one week again!

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  • Way to go Sweetkam!
  • thank you! hasn't the weather been great in CO? it makes you want to go outside and do something! I hope the rest of the week will be just as great!
  • It's been awesome! I went hiking at Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park yesterday and it was just beautiful.

    Are you in Colorado as well?
  • yes i live in the springs. it has been really awesome! i am going to ride my bike to work! btw i feel so good and have tons of energy this week has been great! how have you been doing?
  • This has been a rough week for me emotionally (decided not to complete my Ph.D.). I've been really good about exercise, but my eating hasn't been so great. I'm afraid I might have to post a gain when I weigh in on Friday. I'm starting on-plan again tomorrow though.

    Good for you though! Keep it up!