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I am seriously sucking the last couple of days, I am SO tired, and hurt my toe at work. My body is very angry that I worked 6 days this week... I will get there!!

I am so proud of all of you for sticking with it... and possibly a little jealous!

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I'm really loving my morning Shred! It gets me pumped for my I usually take an hour run afterward. I feel like dying, yet at the same time I LOVE that feeling!!

Tomorrow (or later today..haha since it's 1am!) will be day 5 of Level 1. I'm so looking forward to Level 2!!

I'm thinking of doing Yoga at night to stretch my sore muscles and get mean and leeeeean....
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All right, I just finished Day 7... I can't remember the last time I worked out everyday for a week. Even this 20-25 minutes. That said, the reason I don't work out consistently is I get bored! ... and this is no exception. It is a real struggle to turn on that DVD. And while I'm doing it I'm thinking Ugh, I hate push-ups! Are these lunges done yet?

I'm so proud of myself for sticking with it and I'm excited for some results. To motivate myself I took my measurements after 5 days.. some were slightly up, like my arms and chest, but other areas were down .5 - 1 inch like my thighs and gut. I'd love to be losing POUNDS, but if I can lose 20 inches instead of 20 lbs, I would be very pleased.

I'm not sure what my plans are after this is over. I've got 23 days left, a lot of time to worry about it later.
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Default Level 3 Day1

Oh I hate her, I hate her, I hate her, I HATE HER!

If you hate plank and push-ups just wait for the doozies at L3! Hah!
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Day 20 complete! I'm scared of tomorrow!

Here's my progress since day 1.

Down 4 pounds.

Chest: - 3 inches
Waist: - 4 inches
Hips: - 3 inches
Thigh: - 1 inch
Arm: - 0
Calf: - .25 inch

So if you're having trouble staying motivated, keep those numbers in mind! I haven't lost many pounds, but it is definitely shredding inches off my body, and I've finally gone down a clothing size.
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12th day completed.
i haven't moved up to lv 2 yet becuz i'm still struggling with lv 1. No way i can handle lvl 2 >"<
I hate lvl 1 strength training circuit so much. Argh. >"<
And i haven't lost any cm yet... least i can see my stomach is flatter than before....

hope everyone has a nice week coming

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Days 19 & 20 Complete! Sayanora Level 2, Bonjour Level 3!!

I hope I have built up enough to withstand another Jillian beating!

Some of you are probably remembering that I took 2 days off earlier for my back. Well, I doubled this weekend so I am ready for Level 3 tomorrow! I will take measurements later and weigh-in in the morning. I know I am no where near losing 20 pounds, however, I can FEEL a difference and hubby sayd he can see it. So, that's good enough for me! Here's to a good weigh in!
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After reading through this thread, I'm so motivated to go out and buy this DVD tomorrow. Sounds like something I could definitely stick with.
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So I did level 3 today. It was really good. I actually think it's easier than 2. I really like it!!!! I'm so excited. I'm going to be sad it's over.
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I skipped my day 9 workout today. I just got home from work and its 9 pm here. I'm gonna dble up 2morrow. That way I will be done with level 1 tomorrow and can move on to level 2.
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here we go again - when it's over, I plan to re-start! Well, I just plan to restart when I get back from my trip to California next week. I will be excited to go back to Level 1 to see how I've progressed - because it'll always be a good workout if you put 100% into it!

I was pretty much crippled today with back pain, but I did a ton of stretching and took some muscle relaxers.. I managed to get a walk in, but no way I could do much more. I'm so sad that I'm not with you girls these days!

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Aimee, I plan on restarting too, hopefully with bigger weights. (If I make it through this alive.)

Joyra, sometimes I get bored too, but I figure it's just 20 minutes. What would I be doing with that time if I weren't working out? And I love the feeling after, so sometimes I'm just working out for that feeling, and cursing those lunges on the inside

Did my workout before my run today, and it made SUCH a difference. I think I push myself harder with other things if I do 30BS first.
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I did Day 8 this morning. I could've done it in my sleep, it's becoming so easy. The push-ups and lunges are about the only challenging part left. All of the cardio is simple now. When I started, I couldn't butt kick 2 inches off the ground. Granted now I still can't kick my butt, but I am at least doing something in the butt-kick family. I was so used to following Anita that when I was doing the cross-over crunches, I was thinking--I don't need to be doing the modified version. I've graduated!

I'm nervous about Level 2. Today was the least sore I've felt, I almost don't feel sore at all (a little in my shoulders) and I know it'll soon be back to the World of Pain.

Oh and my scale budged! I was sort of thinking it was broken, but since starting I have lost about 3 lbs. My pants really feel looser today but I can't remember if I wore them once already or not (you know just washed pants are the tightest!). If it keeps up, I could really lose 10 lbs from this shindig. That would be awesome.
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Originally Posted by JellyBean32882 View Post
Are the pushup things you're talking about those that are advertised on tv as made by military men? I forget what they are called.

i saw those there too ---but i just got these blue ones that are like a bent up bar looking thing

so even though i havent been on all weekend--- cause my computer is out--- i' have been thinking of you all and progressing on this as well

i did level one day 7 today---so three more days until level 2 YAY!!!
the part that still gets me after all of these days is those lunges -the ones in like the last two three minutes --- anyway still doing it--- and am sticking to the morning routine with this---it just makes me feel like i accomplished a lot just doing it in the morning---

yesterday i did day 6 in the am and then the 4 mile walk challenge thing with leslie sansone-- or whatever her name is --- anyway i was surprised i could do that without any breaks --- made me even more motivated to keep going witht the 30ds

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Default hi..

hey m new in here,i m 26 and 104 loads of weight to loose.i actually came across this forum as i was looking for some to do at home workout video. JM shred seems to be highly recommended,seeing that u guys say its really tough,i am not sure if can do it,since i have never worked out in my life.But i really want to give it a shot,since i really want to loose at least 15 kgs by jan end.

p.s : please do not mind if i did something wrong in the way i posted here.
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