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Default Stay Motivated

How do you stay Motivated? I want to and need to lose more weight and I will eat good for a couple of days and then I will go right back to eating bad. I have lost almost 20lbs and kept it off now for about 4 months which is good I have maintained this weight, But I just can't seem to get on the ball. I am so disgusted with myself for not being able to stick with it. I feel disappointed in myself.

It's like I told my Fiance last night. In High school I was 140lbs and the only reason I could maintain and had lost weight to get there in high school was because of all the pressure you have in high school to be thin. It's like as soon as I graduated I said I don't have to care anymore. I don't feel pressure to lose weight now for anyone but me, but I just can't stick to it.
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You're right, you don't have to lose weight for anyone but you.

So you're not worth it?
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Can you identify things that may be tripping you up like, lack of energy, busy schedule, not having good foods available at certain times, etc. If you can pinpoint these issues then you can set out to work around them.
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I find that when faced with the opportunity to have a wonderful serving of fries with Large, writing it is even tempting, I think about how aweful i'll feel afterwords. And not only disappointed, but I feel sick too, like I ate too much. That's not worth it to me! And, my most favorite motto i've found since I've changed my eating habits--"Eat for the body you want, not the body you have." I repeat that to myself A LOT through the day.
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Default Worth

I am not sure at this point. I think I am so down on myself I don't feel like it's worth it too care. But I do. I think it has a lot to do with I am always so busy and on the go. I work 28 hours a week and I go to school 12 hours a week I am constantly on the go. My only day of the week that I don't have school or work is Friday. The rest of the week I am at work or school. It's hard for me to plan a time to workout and find things for on the go. HELP
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Default i understand...

I totally know what you're going through. I do this all the time. I lost 30lbs and have maintained it for the most part, but now I want to lose 20 more and i keep gaining and losing the same 5 -10lbs.

I go through times where I don't care and times where I try really hard and do well...once again...just to gain it back.

I was student teaching and going to school last year full-time so it was really hard to even think about trying to focus on losing weight and absolutely no time to workout because i was so exhausted at night. There were many times I would just eat out and not care, but then one day I'd wake up and everything would click and I just started to try to make a plan to work within my situation. I took a little extra time to plan out what I would eat everyday instead of leaving it up to chance. I made myself go to the store and buy healthy food to bring my lunch with me and healthy non-perishable snacks so I wouldn't lose energy...granola bars and big bottles of water were my friend

I think losing weight is hard no matter what and, for me at least, it is a never ending cycle of being motivated and being disappointed in myself. ****the important thing is that I never ever ever ever give up completely***** even in the times when I knowingly eat really bad, I tell myself I can never give up on trying to lose. the next day i have to try again!! (sometimes its not the next day but in a few days or the next week, but i eventually go back to being conscious about what i eat.

whoa, sorry so long...i just really relate to this topic hope i've helped
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