My roommate is joining the cause!

  • Her and I are working out an exercise plan to go along with our improved eating habits.

    Our campus is roughly a mile long, so twice a week we are doing a circuit from our room, to one end, to the other end, back to our dorm building. The other three days of the week, we're doing ab training and weight work. Next step is shaking her soda pop addiction!
  • That is WONDERFUL that you both are doing this together. I think you tend to want to do more exercise if you work out with someone else. I know i feel that way.

    Good Luck on getting her off the soda.. i know it was SUPER hard to get my hubby to stop! LOL
  • It helps so much to have someone there with you to help keep you accountable.

    Word of advice? Over the past 4 years I've had lots of "workout buddies" and accountability buddies and sometimes we lose weight together (even with my husband- and I live with him!), but every one of them falls off or just loses interest. Just make sure you keep at it even if she doesn't!

    That said, it is still really helpful to have someone around, especially if you live together!
  • Well, even if she falls off, I'll always be able to find excuses to walk. My car here at college is parked a mile and a half away, and the shuttle is too unreliable to count on! I'm just glad she's gung-ho about it, at least for now. If she drops off, hopefully I'll be caught up enough to work out with the dance girls/cheerleaders.
  • fantastic, at least now you have a weight loss buddy!....
  • Yup! I'm very excited. Tonight we're doing our first round of ab workouts, which should be interesting (haha, I mean that in the best possibly way!)

    I think we're going to learn an easy beginner routine from the girls on the college dance team. It really feels like things are looking up!