime my husband and I have any type of serious conversation, I'm a mess...and I don't know why...and I can't control it. He's planning to go back overseas early next year and I swear that I WILL NOT be attending any of the going away crap that they do because I would be histarically bawling the entire time... So yeah...wish I had some words of wisdom but I don't. All I can tell ya is that you're not the only one! Hopes that makes you feel somewhat better!
  • Ok - This is ironically halarious... HI Kitten...nice to see you again... AND...nice to know those ASPCA commercials don't just get me... (THAT IS NUTS THAT YOU JUST SAID THAT!) (read what I posted!)
  • FYI -- Not to freak you out since all women are very different and I just don't handle hormonal B.C. well at ALL, Seasonale was what I was taking initially when I went decidedly psychotic, started losing my hair, despising sex, and freaking out over things as stupid as people breathing within a 10 foot radius. This may not be the case for you, though.

    A switch to Levlen made it worse, and Yaz helped in the psycho dept since it has something in it to control mood. Probably Ketamine.

    Don't discount the B.C. It is the root of a lot more problems than doctors will admit, unless they happen to have had issues with them too. Do a quick google search and look for the Seasonale side effects complaint forums. I think you will find that a lot of your symptoms in conjunction to being an emotional wreck are well documented by the thousands of ladies suffering through a lot of the same things. It makes it kind of hard to dispute the long term effects these things have on our bodies.

    @ Jamie - LMFAO! Those commercials kill me every time! There is a new one out about how global warming is killing the polar bears that I saw last night. I couldn't get to sleep thinking about it.
  • Ok well this is awesome.

    1. I started a fight tailgating before one of our college games last weekend because someone splashed pop all over my new white shoes.

    2. I got kicked out of a bar for fighting with a GUY.

    3. If something is not about me I try to make it that way. I have never been an attention hog in my life. Example: My bf was going to a fb game and I wasn't ready to leave. I knew I couldn't go bc I had other things to do but I totally made it a big deal.

    4. I threw a beer can at a guy last night for setting it on our table. In my defense we were playing cards and it was right in the middle of the table.

    5. I cry everytime I watch Oprah or Biggest Loser, they aren't the only shows I cry during but those are a guarantee.

    So do I ditch the BC and try something else? I was on Tri-Levlen before Seasonale and they switched me for no reason. But I was silly on that too. I'm not losing hair or anything I mostly just noticed the crying. I've always stood up for myself so the aggression I blamed on the person I was conflicting with but I think its safe to say I shouldn't be fighting with people. I don't want to take the shot because I'm scared to death of needles and back when my bf and I were dating he used to hide the condom under the pillow or throw it on the floor instead of putting it on. So I don't think I can trust that method everytime lol.
  • Quote: and freaking out over things as stupid as people breathing within a 10 foot radius.
    ... That's not supposed to bother me???
  • Kelli:
    Aw, that sounds rough. I find that my tendency to cry really depends on where I am hormonally... how near I am to my menstrual cycle.

    Jesus, I went and saw that horrible movie, Nights in the Rodanthe? Don't get me wrong, Diane Lane and Richard Gere are both awesome as actors, but... it was just not a very good movie, and yet I had a huge lump in my throat and tears welling up the whole way through!

    I also tend to cry whenever I get into conflicts with my boyfriend... or if I think he's mad at me. It's almost like the only emotional release I can manage, since I don't tend to yell at him when I'm upset.. then again, I try desperately to reign those in, because my crying really affects him a lot. He has no idea what to do. So I think I'd like to keep him in fear of the tears so he doesn't do things to MAKE me cry, muwaha.

    With my mother, I'll yell at the top of my lungs, and I never feel a need to cry, lol. Then again, my mother and I get uber angry-emotional, then get over it ten minutes later, so, tears aren't usually worth it.

    I hope you can work things out! The unstoppable crying can be embarassing and annoying.
  • Kelli - I would try out another form of BC for sure...or at least look into it. I have the crying at Oprah and the Biggest Looser but not the aggression you seem to have. BUT, what other form, right? I know there is a pill (can't think of the name) that has a VERY low hormone count. They give it to new mothers when they are breast feeding. May want to try that??
  • Quote: ... That's not supposed to bother me???
    I know, I know. I was shocked that met "psycho" criteria as well. I used to routinely beat the living daylights out of my brother for always having his feet near me, but that was long before I ever even had a period.

    Kelli: The severe emotional upheavals are a little suspect, especially considering they actually are trying to phase Seasonale out due to the mass complaints of emotional instability. I am also one who is prone to fights, but before the B.C. I usually had a pretty darn good reason to want to knock someones block off, even when completely wasted. It's when the level of aggression starts to get to a point where you honestly can't control yourself even though you know you're being a complete fool that you should see a physician.

    I hope you figure out what's up and get it all sorted out soon. It's **** to feel like you're going crazy all the sudden and you don't know why.
  • I alwyas have had problems going psycho on BC that's why after I had my son I got Paraguard which is a copper IUD...NO HORMONES and stays in for 10 years!! Its like not even being on birth control. I still cry a lot lately but that's just because of stress hope that helps. Most of the time they will refuse to give you an iud unless you've had a baby but if you push the issue enough then you can have it done. It's painless and easy.
  • I'll call my doctor I have to anyway because I'm on the last month of the pack so maybe she'll shed some insight. I'm just extremely excited because I know that I'm personally not going crazy. There is something thats causing my behavior and hopefully I can get it fixed. At least the crying, I cried hysterically when I dropped my bf off for arena football in CO last year, that should have been a sign to check it out. I will always be confrontational and enjoy punching things I just have laxed on my reasons why. Now its pop on my shoe, it used to be more worth it. I can't wait to be normal.. hopefully. Thank you guys so much!!