Wow, oh wait!

  • stepped on scale first thing 128.9lb....
    let it reset got on again, 128.9lb....
    turned it off n on again 132.9lbs....
    hate the way they do that....

    still a lb loss over weekend so cant be that bad can it?....
    down 2.2lb since this time last week....
  • I did something similar, got on the scales yesterday - a day early and weighed 201. got on today (officail weigh in day) and weighed 202.5 I'm gutted!!!!
    Oh well at least there was a loss!!!!
  • Awww!

    It's still a fab loss though!

    I've done similar in the past...weighed in the day before offical..and seen a brilliant loss!
    Weighed in the next morning to find I've gained overnight!! Grrrrrrr!, no matter how bad the temptation to weigh in early is..I don't!

    sh3l5....You weighed three times , yes? I think I'd have weighed a fourth time...just to be sure <{;0)

  • You've been doing really well.
    It sucks that the scale teased you like that, but at the rate you're going you'll be there very soon!
  • Wow sh315!! Same thing happened to me! Got on, 135.6!!!
    I was like WHAT! got on again 135.6 wohooo!

    BUT got on again after resetting 138 BUT like you that's still a loss.

    Remember: we're in the home stretch, it should be the toughest part
  • Aaah yes, I HATE when this happens! I always step on and off at least twice just to make sure the scale isn't "teasing" me. It's such a bummer when you step on and you're like "WHOA! I'm 3lbs down!" only to step on again and see that "..., I'm 1 lb up!" LOL just one of the many joys of weight loss. But at least you had a loss, even if it wasn't as big as you initially thought. Any kind of loss is a victory!
  • Quote: I always step on and off at least twice just to make sure the scale isn't "teasing" me.
    LOL, I never recheck unless I don't like the result .
  • I hate weighing myself.. its so depressing. Even when I was at my smallest which was around 145-150 and a very comfortable size 6 I still hated weighing myself. I think its because one of my good friends has 5 kids and is always saying how she weighs 115lbs now and is starting to get love handles.. sick lol.
  • I so would have gone with an average of the three. And I hate math.
  • Hmm makes me want to always double check. I never thought of that. I always just stepon the one time! Darn I could be missing out on the good stuff! lol
  • Quote: LOL, I never recheck unless I don't like the result .
    Haha! That's how I got started double-checking every time, because every once in a while I'll weigh in and think That can't be right! and lo and behold, when I step back on, the number is actually lower! Hehe. But if the scale's acting screwy, I only accept a number if it comes out twice in a row (after letting it reset to zero each time)... That way I can at least be glad that I'm not fudging the number or anything, hehe.