Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

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  • For those of you who are almost done with the 30 day shred, are you going to start back at level one and do it all over again for 30 more days? I'm waiting on the dvd from netflix- it's in high demand... but when I get it, I'd like to start.
  • loose2gain and mermaid20---welcome in and join us

    i havent worked out in a few years and i'm keeping up with it--- i think what helped me the most was knowing that all of these other people were doing it too and that a lot of them were ahead of me ---

    mermaid--- you asked if i would start it over after the 30 days --- yeah---and a lot of people have said they would----

    but me i'm waiting to start the biggest loser dvd after i'm done with this one--- maybe do that for a few days and then add the shred to that workout

    ---currently i'm doing the shred with a 4 mile walk at home with leslie sansone
  • Day 21 complete!

    Level 3 is fun! I can't believe I'm saying that, but it is. Although, the cardio is completely insane.
  • I will be starting the Shred over doing 1, 2, 3 and some tae bo mixed in. I will also allow myself one break day a week. But, with me being so obsessive and dedicated, I doubt I will use it. I totally have a hard time not working out in my free time right now! lol I should add tha I am not like that because it is my nature to exercise, just that I want to reach my goal so bad that I will do almost anything to reach it. (Healthy of course!)

    And for the big news.......(drum roll please!)......... I lost 7 inches since my last measurement which was almost 2 weeks ago. This makes for a grand total of 11 inches and 7 lbs. Yay for me! I am not down a clothing size yet, but they are definitely loose. The measurements come from my hips, waist, and thighs so there is a little coming off in all directions. Works for me! Any loss is a good loss!
  • That's so awesome Heather! Yay!!!

    I keep going back and forth but I'll do level a different one everyday plus my other workouts.... sometimes I'll just do JM but others do JM and Curves or JM and running, just depending on my time.
  • So I've decided that I'm only doin 8 days of level 1. I'm gonna start level 2 tomorrow. I've been exhausted 4 the past 2 days frm work. I took yesterday and today off frm working out. I start level 2 2morrow we'll see how its goes. I will say I have lost 2 lbs since I started the shred
  • i didn't do the shred yesterday. I was totally passed out when i came home and my whole body is still aching from study, work. Gah. I'll get back on it tonight.
    Sometimes 1 break day isn't bad. ^^
  • I'm having a really hard time getting the shred done. My boyfriend never leaves the house other than class and I usually have class/work/something going on that I can't be home to do it while he's gone. Our house is super tiny and there is no room in the bedroom to do the shred (not to mention the extremely low ceilings- I tried it once and punched the ceiling fan during jumping jacks :S) It wouldn't be bad except for his friends are always here too.
    Usually he works at night but they've been off for almost 2 weeks now! I did the shred this morning because I skipped class and I've decided just to start back at day 1 and try hard to find time to get it in.
  • Kelli-I know it hard when you have obstacles to overcome. But, if you really want this to happen you might have to make some deals. For instance, maybe BF can give you 1/2 hour alone while he walks the dog/yard work/fixes the car. Maybe his friends can meet somewhere else a few nights a week? Just talk to him and explain how important this is. I am sure he will be more than happy to work something out.

    Level 3- Day 1 is Done!

    I really like level 3. The moves are different and very challenging. Can I say that mountain climbers suck? Well, they do. Strangely enough, the jumping jacks with the dumbbells weren't as awful as I thought they would be!
  • Yep...
    Level 3 is painful. That last ab workout is a killer too!

    So I got a present from my hubby today and he sent me an outfit to go with my "Jane Fonda" workout. It is shiny, it's blue, and it is a thong for some god awful reason. That's about all i'm going to say about it, and there *might* be an episode of Snapped about me sometime in January 09.

    Heh. I was gonna say the same thing about your boy and his friends, except Heather was much nicer. I was going to suggest imposing a strict visitation schedule for the man-friends, or you could just take a page directly from the book of Nisreen and tell them to, "get the @$#! out!!!"

    That's what I would do, but then my husbands friends really, REALLY piss me off because they can't just come over for an hour or two and then leave. They want to have a dang slumber party and drink and play poker AND beg me to feed them. LIKE THEY CAN'T GET UP AND MICROWAVE SOME EFFING PIZZA ROLLS THEMSELVES!!!!!!! Ugh!

    You need some time to do something for yourself too and he should be respectful of that. Definitely talk to him about it.
  • Kelli- I agree with Nish and Heather.

    Day 22 done. I love level 3. She doesn't seem nicer but I feel like she is. I'm able to do mostly the advanced moves but there are a couple I do have advanced half modified. I did my curve workout first and then after I meeting I had, I did JM. I was a little tired but did it.

    It's funny how sometimes I feel like I'm dying in circuit 2 but by the end of circuit 3 I'm like I can do this no problem. Does anyone else ever feel like that?
  • hi
    hi once again...and thanks for encouragement...i think i m gonna do it...will go out and buy a dvd today. there is only one kind of JM 30 day shred available? or is the biggest looser workout by JM too?do i need to buy any other equipment such as weights?

    thanks a lot...i think this site is awsum..and i myt do it this tym
  • loose2gain, she uses dumbbells in the video, and if you want you can also get a mat for the ab portions of the workouts, but I don't think it's absolutely necessary if you're on carpet.

    Nish, a THONG

    Heather, maybe she seems nicer because she respects anyone who makes it that far! Jillian cracks me up. BTW, I always feel like I'm dying during the second circuit, but I think that's because my heart rate is going like crazy, and by the third circuit she brings your heart rate down a bit.

    Well, my foot was killing me today, but I did it. One more day 'til level 2! Wooo! I'm trying to hit 40 miles this month too, so I've had to drop a few other things I do for exercise (like yoga), but did some yesterday and my legs feel amazing today. I don't think she stretches nearly enough at the end.
  • Forgot to ask: those who are on level 3, have you planned a reward to celebrate "graduating"?
  • day 13th completed.
    I'm still sick but that's ok. I feel happy after work out (still have headache tho) so that's ok
    Strength training still is a nightmare