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Unhappy HoHum

So I took my digital camera mem stick to the store to have a couple of photos printed for a friend. As I was scanning through the group photos of "the girls" all i could see was my fat face. When did I become the 'fat friend'? Is it possible that people feel better about themselves around me because they think "at least I look better than her"? I feel better when I eat right and exercise but if no one is around to hold me accountable it's awful easy for me to tell myself- next time. I need an idea. Somewhere to start. Losing weight is such a daunting and loaded idea. Where do I start?
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Start with a few healthy choices. Those will turn into habits. Then change a few more things. Before you know it your life will be full of healthy choices!

Here's an example. Maybe, you will commit to a 15 minute walk every day along with cutting out one bad food. Every week or so add a new healthy habit!

Good Luck!
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I was the fat friend, now I'm the one getting hit on. My question keeps being when did I change from the fat friend to the one getting hit on (because I still get weird out when I get hit on at the bar).

It all starts with one or two changes then all the sudden you have a full lifestyle change. Don't try and do it all at once just do it one step at a time.

My first steps were cutting out sugar and "real" pop. Then I started add a little bit of exercise. And one change lead to another.
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This is not a test.
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i agree with taking little steps. I started by changing one small thing a week, it all adds up. So one week i stopped eating dessert every night, the next week i went back to the gym, the next week i started trying to control my portion sizes, etc. Start small, and figure out what kind of plan you want to do. I started out just controlling portion size and then i moved onto calorie counting, which works for me. Try different things, see what suits you
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my smallest but biggest step was deciding to do this....
cut out crisps....
cut out chocolate....
cut out carbonated drinks....
cut out sweets....
thats primarily the steps i took....
as well as starting to exercise....
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I have the opposite problem as you-I'm fine when I'm alone, it's when I'm around others that I make the bad decisions. I would start by just cleaning out your cupboards. Throw out or donate all the unhealthy stuff. If you're living with someone, just clean out a cupboard and put all your stuff in there and then in your head pretend there's nothing else in any of the cupboards. I eat lean cuisines so I only ever look in the freezer-which is filled with my lean cuisines. I don't look in the fridge with all it's goodies that my tiny roomie can eat. I have my closet with all my little 100 calorie packs, she has hers with all her Hershey bars =). But I don't crave it bc I don't ever see it.

Also, I found keeping a food journal is really effective-even if you aren't counting calories (which I do). Because it holds you accountable, ya know? Seeing what you've eaten will put things in perspective for you. So yeah, those are my tips, hope they helped!
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