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Default losing inches without losing weight??

Ok, so i've not been losing much weight but i was very happy this morning...
I fished a belt out my drawer which i havent worn in about 3 weeks and when i was fastening it, i got it in the 4th hole in!! Last time i wore it, it was feeling a bit tight at the 3rd one and there was no way i could have got it in the next one along but today it was so easy!! Is it possible to lose iches without losing weight?? Its not muscle weight coz i havent been doing anything to gain muscle... Seems a bit strange to me but im not complaining!
Hope everyone is having a good weekend
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definately possible....
such a great feeling too....
nice one chick....
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That seems to happen to lots of people. Bodies are so weird!
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You're gaining muscle and loosing fat!!!!! Muscle weighs more then fat, so it all evens out possibly. Congrates I'm jealous.

I've been loosing weight - but my body hasn't changed. My only explanation, I have been loosing my muscle mass. I haven't' been able to do cardio lately because of some really bad knee pain. It's so frustration!

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I will do this.
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Yup. Happens to me all the time. 22 inches...only about 11 pounds. I also weigh lift for an hour twice a week.
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with me i seem to be losing inches with my weight too but i havent measured--- but i did notice a trend with me is that i start to notice pants are fitting looser while the scale is stuck at a set number--right now its at 159.6 for like past few weeks---but then it goes down overnight--- seems like the size goes down then the weight ---but thats just me---course i'm still in the postpartum stage--- 8 months now
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Happened to me too. It bought size 12 pants about a month ago now. They were tight, to the point I dreaded wearing them (thought this would help me lose weight, they were $12 at OldNavy). Anyway, I have not lost anymore weight, but today, they fit. I don't know, maybe I stretched them out, but honestly, they were right out of the dry. I have jeans I have worn for years that don't go on as well. Also, I keep adding holes to my favorite belt.
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Yep! Me too.. This year I lost 20lbs and didnt lose any inches and after gaining it all back and then losing 5 lbs I'm losing inches.

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Oh yes.... I have not lost hardly any weight over the last two months. Like 2 pounds maybe. But I've lost 10 inches in the past two months. Sometimes I think our bodies to catch up.
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Here's something crazy I noticed today.

I logged into Spark People for the first time in over 2 years today. I've been doing Weight Watchers since January, so don't worry, I have been accountable and keeping track elsewhere. Anyway, two things I noticed. Exactly two years and 8 months ago, I weighed 200 pounds. That's three pounds more than I weigh today. That means I gained 35 pounds in two years (I weighed 235 in January of this year). Not cool.

However, the second thing I noticed was my waist is 5 inches smaller now than it was 2 years and 8 months ago, even though I only weigh 3 pounds less. That was really eye opening as to what a difference working out can make.
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