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Default scales and meals help!

Happy sunday girls! I have a couple of questions for you today...
1. I weighed myself this morning as soon as i woke up and it read 131 (after i'd been to the loo, naked etc...). I thought that was ok, exactly the same as yesterday. I jumped off the scales, went and did some sit ups, press ups etc for 15 mins then went for a shower. Before i got in the shower I decided to quickly weigh myself again (slightly ocd i know...) and it had gone down to 130.6. hmm. Exactly the same thing had happened yesterday. The scale originally showed 131.4 and after some light exercise it dropped 0.4lbs. Is this normal? Is there any reason for this??

2. My parents are coming round for dinner today and me and the bf are making a lamb and rice dish. Its my bf's speciality but its sooo fattening! I'm not allowed to use brown rice "coz it doesnt taste right" and he makes a yoghurt dip...lots of more cals! Now if i was making it for myself, of course i'd use low fat yoghurt (or not make it at all!) and brown rice. But since it's for other people too, we're going to make it with "proper" food (his words, not mine!). I know if i try not to eat much of it or avoid bits of it, my parents will worry im "not eating right" or being stupid but i just dont like eating fattening things any more! How to i get out of having to stuff excess cals down my neck without looking anti social and rude??

Hope you are all having a nice weekend!
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1. I have no idea, lol.
2. Eat really really slowly. You'll get to a) really taste the delicious food, which btw, I think you should enjoy and b) the more slowly you eat, the less calories you consume, and that's a fact.... besides, your parents will see you eating and enjoying it, which may get them off your back. If they start saying something, just calmly explain that you are trying to eat more healthier and that you are and that they shouldn't worry about it. It's natural for parents to protect their child, let them do it. Just assure them that you are fine and that there's nothing wrong with you or what you eat or whatever they are bugging about.

congrats on the healthy eating!!
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1) Scales can vary your weight for a variety of reasons, including the way you stand on it, where on the floor it's located, as well as your body maybe being slightly different between the first and second weighing. I do know that some people weigh a couple times and take the number that comes up more than once.

2) With your lamb and rice dish (that sounds delish, by the way!), are you making any vegetables? Have a lovely salad and vegetables with it, so you can fill up on them, and take a reasonable portion of lamb.
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1. My weight jumps up and down 5 pounds in any given day. It happens just hold tight.

2. I agree with staja make a big salad or lots of veggies and fill your plate 3/4 with them or ask if you can also make brown rice for yourself along with his white rice, that although he may not think it is proper or real food to you it taste better. It always bother me when people try and push their bad eating habits on me (just as I'm sure it bothers them if I would try to push my habits on them).
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I go up after exercising, but I'm drinking water too.
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