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I'm comfortable with myself most days, but even I have my self esteem issues once in awhile, such as feeling fat or clothes not fitting, or the occasional zit that seems to be stratigically placed in the middle of my forehead!! And when I have an ugly day I usually like to wear my sweats, no makeup, and veg and be me. But most of the time I am confident and I think that has to do with how I was brought up and the environment I lived in. I was always encouraged and told by my family that they love me and that I am beautiful. As for others out there who think differently i really dont care because their opinion doesnt matter to me.
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I have no idea. As a kid in a very religious upbringing, being told you were pretty would cause vanity, and make you proud, so my mom and dad never told me or my siblings we were attractive. But I have been told I was beautiful by my husband, my boyfriends, and various girlfriends. I have an ok nose, in proportion to my face. I have brilliant blue eyes. I have full lips. But i also have super pale skin WITH FRECKLES (Thanks scottish/german heritage!) and crazy reddish brown hair. So I have been complimented a lot, but only as I was heavier. When I was thinner, I didn't wear makeup or cut my hair or wear cute flattering clothes (again, extremely religious upbringing) so I'm curious to see how I look with a smaller body but you know, actually TRYING to be attractive. I think I'm passable, but I'm kind of scared I'll be some hideous troll at 145 lbs. A hideous troll without boobs or a butt. This is an interesting thread.

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I used to be quite unsure about my looks when I was younger. I suppose this had something to do with puberty, and not having any friends then. Some of my former boyfriends have really helped me overcome this.

I am quite happy with my face. I think it is pleasant to look at. I like the colour of my hair (brown/red) and eyes (green/brown). I don't like my skin much. It is too fatty and uneven, and where it is not my face it is very pale. But I do realize other people I meet probably don't notice this at all. I don't mind about my freckles. It's just my body I was unhappy with. I gained 60 lbs since I started studying and it shows. Not for people who don't know me any thinner, but it does for me and my parents. But I'm starting to get glimpses of my former body after losing 20 lbs, so it's all good.
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I try and keep the mindset that "pretty" is not just an exterior thing, but your personality and the way you carry yourself. I know that a lot of people still view pretty as how someone looks, but I've seen it before when a woman that I don't find all that attractive is seen as so desirable, and always seems to have admirers, and it is not because she is model perfect or drop dead gorgeous... it is because she carries herself well, knows who she is what she wants and likes herself for it (without being vain). That woman isn't intimidated by thinner women, prettier women, younger women or the like. She loves herself just the way she is, and is unapologetic about it. The prettiest girl with low self esteem in the room will pale in comparison to the "average" girl who is confident and self assured. Men may want some eye candy on their arm, but if they have to spend their time reassuring the woman, or watch her being intimidated and competing with every female who walks into the room, it is far less attractive.

As far as how I feel - sometimes I really feel good about how my hair or makeup looks. So much in fact that I forget how overweight I am. Other days I can't stand to look in the mirror. I constantly tug at my clothes to make them less clingy, I keep my eyes averted to the ground to avoid people and I generally feel like a walking trashcan. The days I feel good are priceless... wish I had more of them.

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