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Default Oh my goodness... yay :)

Hey, I am new to the board, I introduced myself in the Introductions forum and now I've decided that this sub-forum is my new home

I quit my really stressful job August 28th and lost a lot of weight through good old not eating in the weeks after. I started eating again and gained, I assume, almost all of it back because I felt icky after I felt so good with that quick 10lb weight loss at the beginning of September.

Anyway, I started watching what I eat (not being crazy, but just being more careful). This week I also really started my new job and moved into the apartment that I work out of (at a motel, so I have to be there all the time but don't have a lot to do) and I started on the treadmill. I've been doing about 2.5 miles a day in a program loosely based on the couch->5k program.

I've been trying to save money, but I decided that since I've been doing good and not thinking of giving up I needed to properly equip myself. I got paid, so I finally got myself some running shoes (yes, I've been on the treadmill barefoot, I know it's bad), decent pants, sports bra (I know I've lost enough weight for my boobs to be saggy and flop around in a sad and scary way). And yes, I bought a scale!

Anyway, this is fairly unscientific since I didn't have my own scale... but...

Before I quit (my boss had a scale in the bathroom I used, so I weighed myself pretty much whenever I was in there out of morbid curiosity).... 180-185lbs
Two weeks after I quit.... 170lbs
Today.... 165lbs!!!!

I was hoping that my work in the past 10 days or so put me at back at 170 so those extra 5lbs was a complete surprise.

Yes, this is shameless self-congratulations... but I feel the need. I'm sure I'll hit a plateau now, haha.

Tomorrow is my big day. My boss is spending the weekend in the apartment so, eeeek, it means I have to take my workout to the street and run in public. SCARY!

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Welcome girl! You'll love it here. This place is a great place to learn and get encouragement.
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Welcome and congrats on your weight loss so far! Sounds like you're doing great!
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Congratulations on your weight loss... and good luck with the public exercise tomorrow! Tell us how that goes! If you have new clothes I guess it won´t be as bad as u think!
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You need me!
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welcome!! Glad you are here, you'll love it.
and congrats on your weight loss! keep up the great work and keep us posted.
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